8 February 2012

Breivik the right-wing "Viking"

That is the codename that was given to him by the Belarusian Security Services after he travelled into their Country to visit Viking graves there, and if true, after also attending a paramilitary training camp run by a former Soviet Colonel.

We are yet to known for definite from the Norwegians whether or not this is true though which would shed a whole different light on the official story.

If there were no 'bomb test' sites at the farm Breivik was staying on then its pretty safe to say that he did attend the paramilitary training camp otherwise there is no way he would have been able to construct a bomb capable of blowing up his government building from scratch with no experience and it be as completely successfully like it was
. He would have had to learn how to construct it and test detonate it somewhere before constructing the actual main bomb on his farm and then carrying out his attack against the government building.

We don't know yet though.

Unless he was a genius and constructed the 'massive' bomb from scratch based upon an internet recipe he downloaded, got it perfectly right first time and it worked as successfully as it did, which we are led to believe with the official 'lone wolf' nut label the Norwegian police prosecutors have given him.

Its no surprise that he was given the codename the "Viking" considering Norway's historical past, and to deny that there are not others out there in Norwegian society on the political right who do not look towards Breivik and support him and his views based upon their own heritage and view of their Country that dates back to the time of the Viking's and the history of that time period is naive. Breivik is the first not just in Norway but all over Europe to go from the talking stage into the violent action stage against the Islamification and immigration invasion of his Country. You might not see this reality about Islamisation and immigration but there are millions all over Europe who do, along with their simmering rage against the governments about it. After seeing him in court yesterday you can see that there will be many all over Europe on the extreme far-right who will now be inspired by him to go from the talking stage into the violent action stage because of what is now befalling them, and being inflicted upon them, their children and their Countries by the political class sitting in their ivory towers dictating to the masses and destroying their Nations. They have Opened up the floodgates and allowed uncontrolled mass immigration from the third world into their Countries, flooding the place with moslems which is completely changing the life and future life of their Nations with mega mosques and Islamic ghettos rising up all around them, with Islam and sharia law taking over areas demographically that can only logically end in one of 2 ways.

Breivik successfully carried out his terrorist atrocities with the ideological reasons behind them being aligned with their own views. He has left a 1500 page manifesto in the public domain for those who are inspired by him to read and follow suite. He now sits in prison with the worlds media surrounding him giving him the opportunity to spread his European political ideology to the world, which in part is the same as their own. Pretty much everything Breivik has stated can be fitted into context and is completely understandable amongst the right and extreme far-right anti-Islamisation/anti-Immigration side of the European debate.

He did compile it around the thoughts and opinions of many mainstream commentators after all.

Breivik is the first, now viewed as a hero amongst many all around the world, who are not personally effected by what happened on Utoya island and you only have to do a search on google or youtube to see this. There were even messages of support sent to his Facebook account immediately after the events.

If he was an incoherent bumbling madman foaming at the mouth then for him to claim to be a leader as he does would be a part of his madness. But for him to be giving real intelligent reason and answers for his actions and the questions posed, with many people agreeing with him because it is the same as their own thoughts, along with knowing he has others on the outside to continue the work, then to claim that title of leader of the Norwegian resistance movement (political extreme right) regardless of any ones thoughts or feelings about him is the claim of a sane mind. He has stated that he knows he will be vilified now but he has set his/their agenda in place that lasts until what they believe will be "2083" so he knows he will be judged in one way now but believes that in the future he will be judged differently when (in his/their mind) others rise up after him and take the war to the European Marxist elites. His/their agenda is to topple the liberal Marxist governments of Europe and reverse the Islamisation of the continent because to save Europe the Islamisation trend has to be stopped one way or another otherwise the darkness of Islam will cover Europe more than it already is.

Whilst in court he is also speaking to people in the outside world and not only those inside the courtroom when given the platform to do so with there being people out there in the world who understand him with it all making sense to them regardless of whether or not people label him a madman because they cannot percieve him. That is just a matter of fact and reality. He is not a bumbling foaming at the mouth madman after all. He is also communicating to the terrorist network/group he is a part of along with his new ideological supporters unless of course everything is in his head and nobody agrees with him? Meaning that after over 10 years he has no extreme right-wing contacts out there, was paramilitary trained in his bedroom, obtained money to fund his attack from thin air, wrote the manifesto alone, and then successfully carried out the worst terrorist atrocity in Europe of the 21st Century with it inspiring others to follow his lead.

