19 November 2008

US Military: Operation Lionheart

Info courtesy of Dinah Lord

Foreword: I wanted to post this because one of the U.S militaries operations in Afghanistan has been named ‘Lionheart’ which is obviously the nom de plume name I took for my writings so I wanted to share what American forces are doing under the same name here on this blog.

There is a lot in a name, and all those soldiers who are fighting out in that hostile dangerous environment in the lawless mountain regions between Pakistan/Afghanistan against the Taliban and Al Qaeda all have hearts of Lions that’s why they go fearlessly into battle on foreign fields on our behalf, for the sake of us, our children and our grandchildren who are born or yet to be born.

Defending and protecting our future ‘way of life’ and the Civilisation in which we live.

All Islamic terrorist acts that have been inflicted upon our societies by Moslems on behalf of Al Qaeda as they wage holy war in the greatest Jihad in history, the Global Jihad, originate in these exact areas of Afghanistan/Pakistan where American and Coalition troops are fighting.

These places in Afghanistan harbour international Moslem terrorists who can travel freely around the World on Western passports, they are places of terror training for Western born Moslem who have traveled there to join their Moslem brothers and take part in Jihad against the infidels which is a fundamental obligation on all Moslems as laid down in the Koran. There are Western born Moslems fighting Coalition troops on the ground there and being prepared to return back home to their host Countries trained and equipped to bring the Jihad back to our shores to continue their holy war in our Western societies seeking to destroy it from within, and they are also places where the international trade in Taliban/Al Qaeda Heroin originates as it passes through to Pakistan and then onto the World market.

The 7/7 bombers were linked to these types of areas where they received their terror training and Islamic indoctrination before returning back to England and blowing themselves up and killing and wounding many innocent people. We have an untold amount of Moslems who are now living amongst us who have traveled to these areas and fought Coalition troops there before returning back to Britain, with the British security services now flying drones over Great Britain with ‘state of the art’ listening equipment on board trying to pick up voice recognition from Moslems who speak English who have been recorded speaking over the airwaves in Afghanistan, and as government statistics state, 95% of the Heroin on the streets of Britain arrives from Afghanistan, and is controlled there by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. This is why the War in Afghanistan is so important, it is the base for almost all international Islamic terror that is now aimed in our direction.

How long before a message to conduct a terrorist attack against our societies that originates in one of these locations is dispatched?

Moslems born in Britain fighting alongside their Taliban and Al Qaeda brothers under the command of a specific leader are given the order to return home and prepare to conduct terrorist operations upon our soil against innocent civilians so as to inflict terror upon our populations.

This is all a part of 21st Century Warfare now that we are fighting an enemy that has tentacles all around the World, is joined sometimes by nothing more than religious ideology and the internet, and who ultimately has no humanity due to the fact that they follow the example set, and the teachings of, a 7th Century child molesting warmongering false prophet called Mohamed who has specifically outlined for them to use terror as a weapon against the infidel (you and me) so as to subdue us through fear, so that they can then take a dominant position over us.

War is War and whether people want to face it or not, it has been declared against our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation. We are now under attack from within and outside with the future very much hanging in the balance. It has been declared against us by the military wing of the Islamic religion under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden, the inspirational figure head for all religious Moslems throughout the world to follow. His War is religiously motivated and justified through the Koran so many many Moslems are willing to sacrifice their lives on his behalf, and in the process kill as many innocent people as they can as they seek to win their War.

Look at 7/7, 9/11, Madrid, Bali and all the other daily atrocities carried out by Moslems around the World.

There can only be one winner at the end!

The great war of the 21st Century is upon us. Out there in foreign fields where Coalition troops are now physically fighting international Islamic terrorists, and back home where we now have Islamic terrorists living amongst who are here to further the agenda of the global Jihad which is to destroy the way our societies are run from within so that they can ultimately take over rule and implement Sharia law.

This is a War that has been going on for 1400 years since the time Islam was first birthed upon the Earth by the devil and his willing human subject, the cave dwelling Arab sand man Mohamed who justified his actions by killing anyone who opposed him, and satisfied his sexual desires in later life by marrying a 6 year old child and then raping her when she was 9.

Not the type of example I would want to follow in life, I don’t know about you! So remember that the next time you see a Moslem who holds Mohamed up as their prophet and you try and defend them. They try and deny it and justify it but you cannot deny the truth.

May Almighty God look down upon those conducting operation ‘Lionheart’ and protect each and every one of them as they aim to destroy the camp of the Islamic devil worshipping enemy so they can all return home safely to their families, may He release His warring Angles from heaven to go forth on His behalf to carry our His will amidst the horror of War, and let operation ‘Lionheart’ be a resounding success, blessed by an open heaven.

