4 January 2012

Not a single sign of psychosis in Breivik

Aftenposten: Not a single sign of psychosis

Dagbladet: Anders Breivik is not psychotic

Quote from Aftenposten article:
Over 80 times Anders Behring Breivik's health condition has been evaluated in psychiatrists and health care in prison. Not a single sign of psychosis or mental instability is detected.

During the nearly four months, the prison doctors, who have long experience with patients with different psychotic disorders and mental disorders, not detected a single sign of serious mental illness.

The trained prison staff employed to deal with prisoners and their needs on a daily basis have officially stated that they see no signs of psychosis in Anders Breivik.

Those designated by the Norwegian State to evaluate Breivik determined in their report that he was a paranoid schizophrenic so legally insane, but there is contention from every quarter about this evaluation because it does not hold up under the light of scrutiny from what most experts in the field of psychiatry can digest from the information in the public domain.

Whose agenda and purposes does it serve certifying Anders Breivik?

The court appointed re-evaluation of the actual report upheld the initial findings but with contention among the ranks. In reality how could those re-evaluating the initial report officially state their colleagues were wrong? That would destroy their professional reputations and careers, so the initial finding was upheld within the field of criminal psychiatry in Norway.

But as time goes by more contradictory and conflicting evidence is emerging.

Breivik is not appealing for a new report now, he will just contest all of the points in a court of law when he goes to trial with experts in the respective fields, and attempt to prove the evaluation over his mental health was wrong and the reasons why it was wrong.

What happens then?

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