For Breivik his target was the Left wing Marxists who have controlled the functioning of State within his Country for generations who have enforced multi-culturalism on the Nation, thus destroying the natural historical and cultural make up of Norway. Turning his homeland it into what he perceives to be a multicultural hell hole, inflicting an epidemic of crime and degradation on many parts of society that will eventually over time spread out beyond its current limits across the Nation as more immigrants arrive bringing with them their foreign third world Islamic ways along with their baby boom, added to the baby boom that is already in place amongst them which over time will again end in only one of two ways.

Exactly the same as what has happened and is happening all across the UK.

Islam is the biggest threat within our Judeo/Christian European societies due to the religious mandate laid down in the koran that all moslems must follow. Islam is turning Europe into Eurabia with the help of the liberal left of politics (Marxists) who do not understand the threat that we now face from religious moslems who are outworking their faith amongst us. In many cases our fat-cat Politicians in their ivory towers are just selling us and our Countries out for their own personal ambitions and quick financial gain without looking at the long term implications to us, our children or the future life of our Countries that our forefathers shed blood sweat toil and tears for, for us their descendant's and our children and grandchildren.

Thankfully in the UK we have some good leaders in the top tier of the Conservative Government.

Those living outside of the Islamic areas of our Countries in middle class suburbia unaffected by what they can snobbily call cultural enrichment which enables them to have a nice curry once in a while when they venture into these places for an hour or 2, call such talk as racist coming from bigots, and most of those still living inside these areas or who have moved away because of the degradation and explosion of all types of vile crime, in what is called 'white-flight' are the ones who in Norway would agree with some of Breivik's views not his acts, but that is the difference between "Thought & Deed".

For the Left wing Marxists in power in Norway to listen to Breivik's views would mean that they would then have to confront the issues Breivik has raised because of his acts which then challenges their ideology in the eyes of wider society which would place them in the position of potentially losing power or having to deal with the problem before them within Norwegian society, that many are aggrieved with, that they themselves have created. So its easier for them to white-wash the whole affair and write Breivik off as a 'lone wolf' nut, then everyone can go back to sleep because this National tragedy had no real meaning or purpose as it was just the actions of one man who is certified as insane, thus a madman, whilst the Marxists in government hold onto power and can continue with their multicultural agenda that will eventually destroy the historical cultural identity of Norway.

This is just the fact of the matter.

We have no idea of how strong the extreme right-wing in Norway is, how connected they are, or their intent, Breivik does gives us an example though that fits in with other information.

Breivik has given a 1500 page manifesto justifying and explaining his actions that are based around his fellow Norwegian blogger Fraudman's writings with the manifesto named after one of his own essays. Not only that but Breivik committed exactly the same actions that Norwegian Democrat MP's were recorded talking about at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference.

People claim that Breivik's views of Norway and Norwegian society are warped and insane.

If Breivik's views of Norway and Norwegian society are warped and insane then surely these who are linked to Breivik ideologically must be certifiably insane too which includes politicians on the right in Norway?

The left-wing Marxists in power control all aspects of society through the control of the functioning of State which includes most of the media, police, army and justice system for example. They create laws to protect their agenda outlawing any dissent through fear of arrest, prosecution and imprisonment like with the racism accusation everyone is terrified of. All official bodies that go towards the functioning of State are willing and compliant servants to the day's political agenda handed down by their political masters because it is more then their jobs worth to dissent, and everyone needs to put a roof over their heads and food on the table for their families so their is no dissent. It is just a quiet conversation behind closed doors between people where they complain to one another about what is happening to their Country but do not have the guts to say or do anything about it in public through fear of being branded a racist and losing their jobs.

Its like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany who stated after the war that they were just following orders whilst the Holocaust happened under their noses.

