9 January 2012

Ex-head of NATO's 2nd-largest army accused of 'forming and directing a terrorist group'

MSNBC News: Former head of Nato army forms terror group

Quote: "The Republic of Turkey's 26th general chief of staff has been remanded in custody for forming and directing a terrorist group," Basbug said as he was lead from the courtroom. "I leave it to the great Turkish nation to judge."
Hundreds of people, including civilians, retired generals and active-duty officers, are already on trial accused of being part of plots that prosecutors say were aimed at destabilizing Turkey and bringing the government down. The military says 58 serving generals or admirals are in jail.

This case above gives a very clear indication that this type of high level subversion within Nation States goes on, with there being many leading military figures involved in this attempted coup to bring down the government of Turkey.

Anders Breivik's terrorist atrocities were an attempt to bring down the ruling Norwegian Labour party government, but the question is; where did the attack come from?

Was it an outside directed attack on Norway, or was it an internal attack just like in Turkey?

Anders Breivik is the son of a former Norwegian government diplomat and step son of a retired Army Major.

If I am right, Breivik's supposed grievence was that the ruling Labour party had been in power for several generations and created the multi-cultural society Norway is today, with the Nation sleep walking into a non-Norwegian Country over another several generations because of the Marxist agenda of the Elite. For whatever reason he targetted the Labour youth camp on Utoya island and murdered the next generation of Norwegian Labour party leaders.

Not everyone wants multi-culturalism forced upon them by their ruling Elite, and here in Norway for reasons unknown at the moment, with only Breivik's words on the matter at this point in time, you have an example of what happens when a Country passes the point of no return, or reaches the point and someone (plural) from the extreme right of the political spectrum attempts to change things.

Multiculturalsim has failed: Sarkozy - Merkel - Cameron

Norway has a population of 5 million so it is only a small Country, and is said to be the 3rd richest Nation on Earth so there is a lot at stake for the King, his ruling government and the future survival of that Country, and we as outsiders do not know the internal politics of the Country that has lead ultimately to Anders Breivik.

In contrast Great Britain has a population of over 66 million and increasing due to immigration, with probably the same amount of foreign moslems in the Country as Norway has as a population.

These are some of the issues we face in Great Britain from our oldest foes who are now aligned with our newest Islamic foe.

Daily Mirror: IRA we could have killed the Queen

Daily Mirror: Prince Williams security breached

At the start of this Breivik saga it emerged that members of an opposing political party in Norway had been recorded at a "Stop the Islamisation of Europe" conference talking about blowing up the government building and targetting specific members of government for assassination.

Those recorded were subsequently arrested during the beginning stages of the Breivik enquiry, but this gives a clear sense of the feelings within the Norwegian political class and the political agenda. Those arrested were all linked to Anders Breivik, either personally or ideologically through the SIO groups.

Talk of murder and assassination by Norwegian politicians linked to Alan Lake, Fraudman, and SION, and then Breivik strikes. Then an attempted white wash of the whole Breivik case by those controlling the enquiry from the top within Norway, purely for political purposes in complete disregard for the memory of the 69 innocent kids murdered on Utoya island.

Who knows how bad things are within Norwegian politics now, who are the controlling forces in the Country, and was Breivik a 'lone wolf' who is "certified by the government" but not by the professionals, or part of a network/group who have attempted a coup in Norway using terrorism, and who now threaten other European Nation States, who we have yet to find out who they are?

I am against the Islamisation of Europe but not at the cost of 69 innocent young Norwegian kids on their summer camp, and anyone who played a part in that is definitely not on the same page as me, which is probably why they wanted to frame me for being Breivik's mentor.

Breivik is not Christian, and he is not a Knights Templar in the true sense of the Order. He is a godless extreme political right-winger masquerading as an angel of light, with no faith based belief system in Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who has attempted to wrap up his murderous acts in the name of the Christian faith and Templarism when he is neither - He is the archetypal wolf in sheeps clothing

Whoever is behind Breivik targetted me too so I want to know who it is, and Alan Lake, Ann/Gaia, Kinana and Chris Knowles all have an unanswered question for the Breivik enquiry; Who is the real 'Richard the Lionheart' each of them are connected to through Alan Lake?

How long does it take the British police to obtain witness statements from those directly linked to the Breivik enquiry to discover who the real person who uses 'Richard the Lionheart' as his alias online is?

Probably as long as it takes to extradite the son of the coca cola heir in Yemen who murdered Martine Magnussen in London and then flew out of Luton airport to the safety of his fathers wealth and political influence in his homeland. He raped and murdered a Norwegian guest living in our Country and then fled back home as a rapist and murderer, who should be sitting in a British prison just like the Saudi prince who is now in one of our prisons, and not a free man in Yemen: The Queen sorrow over Martine Magnussen

The Arab spring in Yemen will see him face justice one way or another.

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