22 February 2012

Breivik - "A Question of Doubt"

The Norwegian police prosecutors have stated from the very beginning that Breivik acted alone in the totality of his actions from start to finish which dates back to 2002 and his trips to the Liberian civil war and then the alleged London meeting, meaning there are no accomplices, thus no network, meaning Breivik is a 'lone wolf' who committed his terrorist acts which includes compiling a 1500 page manifesto, all alone.

They have consistently said that as each day passes they are more certain that Breivik acted alone and there is no network.

For some reason the Norwegian police prosecutors have completely closed the door firmly shut to other possibilities surrounding Breivik meaning they will not deviate from their long standing official line of Breivik the 'lone wolf' nut who is officially certified as insane.

Although the certified label has not legally stuck which is why there is now another report being prepared with the justice system in Norway attempting to defend the integrity of its judicial process by saying Breivik can be insane and sane at the same time - Work that one out?

There is overwhelming compelling circumstantial evidence and other evidence to state the contrary to the official 'lone wolf' line, so how are the Norwegian police prosecutors ever going to be able to turn around and change the official line that has been propagated through the worlds media for the past 7 months and say that Breivik did not act alone and that there are accomplices out there meaning a network/group is involved with him?

Their whole integrity and reputation is on the line.

They state that as each day passes they are more certain Breivik acted alone which leads me to personally believe that there is an official 'white wash' of the whole case for some reason.
In my opinion I would say that as each day passes and more information is released through the media it looks more like there are others working with Breivik, or at the very least there is enough suspicious activity to warrant leaving the door open to the possibility of others working with him until 'over the course of time' completely and satisfactorily discounted or proven. This would mean rather than saying he is a 'lone wolf' who acted alone and as each day passes we are more certain of this fact, it should be "we are uncertain whether or not Breivik acted alone" which leaves the door open to any other possibility and other peoples involvement.

We are keeping an 'open mind' is usually the statement used.

Instead Norwegian politicians travel the world telling everyone Breivik is a 'lone wolf' nut who acted completely alone, without the investigation reaching its natural and final conclusion after searching out all avenues of enquiry, thus continually propagating the unfounded official line on government level.

If it is a Norwegian Government 'white wash' for political reasons then in my personal opinion it will bring down the government because it would be an affront to every ethnic Norwegian on all sides of the political spectrum that their ruling government who Breivik specifically targeted due to their conduct against the Norwegian people would then use such a horrific National tragedy that has effected all corners of Norwegian society for cheap political gains at the complete detriment of those murdered and maimed by Breivik on July 22nd.

Closing the Breivik enquiry down, and officially claiming he is a 'lone wolf' who is certified as insane (that nobody believes), without leaving the enquiry open for other possibilities, is in my opinion, an attempted Norwegian government white wash of the whole event - That's my conclusion

If Breivik is a 'lone wolf' in the totality of his actions then there is another explanation to my own, as to how I ended up in the middle of the enquiry as the man behind the monster that butchered and murdered 69 kids on their summer camp in Norway whilst dressed as a policeman as an act of political rage against his government, but I cannot see any other explanation and there is always an explanation. So either the Norwegian police are no better than some third world village police force or they are being closed down from above.

Take your pick!

2 questions for now; Who is Alan Lakes friend 'Richard the Lionheart'? And was Breivik trained in Belarus?

Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart' is a key to open up something in relation to the whole enquiry, and confirmation of the training camps in Belarus would prove beyond doubt that Breivik is not a 'lone wolf' as has been consistently stated in the media, which would then beg the question as to why and for what reason have the Norwegian police attempted to close down the case in the public eye with the official 'lone wolf' lie?

Even going so far as stating as each day passes we are more certain he acted alone...

The Norwegian anti-Islamisation immigration movement

TV2: Democrat MP's recorded discussing blowing up Government building

Now the world knows Anders Breivik we also know his claims and one of them is that he is the leader of the Norwegian resistance movement against Islamisation and immigration that comes under the political banner of multi-culturalism.

He is an extreme right-wing political terrorist basing his actions and view point upon domestic and European politics and not a religious terrorist basing his actions upon Holy War and that view point.

