9 February 2012

Breivik enquiry - An anomaly

Update 10/02/12: Original post below.

Quote: (wikispooks) The website of the Center for Vigilant Freedom (which now redirects to the rebranded International Civil Liberties Alliance) was registered on 12 December 2006, also by Christine Brim. Brim gave an email address at the Envoy Group, a private consultancy company based in her home town of Fairfax, Virginia.

Is it a coincidence that the Center for Vigilant Freedom who are behind the SIO groups and their UK branch Civil Liberties Alliance of which Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia are head, who are also behind the hijacked EDL and its European off-shoots is located in Fairfax Virginia?

Somebody used a dead man from Fairfax Virginia's identity at the start of the Norwegian Defence League when Breivik was a member, so the question is who?
And how did they obtain their trusted position?

Was Christine Brim of the Center for Vigilant Freedom in America behind the hijacking of the EDL which brought it under their direct control through Alan Lake and Ann/Gaia, thus supporting my removal and influence which would not be very nice considering it was me who put it together in England my home Country, and I thought we were on the same side after everything when I was State side in 2008/2009.

Their UK branch leaders withheld vital information to the Breivik mass murder enquiry, and were more than happy and willing to see me stand accused of being behind Breivik when they knew for a fact there was a real life 'Richard the Lionheart' and not me who uses 'Lionheart' linked to their friend Alan Lake and them themselves: Alan Lakes friend 'Richard the Lionheart'

This network had reason and motive to remove me and then out of the blue Breivik strikes and I stand accused (coincidence) which was not a very nice thing when you know you have nothing to do with it, or him.

Breivik came from this exact ideological network along with his fellow Norwegian Fraudman and I say ideological network as nobody wants to admit association, although we know Breivik attended several EDL demonstrations in the UK.

I would say Alan Lake infiltrated the anti-jihad movement for his own reasons and that Breivik was his asset and that setting me up for arrest and imprisonment was a part of the agenda because of the 'state of play'.

A strange anomaly has come to light regarding the Norwegian Defence League when Breivik was a member. Somebody as yet unknown (to those outside of the police investigation) was on the admin of the NDL Facebook group using a dead man from Fairfax Virginia's identity.

I asked Lena if she was sure this man was admin and she said yes because she was the original group's leader, and I asked if Breivik was a member at the same time and she also said yes.

Lena was close to Alan Lake at the time of the founding of the Norwegian Defence League before she had served her purpose and was inflicted with a barrage of abuse and a smear campaign to remove her which is the modus operandi of those who control the domain names and groups within the organisation.

She was also threatened and intimidated by Alan Lake in his attempts to silence her because of what she knows about him due to their involvement together.

Either Breivik somehow was able to get himself as admin of the NDL facebook group using a dead man from America's identity, or somebody else did at exactly the same time that Breivik was a member of the group which in the 'scheme of things' now is obviously a very strange anomaly in the case.

Facebook profile: Roar Hogtveit

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Memorials website: Mark David Radcliffe

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