No matter how much people like it there are different sides to the National debate about the present and future state of their Country which includes those not from the political class but those in power close down the debate because they have the power to do so just like the NULabour regime in Britain did with all their discrimination laws that persecute the indigenous population who are being displaced from their homes, targeted because of their beliefs and the colour of their skin, along with the laws being used as a cultural weapon in the hands of moslems to silence any argument about their presence and conduct amongst us. As everyone knows, the race card is used at every opportunity to close down debate and bring frivolous prosecutions against innocent people because they dare to challenge injustices carried out by moslems within society. This is why most people in mainstream society keep their mouths closed about what is going on around them as compliant slaves to their governors.

NULabour's government was/is full of Marxists and Communists which is probably why they had a political agenda to turn the UK into a multicultural hell hole by opening the floodgates to uncontrollable mass immigration and transforming the face of Britain whilst in power.

Thanks Mr. Blair!

Those in government also indoctrinate the young minds of the youth to their political agenda through the manipulation of State schools and universities which then creates the next generation with their same liberal multicultural view point regardless to whether or not their social experiment worked which it has not. Today's European leaders have all now come to the conclusion that multiculturalism doesn't work and has failed which really relates to Islam and its presence amongst us because most of the time all other communities get along because they understand mutual respect that brings peace because they are not governed by a belief system that is rooted in a 7th Century hate manual called the koran and its accompanying books.

The European governments claim of multiculturalism has failed comes after all the damage to society has already been done, leaving a massive social mess that is a direct threat to the life and future life of the Nation that needs to be cleaned up somehow with hundreds of thousands of immigrants all over the world still with their sights set on entering our Countries every year, bleeding our Countries dry and taking over from within.

No matter how horrific and repulsive Breivik's acts were on Utoya island, and how nobody wants to accept what he did, he gave his reason for doing it because he said these were the next generation of Marxist leaders who were going to continue destroying Norway. This was not the act of a 'madman' this was a cold calculated move by an extreme right-wing political terrorist who after the event told his arresting officers that they were not the enemy and that it was a coup de tat.

He targeted those who he perceived were responsible or going to be responsible for continuing to destroy Norway.

The white-washing of the whole events by the Norwegian government relegates Breivik's acts to that of someone who is insane which means he did not have a point, his views about Norwegian society are wrong and meaningless, and nothing makes sense because he is insane, thus a "madman" and they have to stick to that line because it is a direct threat their political ideology and State power.

They have the power because they are in control so they dictate everything from the top down.

Everything Breivik has said (what I have seen) seems to make sense if you understand his view point and are coming at it with similar knowledge of the political right-wing movement out there. If you do not understand his view point, have no knowledge of the views and opinions of the right-wing ideological world he comes from, and you do not know all of the facts concerning the network/group (white-wash) then he sounds like a "madman" with it all delusions in his mind like his first psychiatric report stated that has been condemned by most leading people in the field of psychiatry who are following the case which proves the Norwegian government have attempted to close the case down and white-wash it by labelling Breivik a paranoid schizophrenic.

In other words, if your political and social ideology is similar to Breivik's then you are a State sanctioned paranoid schizophrenic.

The head of the PST has resigned which gives hope that the full truth will come out, and the PST as an organisation have stated that they do not want another political appointment as head. Why is that? because a political appointment is a lacky to his/her political masters who are those in government who Breivik targeted for being Marxists destroying Norwegian society. This would mean a continued Norwegian government controlled and influenced investigation and 'white-wash' of the whole affair which is not in the interest of truth and justice that the PST as an organisation is founded upon. They would ultimately be just another political tool in the hands of their government masters to be used against anyone who opposes them.

I do not support Anders Breivik but I do understand some of his political ideology that I have seen and do not believe he is insane or a 'lone wolf', he is an extreme right-wing political terrorist and a part of a European movement against the Islamisation/Immigrant invasion of Europe. He is the first to commit a terrorist attack as a part of that ideological movement that is comprised of many different groups and individuals all over Europe and inparticular the group/network I believe Breivik comes from which Alan Lake belongs to who I believe is the English 'mentor'.

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