1 January 2012

Breivik's stepfather a retired Army Major

Dagbladet: Breivik's stepfather is a retired Major

The Anders Breivik plot thickens.

The biological son of the Norwegian government diplomat to London, and stepson of a retired Norwegian Army Major turns into a right-wing political terrorist who has declared war against the political left?

The key to understanding the bigger picture and who is involved is establishing who selected Anders Breivik to travel to Liberia in 2002 and how the chain of events occured. Knowing his families diplomatic military background its not hard to understand why a young Anders Breivik was selected and recruited into a right-wing neo-Gladio network/group in 2002 that ended up with the events on July 22nd 2011.

The question is who were the ones who selected him?

One thing is for sure is that for some reason whoever is in control of the Breivik
enquiry at the top of the chain in Norway, and the media front controlling public opinion, in my personal opinion have attempted to whitewash the whole event in the public eye by continually claiming that Anders Breivik is a 'lone wolf' nut who is now legally certified, then the full truth can be hidden from reality with a nice clean media story of a certified 'lone wolf' connected to no one with no real reason or motive behind his killings other than his own personal madness brought about by his use of the internet.

You have to be 'mad' yourself to belief that official line and the Norwegians I have spoken too have bought it hook line and sinker because its the official line promoted through the Norwegian mainstream media.

There are still unanswered questions ?

The birth and baptism of Anders Breivik the political terrorist is pivotal to understanding everything and when I wrote my opinion I only knew about his father being the government diplomat to London, now knowing his stepfather who lived with him at the time when he was 22 - 23 years old in 2002 obviously sheds a different light upon that time frame of history.

What circles was Anders Breivik mixing in? With those he was mixing with knowing his family background.

His stepfather who was a Major in the Army obviously has an excellent understanding of peoples characters and abilities due to the fact that for many years he had many Norwegian soldiers under his command so is military trained to have an eye for peoples strengths, weaknesses and abilities so his opinion holds great weight.

This is his personal opinion about the events of July 22nd 2011, and don't forget this mans professional background and how well he knew Breivik on an intimate personal level.

Quote: Tollefsen thought therefore that Breivik could not possibly have made the bomb that killed eight people in the government building in Oslo itself.

- I thought he had a helper to the bomb because he was not so technical, says Tollefsen.

Make your own mind up...

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