Yet Breivik wrapped up his extreme right-wing political acts in Templarism, where true Christianity, based upon a firm belief in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for mankind is the cornerstone. Without that nobody could ever call themselves a Templar, and to attempt to call yourself a Templar based upon 700 years of history without the true foundation makes a wolf in sheep’s (spiritual) clothing attempting to find common ground where there is none.

Extreme right-wing Neo-Nazism is old news and unacceptable to the mainstream majority so the extreme right-wing Nazi’s want to dress up in new clothes so as to be acceptable in today’s 21st Century geo-political climate and have stolen the clothes of the 'Defenders of the faith' and butchered and maimed a bunch of innocent kids in them.

Breivik’s Norwegian anti-Islamisation immigration movement is a political movement with political players. To say that Breivik is a ‘lone wolf’ and not a part of a larger movement in Norway is ridiculous when there were 2 Democrat MP’s recorded at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference talking about blowing up the Government building and assassinating members of their own Government. They were both subsequently arrested but I have no more information about it.

Breivik committed the exact same acts that they spoke several months before July 22nd 2011.

Is there are suspicious parallel to be drawn?

Does Anders Breivik have support in Norway? Is Anders Breivik a part of a wider Norwegian movement? Or is he a ‘lone wolf’ nut as the official line states, who knows nobody within the anti-Islamisation immigration movement in Norway and nobody supports him?

Those 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s must support him if nobody else!

Breivik’s “2083” manifesto was named after one of his fellow Norwegian comrades (Fraudman) essays.

All these Norwegians with the exact same views of Norwegian society and what to do about it which reaches from inside the government level extreme right-wing political scene down now into several murder scenes, one of them being the scene of a mass murder of innocent kids on their summer camp.

Can anyone else see a larger common theme here in Norway or is it only me?

Fraudman made a comment about me to an Aftenposten journalist where he called me “a dog that barks but does not bite.” In the scheme of things, massacring a bunch of innocent left wing kids on their summer camp whilst dressed as a policeman is definitely not my style of biting which differentiates us morally.

Why did Fraudman say this when we were both in the middle of the larger enquiry? Either he is directly involved and was gloating to the journalist as if to undermine me in some warped way, or he was reveling in his new found self perceived authority of being directly linked to a mass murdering Norwegian political terrorist who had just butchered and murdered a load of innocent Norwegian kids on Utoya island and named his actions after one of his own essays.

Ill let others decide on that one.

Either way what he quoted was definitely not befitting someone who wants absolutely no association with Breivik and his atrocities, and put with other information makes him look completely guilty of some level of involvement.

Hiding computers when the police are about to come knocking on your door comes to mind (guilty conscience).

Fraudman is linked to the SIO movement, he is directly linked to Alan Lake, he is directly linked to the SION group and the Democrat MP’s talking about conducting a coup against their elected government and he is directly linked to Breivik himself. They even had direct email contact, probably (in my opinion) before actually meeting in person somewhere on the political anti-jihad scene in Norway.

The 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s recorded talking about a government coup obviously have close links to Alan Lake because they spoke about meeting the leader of the EDL. That would have only been facilitated by the Director behind the EDL and also the wider ‘group’ behind the EDL (CLA) who help form and organise the SIO groups throughout Europe because IRA “Tommy” is their puppet.

Alan Lake has stated that he has contacts within the political scene in Norway so it’s pretty obvious it is these ones talking about a government coup at the SION conference pictured above.

This information gives a little glimpse into the background of the anti-Islamisation immigration movement in Norway that Breivik professes to belong to, and of which, on whose behalf he acted, making him the leader of the armed side of the movement to which they all belong, either linked directly which is most probable, but certainly ideologically. The manifesto was named after Fraudman's work after all.

When Breivik was arrested on Utoya island he told the police it was a coup de tat.

There can be no doubt that there are others out there in Norwegian society who think like Breivik, but the question is; was Breivik completely alone in Norway and committed his actions with no one knowing anything about anything or was he a part of a network/group? A group linked to players further afield than Norway itself who have their own political agendas.

All traced back to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake the suspected English 'mentor'.

The call to the ministry

Dagbladet: Breivik did not make the call to the ministry

There was a call to the ministry in Norway said to be sometime in March 2011 where someone is said to have talked about targeting the AUFere’s and a manifesto. The person who took the call is said to have taken the information to her Supervisor but no further action was taken at that time.

