5 February 2012

Breivik expected someone to be arrested

There was some interesting articles in the Norwegian press yesterday covering some aspects of the Breivik enquiry and his statements to the police. There are 2 in particular that relate to me, one in Dagbladet concerning a snippet of his police interview and another in VG attempting to link me to Milorad Ulemek who is said to be the Serbian warlord Breivik visited in Liberia.

Dagbladet: Breivik expected an arrest

You cannot really understand the context of the Dagbladet article from google translate but there are key parts you can which are very interesting, especially this part: quote Breivik during interrogation: Sure police have arrested an "order of brother"

(AP) In his solitary confinement at Ila, Anders Breivik Behring convinced themselves that the police have arrested a "brother" after 22 July.

Considering I was almost immediately labelled as his English 'mentor' because of the very obvious pointers placed within the manifesto it is more than likely that I am the person Breivik was sure the police had arrested. There was nobody else on the radar or who fitted the profile at that time but me so I will go with the assumption that it was me in his mind at that point.

I have said from the very beginning that I was set up for arrest and imprisonment by Breivik and whoever his real English 'mentor' is.

Breivik committed his terrorist acts, released the manifesto with his Knights Templar claims, said there were more terrorist cells out there ready to strike and conveniently pointed everyone in my direction where I have 5 years of work stating my beliefs and ideology that on the outside could easily be mistaken to be the same as Breivik's. This
is why the media spread the misconception that I was his inspiration which was then spread around the World and set the stage for the media story concerning me.

Taking the flack away from his real network in England.

I was not alleged to be his inspiration I was alleged to be his English 'mentor' based upon facts, most importantly, but not exclusively, his trip to London in 2002 after his trip to Liberia which is completely different from being someones inspiration. I wont rule out that Breivik & Co might have stolen the ideology surrounding me and this blog and have used it to wrap up their right-wing terror campaign in, and in the process conveniently set me up.

Alan Lake's hijacked EDL is a prime example of this scenario.

It is my belief that somebody somewhere said 'no' concerning me when I was placed on the table as a co-conspirator which is the reason why I was not immediately arrested under the prevention of terrorism act and locked up as an accomplice to Breivik which is exactly what he was expecting which is why he says he was sure the police had arrested someone.

That was his plan!

To have me arrested...

That was obviously not a very nice thing for him to do to me was it?

He wanted me to be arrested, and expected me to be arrested (even telling the police this), exactly as I have stated from the very beginning so the reason is why?

It was a hostile move by Breivik and whoever is behind him, that thankfully someone gave me the opportunity to refute contrary to how implicated Breivik & Co had made me look. This is why from the very beginning I said I would travel to Norway irrespective of all of the consequences because I knew myself that Breivik had absolutely nothing to do with me and there was no way I was going to allow anyone to label me as an accomplice in the worst act of right-wing terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century that resulted in 69 innocent kids being massacred on their summer camp including scores wounded.

If you were me what would you do if you knew it had absolutely nothing to do with you?

If I had of been arrested as was planned and expected by Breivik himself, and whoever is involved with him, then I would never have been able to defend myself or get to the bottom of where I believe the attack came from which was the whole objective of the exercise from their point of view. Thus silencing me and removing me from being a threat to anyone (plural).

Who was I a threat to who is overwhelmingly circumstantially linked to Breivik?

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake and his wealthy and politically influential cabal.

Alan Lake would definitely not now be under suspicion for being Breivik's real English 'mentor' if I was in prison and him and his little cabal would definitely not have been brought out into the open where even more suspicion about their involvement with Breivik and other peoples involvement could be seen and investigated.

There must be someone out there who likes me when faced with this godless dark and dirty group of extreme right-wingers and their political supporters who attempted to set me up to be a fall guy so as to remove me from being a continued threat to them and their political agenda.

I was on the same page as this network at one point in time with regards to the Islamisation of Britain and Europe, but they chose to make their bed and back their IRA supporting drug dealing horse and now they must lay in it, and removing me from being an obstacle and thorn in their side was a must, no ifs or buts, I had to go. Then all of a sudden out of the blue along comes superman Breivik who we are led to believe is a 'lone wolf' nut who carried out his acts from start to finish alone, and also attempted to have me arrested for some reason as a part of his agenda.

What was his reason behind that move?

Quote: I know him and he knows me. He is affiliated with the same network as I am associated with, the Knights Templar, answering Breivik, who emphasizes that he is not worried but "amazed".

Like I say, at one time I was affiliated with Alan Lake and his cabal but they might as well be moslem is my opinion of them.

After Breivik setting me up in his manifesto, claiming to know me and that I know him, if it is me he talks of, it is more lies to make the exercise complete. He has just committed his atrocities, set me up as a fall guy so whats the big deal about continuing to lie to re-enforce the belief in the eyes of the investigators that I am involved with him so as to have me arrested under the prevention of terrorism act which was the plan in the first place.

Its not rocket science...

Quote: He believes that he has not made any critical errors that make the police can find the accomplices he claims to have.

- You will not find anything on Facebook, and the threads that I feared you would come across if you were re-opened my accounts there. I believe that I have not made any critical errors. So I'm really not sure, then. On how you have done it, says Breivik.

Breivik obviously was not talking about me here as part of his network or accomplice because he had already blatantly sold me out. This re-enforces my belief that he set me up because he has contradicted himself if I was involved as an accomplice based upon how obvious his pointers in my direction were.

Which means as I say, he set me up and then the question is why?

What is it that the Norwegian police have worked out?

Hopefully not about me because it was not difficult.

Quote: He continues to claim that these are the two other Norwegian terror cells, which he has talked about since his arrest on Utøya. During the investigation police have not found any traces of either terrorist organization, or other intermediaries.

In the days after Breivik's attacks it emerged that Norwegian opposition politicians were recorded talking about blowing up the government and assassinating government figures. They were subsequently arrested because of the nature of the threats contained in their recorded conversations.

Breivik did exactly what they were recorded talking about and was involved with the same ideological network in Norway.

The Norwegian opposition politicians conversations were recorded at a
Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference that is directly linked to Alan Lake and his cabal who in my belief are linked to Breivik.


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