8 February 2012

Theresa May: Hero or Villain?

Guardian: Cameron pushes for deportation deal

British common sense in the interest of public safety should 'over rule' the judgement by the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Abu Qatada, and he should be on the first plane home to Jordan along with his family on Monday morning when British courts plan on releasing him back out onto our streets. This would set a precedent and Abu Hamza can be next and sent off to America to face the terror charges waiting for him there. This will send shockwaves through the Islamic fundamentalist community currently living safely on tax payers benefits in Britain. Then the rest of the undesirables who are a threat to the internal security of Great Britain can be rounded up and sent home too, proving this government is serious about "Defending the Realm" which is the first duty of Government, and not bowing to a European court dictating to British justice which threatens the internal security and safety of our Country.

Who can complain about expelling Islamic terrorists from our Country?

Dont forget all of the Islamic fundamentalists in prison either who should be deported at the end of their sentances. If they own a British passport then they should be stripped of them and if born here shipped back to their ancestral homeland for overstaying their families welcome to live amongst us.

This is a Winston Churchill moment for the ruling Conservative Government that would have the backing of everyone in Britain except sections of the Islamic community, their bleeding heart liberal supporters who will use any situation against those on the right irresepctive of the consequences, and the multi million pound Human Rights lawyers who make their millions off of the backs of Islamic terrorists at the complete detriment to the Country in which they reside.

Islamic fundamentalists embedded within our society and using our laws against us as a weapon of warfare as part of their Jihad facilitated by their millionaire lawyers at the tax payers expense.

Put him on the first plane home and then turn to the European court and say "What you going to do about it".

A historic moment in the current politcal life of Great Britain that he Conservatives will hopefully seize upon that would make Theresa May a National hero.

The left-wing controlled BBC have added their angle to the debate, this is what they have stated as official policy:

Quote: BBC journalists have been told not to call hate preacher Abu Qatada an 'extremist'.

Using such a term to describe the man once called 'Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe', is making a 'value judgment' and should be avoided, bosses have said.

The corporation’s managers have insisted he should be described as 'radical', according to meeting notes seen by the Telegraph.

Journalists were also advised not to use images that suggest the preacher is overweight.

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