1 September 2009

200 Moslems riot in Luton

Update below video

Video below

200 Moslems riot in Bury Park

No media frenzy over this incident because it was not white people involved who can be savaged by the left wing media and held up as sacrifices on the alter of appeasement for the Moslem block vote.

The government controlled mainstream media were 'hush hush' yet again on Moslem aggression in Luton!

United people of Luton, along with the main protest group the English Defence League led by Tommy Robinson, accompanied by Casuals United, all showed their respects for the rule of law within Great Britain over the weekend and did not turn out in Luton as had been originally planned for the bank holiday weekend after the Home Office banned any gatherings in the town through fear of trouble.

It had been re-sheduled for September 19th anyway, even before the Home Office ban came into effect.

This is the difference between 'us and them', it is our country so those who are now fighting for it on the streets of Britian across the country, are fighting to uphold our 'way of life' which includes the rule of law, where as those Moslems who are seeking to take the country over have a complete disregard for it and want to destroy it from within so that their sharia law can be implemented.

Truth and Reality!

Any reaction now to this current violence on the streets of Luton, that is aimed at the wider non-Moslem community so as to to enforce their dominance over the local population through fear, is once again exactly that, a reaction.

People forget that Al Qaeda declared war on the people of Great Britain from here on the morning of 7/7, with the Ministry of Defence stating that it is an Al Qaeda stronghold. Not an Al Qaeda stronghold in Iraq or Afghanistan, but a stronghold here in England, in somebodies back yard.

The leaders of UPL who are the spearhead of the English Defence League know better than anyone else the reasons and justification behind the current uprising on the streets of Britain because it started in their community. They are the ones who have lived with this emerging religious force over the years.

30 years of militant Islam building a paramilitary force on the streets of Luton funded by Al Qaeda's Afghani heroin, is something that those on the streets of cannot deny.

Where will it end, and what does the future hold is the reality that people now face and is the reason why the English community is uniting. That means all those who live in England and want to uphold, defend and preserve the English way of life no matter what the colour of their skin.

Choose your own name for those who do not, and want to sit back and do nothing!

Thank you for sending me this email:

On your Blog I read the following comment:

"Choose your own name for those who do not, and want to sit back and do nothing!"

This does not come across well, as it suggest's that people who are not currently helping the cause are not worthy.

I would suggest that you delete this statement.

Kind regards


Fidelis Miles Militis Pro Terra


That statement was not concerning whether or not people are worthy of fighting the cause, it was meant that there are now many people from many Nations living in England. If England falls it falls for one and all, and Birmingham showed that many young black men of non-religious persuasion joined with the Islamic militants against peaceful English protesters that included black men within its ranks.

I know that the leadership quartet of the English Defence League are as apposed to Nazis and racists as non-religious ethnic minorities living in Britain and the proof is well documented for those who are looking.

People must decide where they stand on this important issue, whether black white of brown, it does concern all of our future way of lives living upon these isles after all.

Those who are actively angaged in converting our Nation into an Islamic State are enemies of the people of Britain, and that includes those who are aiding and abetting them with their tacit support and their left wing propoganda.

Thats how I see it anyway.

That question I posed was for others to make up their own minds.

God bless you

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