20 February 2012

A layman's graph (partial)

Further reading: Ex-Nato army head accused of forming terror group

Update (graph below):This isn't NATO, this comes from the East with Islamic influence if it is true about the former Soviet Colonel (Chechen moslem convert) who controls the Belarus training grounds, who is also directly linked to Milorad Ulemek and whose political agenda would be to bring down the West by toppling Governments which is in-line with other forces out there in the World today.

A New Cold War...with Russia playing about with suitcase nuke chemicals in London, killing dissident rogue KGB officers (former Soviets possibly linked to Far West LCC) with the stuff.

On another note, the black market proliferation of chemical, nuclear and biological weapons to terror groups has got to be one of the biggest threats facing Western Powers and the intelligence community as a whole, and nearly 100 suitcase nukes went missing after the collapse of the Soviet Union after the Cold War. In all probability some of those nukes traded with Bin Laden for Afghan heroin which fueled the rise of the Russian mafia, and I would assume, any rogue former Soviet Colonels/Generals out there with access to their comrades stolen property would have kept a few back in storage for tactical reasons. One can only wonder the Nationalistic rage some former Soviet military leaders have against the West, which would be the same as Serbians like Ulemek after NATO bombed Serbia into submission and carved up their Country on-behalf of the moslems in Europe, killing their men, women and children in the process and then locking up all of their leaders.

Suitcase nukes have got to be a must in the arsenal of any serious international terror group wanting to wage a war against Nuclear armed Nations in the 21st Century as the ultimate threat or attack.

This is a partial graph based upon my limited knowledge. The link to the Belarus training camp has still not been confirmed by the Norwegian police prosecutors but there is enough evidence that fits circumstantially at this point in time within the public domain for it to be conceivable, and the same goes with Milorad Ulemek.

2 key points outside of this partial graph are; Is there enough suspicion around the map coordinate within the manifesto that is located very close to where the MI6 agent was murdered in London for there to be possibly something there, or is it just a coincidence that the murder scene is located so close to a coordinate within Breivik's manifesto.

Is Far West LCC or any of its associates that span the globe linked in anyway to the European bank for Reconstruction & Development where Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake works/worked?

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