So if this information is true, there is a ministry employee and her Supervisor who both agree that this call and the information contained within this call took place sometime in or around March 2011.

The Norwegian police have said that they cannot find information in the records to say that this call took place. Probably not by Breivik himself, thus they cannot find a direct link to him so they attempt to deny the call ever took place. They rule out the possibility that it could have been made by someone else because Breivik is meant to be a ‘lone wolf’ and to say otherwise obviously has serious implications for people.

I should imagine there are a few obscure numbers on the list that do not equate which leaves enough proof that the call was made on the back of the witness statements. I wonder if there are any public phone box numbers on the list.

If you state a government endorsed official line (lone wolf) and rule out any other possibility before you investigate properly, then any future discrepancies in the enquiry that shed a completely different light on the whole case have to be denied or ruled out because they go against the government endorsed official line which calls everything into question, even the integrity of the investigation itself and those carrying it out.

Just because the Norwegian police cannot find the call log from Breivik himself does not mean that the call did not take place by someone else. There is supposed to be 2 witnesses who both agree that a call was made, and detail the information contained in that call that corroborates with Breivik’s actions on July 22nd 2011.

When Breivik was first asked about this call he said he made the call but could not remember what he said.

I straight away thought, well he must be psychotic then if he cannot remember making a call of such significance, where he is said to have talked about his impending attack and the manifesto.

But I don’t think he is psychotic so there had to be another reason for his critical large scale memory loss.

My thoughts instinctively were that someone else must have made the call and when put ‘on the spot’ by the Norwegian police Breivik knowing someone else must have made the call, covered for them with a lie, stating he made the call but could not remember what he said to cover his/their tracks.

He really didn’t know what was said because he did not make the call.

This was confirmed at a later date when he was questioned over the call again. He then denied making that exact call detailing the impending attack and the manifesto.

Breivik himself was admitting someone else must have made that specific call if it did take place.

What he said to the Norwegian police was that he was in the middle of making his bomb and preparing for the coming attacks and was trying to cut out all possibilities of detection and capture before the final attack stage, so making the call detailing his future plans possibly causing detection and arrest was definitely not going to be on his agenda at that point in time, so it definitely was not him who made it.

Under such a heightened state of alert and fearing capture before successfully achieving the goal, ringing the ministry talking flippantly about his plans himself would definitely not be something he would be doing unless he was psychotic.

Did someone else make that call? Or was it Breivik himself?

If the call was definitely made (2 witnesses say it was) and it was not Breivik himself then it is a 100% certainty there are others in Norway who had prior knowledge of the attacks which includes most importantly the “2083”manifesto. This means Breivik is part of a wider network/group in Norway with the attack being an inspired high impact attack and not a 'lone wolf' attack. This fits in-line with his claims about being a part of a Norwegian resistance movement and fits in-line with the ideological scene and players out there that he is directly linked to in Norway and further afield.

What is the truth behind the telephone call?

2 witnesses within the ministry say that the call took place prior to July 22nd and detail the information contained within the call because it was of such a ‘nature’ (threats) that it had to be passed to a Supervisor to determine what action if any should be taken.

For the Norwegian police to say or insinuate the call never took place, substantiates their 7 month long government endorsed official claim of Breivik being a ‘lone wolf’ which is why they state they cannot find any evidence that the call took place.

Neither officially confirmed or denied – A question of doubt

Suspicious men at Breivik's bomb making farm/factory

Dagbladet: Mystery men visiting Breivik's bomb making farm/factory

Its safe to say that judging by the close proximity between Breivik’s bomb making farm/factory and the adjacent farms nearby as can be seen in the picture above, he did not test detonate any bombs there to hone his bomb making skills ready for July 22nd.

So unless Breivik was some type of freak of nature and was able to create his massive bomb that was able to destroy a large part of his Government building on his first attempt of ever detonating a bomb in his life with it being based upon a ‘lone wolf’ internet recipe downloaded from the net, then he must have had outside help and training.


We don’t know yet whether there were any test sites on the farm but it’s safe to say there were not, and we still do not know about the paramilitary training camps in Belarus.

There are several witness statements from other farm owners detailing suspicious people around Breivik’s bomb making farm/factory prior to July 22nd.

