16 January 2012

A companion of honour linked to Breivik enquiry

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Turner artist drops far-right aide

Dipesh Gadher

Published: 15 January 2012

One of Britain’s leading artists has accepted his assistant’s resignation after learning that she made a donation to the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

Sir Howard Hodgkin, a Turner prize winner, said it was “impossible” to continue employing Ann Marchini, 62, because he felt the EDL had “despicable and abhorrent” views.

Marchini, a widow, is a member of the British Freedom party (BFP) which was set up by disaffected members of the right-wing British National party. The EDL is considering an alliance with the BFP to enable EDL members to stand as candidates at council elections.

The Sunday Times revealed last month that she had been photographed alongside the EDL’s leader, Stephen Lennon, at a rally and had helped organise a meeting in 2009 between EDL members and so-called “counter-jihad” thinkers in a bid to broaden its appeal.

Last week it emerged that Marchini had been an assistant to Hodgkin, 79, for 17 years. He was awarded the Turner prize in 1985, knighted in 1992 and made a Companion of Honour in 2003.

When approached by The Sunday Times, Hodgkin said Marchini, who worked 1 day a week at his studio, had admitted giving money to the EDL — albeit a small sum, understood to be £50. The artist said in a statement: “I find their views and activities despicable and abhorrent. It was therefore impossible to continue employing her. She tendered her resignation with immediate effect, which I accepted.”


No wonder the little cabal behind the English Defence League leadership are being protected from the Anders Breivik mass murder enquiry if this one link is anything to go by.

The question has got to be; who else is linked to them that goes right to the top, who do not want to be brought out into the public eye through heir association because of how damaging it would be?

Its just what decisions are made at the top with regards all of this.

That little cabal of Ann Marchini and Alan Ayling (aka Alan Lake) & Co set me up with Breivik because I was a threat to their long running political agenda, its just a matter of the Norwegians, hopefully with British backing, proving their complicity (if they are guilty) with Anders Breivik, and there is still one striking question that needs answering that they both knew and withheld from the enquiry at the beginning stages so that I would take the blame for being the English 'mentor': Who is Alan Lakes friend 'Richard the Lionheart'?

How long does it take to find out?

Ann Marchini has worked for this man who walks in the highest realms within our Country, for 17 years, so either he had his head buried deep in the sand over those 17 years or there is some level of complicity.

The story has not finished yet and now the bigger picture is starting to emerge of the people who have reputations to lose, just like me who was an innocent man framed, and one thing is for sure, nobody should be protected from police interrogation when it concerns the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent Norwegian kids on their summer camp no matter who they are linked too, and I hope that comes from the top down.

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