Thank God that the American military have Generals leading the troops like General Boykin, a man who has been divinely appointed for his mission and role upon the Earth, and confirmed by signs so that he has no doubt in the one whom he serves.

Excerpt: One example is Operation Lionheart, which began recently. This is a complementary operation with the Pakistani military and the frontier corps. All entities share intelligence to prevent the enemy from transiting the border, as operations continue to defeat the insurgents in Bajaur tribal agency in Pakistan, the colonel said.

Article: Operation Lionheart

UPDATE: Gordon Brown - Afghanistan's Islamic terror trail back to Britain


Anonymous said...

Paul - you may be interested in this, as it similar in some ways to your situation, if you aren't aware of it already -

from the Lancashire Telegraph

BNP supporters were demonstrating outside Burnley police station today after its members were arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred in Lancashire.

Four men were held this morning after a police investigation over the distribution of leaflets branding Muslims responsible for the heroin trade......


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Rachel Whitear and her parents, and to all decent people in the same situation.

However, I don't understand why Rachel's mother found it
'insulting' that the BNP leaflet featured a picture of her daughter which, after all, had already been published and thus was, as the media puts it, on the market.

After all, it is not as if the leaflet was making personal attacks on her unfortunate daughter. It was just using her plight to highlight a very serious problem in Britain today.

Other than that, there doesn't seem to be anything on that leaf-let that can be used by the police to charge the BNP, whatever I (as a Jew) may personally feel about it's former not-very-friendly attitude to my people, of inciting racial hatred or violence at least in this particular case.

Anonymous Lady

Joanne said...

What is the heroin trade if it isn't a form of deep hatred for the indigenious peoples of Britain?

Stirring up racial hatred? Yes, by pointing out the truth; and thereby, making the Muslims mad because people will take note of their criminal activities, like they don't already know about their activities anyhow.

It is all hard to watch.

Lionheart said...

Within 48 hours the Crown Prosecution service haver decided there is no case to answer in relation to the leaflet.

Thats because everything contained in the leaflet is the truth that can be substatiated by facts in a court of law.


But its stirring up racial hatred to warn people of the dangers to their children posed by Moslems who are using heroin as a weapon against our society.

Lionheart said...

I didnt look at the date of the above related article before posting it.

We are guilty of speaking the truth because it offends the Moslem ethnic minority who are inflicting this truth upon us.

Lets call it 'stirring up racial hatred' and all those ignorant people that dont know the truth will condemn them for being racists.

Everyone concerned in every aspect of the heroin trade in Britain knows exactly where it is coming from and who is controlling it here.

Even NATO and the U.S military have publicly stated that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are financing their war with it, and Al Qaeda British General Diren Barot outlined for Moslems in Britain to use street drugs as a weapon of warfare against us under the banner chemical weapon.

And we cannot warn people for the sake of their children.

How would you like to have a loved one destroyed or dead because of Al Qaeda heroin distributed by Pakistani Moslems in Britain?

Is it not our duty to warn people?

The government wants to hide the truth under the carpet of reality by silencing voices like mine and those of the BNP here but who are the ones on the recieving end of this action?

YOU and YOUR children!!!

We dont have to put our lives on the line to tell people, we do it because it is our duty, yet the government and their personal army the police force want to silence that and place us in prison for breaching THEIR status quo.

Where i live its the Pakistani Moslems who control the heroin and absolutely everyone who knows the trade knows that is a fact!!!!

Your children in the schools now are the next generation heroin addicts, prostitues and prisoners because of this trade.

Should people not be warned and made aware so that they can educate their children to the dangers they face whilst growing up?

Its a different world out there on the streets than it was 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Stealth Jihad: The War Within Our Borders


Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly the hardest thing to face in life is the TRUTH.

Since the Police are obviously intimidated by the barbarous muslim drug dealers they could be taking out their frustrations on acceptable targets like the BNP.

As long as you have TRUTH on your side Lionheart, you'll be free to continue the crusade.

Anonymous said...

The heroin trade has produced a new breed of border-hopping criminal, who takes advantage of cheap Euro-flights to move from one terrtory to another, performing crimes like shop-lifting, pick-pocketing and such like.
I witnessed a gang of three obvious heroin-addicts who were speaking Italian, walking around the country town of St. Albans, sizing up people in the market-place.
No doubt when they are picked up, they will go to Paris, or Rome or Amsterdam to spread their crime and disease, and line the pockets of the heroin importers all across Europe.
Why don't the cops wake up to this scourge of heroin-importation?