If you go with the official Norwegian government line of Breivik the ‘lone wolf’ with no support or network in Norway or further afield then these witnesses and their statements have to be dismissed just like with the telephone call to the ministry.

We know he has support on a political level in Norway because 2 Democrat MP’s were recorded at a SION conference talking about carrying out terrorist acts against the elected Government that Breivik did actually carry out, but is there an active network in Norway who helped him is the question. There are enough anomalies to the official ‘lone wolf’ lie contained in the witness statements released through the media to say that not everything is as it seems with the official claim. This should give reason to leave the door 'officially' open to the possibility that Breivik did work with others in Norway itself prior to July 22nd who possibly gave him support with constructing the bomb. They would have also had prior knowledge of the planned (inspired) attack which is why they rang the ministry giving a detailed description of what was to come. That’s if it was not Breivik himself and the call definitely took place. This would mean ‘someone’ other than Breivik was making a statement for future reference to help put things into context when the time came which is now.

If it is a Government white wash of the whole case with it closed down from the very beginning with the official line being that Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’, then all information conflicting with this has to be dismissed regardless of the truth and other possibilities.

Then you have to question why?

A witness who lives at a nearby farm to Breivik’s bomb making farm/factory has stated that she saw several men parked up at the farm prior to July 22nd. In the newspaper article it states that she said she is glad she does not have friends like that because they looked big and intimidating (grim). They obviously carried a dark presence that she felt.

Breivik dismissed these men and said they were Poles looking for work.

Is Breivik covering up for accomplices who helped him with the final construction of the bomb?

10 years in the planning, was the success of the bomb critical enough for outside help to have been sent to Breivik for the final construction of the elements to make sure it did not fail when parked outside the Government building?

As Breivik stated to his arresting officers "its a coup de tat" so the bomb not going off would not have looked very professional.

The Norwegian police have accepted Breivik’s explanation that it was Poles looking for work, but the only thing with this is that the witness from a nearby farm has stated that she has never had any Poles knock at her farm looking for work.

It is pretty logical to think that if Poles knocked at Breivik’s farm looking for work then they would have knocked at all surrounding farms looking for work also because this was their plan of action to get work in Norway. Knock at all the farms in the vicinity looking for work. Coincidence and very suspicious if Breivik’s was the only farm these alleged Poles knocked on don’t you think?

Unless there are other witness statements from other farm owners around Breivik’s farm who confirm the Poles story. If not it’s safe to say Breivik’s explanation does not add up which means there is another explanation and it does not take Einstein to work out another possible explanation in the scheme of things.

Quote: We have a fairly good view and we have yet no information about any visitor who may be suspicious, said information officer Roar Hanssen in the Oslo police's terrorism investigation.

The Norwegian police must have several witness statements from adjacent farms to corroborate Breivik’s Poles story then if they have no information about any visitors who may be suspicious. Would be interesting to know seen as though Dagbladet based this article and the information contained in it around suspicious activity based upon witness statements.

Another witness has stated that he saw a man and a woman standing on the courtyard of Breivik’s farm on July 20th, 2 days before the fateful day.

The last goodbye…?

Unless there are other witness statements that support Breivik’s claims that counter the witness statements mentioned here, there is a question of doubt surrounding the visitors to the bomb making farm/factory which should leave the door open for other possibilities.

All suspicious evidence put together paints a bigger clearer picture if not positively and clearly discounted or explained. The most obvious for the backdrop of the picture has got to be the 2 Democrat MP’s recorded talking about carrying out a coup at a SION conference which cannot be discounted. These Norwegians along with Fraudman “the dog that bites” are facts in the Breivik picture.

The picture goes against the Government endorsed official line of Breivik the ‘lone wolf’ so there is a question of doubt over the 7 month official line that needs to be addressed in the mainstream media with the door opened to other possibilities and peoples direct involvement.

Don’t forget about the Norwegian who emailed one of Breivik’s inspirations Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs either. If it was not Breivik who emailed her about a coming armed insurrection in Norway prior to 2011, then it was someone else thinking like Breivik which adds more detail to the overall picture.

The Norwegian police still, to my knowledge, have not uncovered who Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is either, and both of these people are now integral and critical to explaining Breivik’s English mentor role, and why this was placed inside the “2083” manifesto.

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