7 September 2009

Response to Birmingham's UAF Salma Yaqoob

Update below

Thank you Kinana for this comment sent to me.

In an Islamic state, protests and demonstrations are also banned. Just look at Iran and any Muslim-majority country. That is what Salma Yaqoob wants to bring to this country.

She is a smooth and polished speaker but her content is shallow. She hurls the word racist around and does not bring up any evidence. She speaks of incitement to hatred, racism, violence, fascism and is blind to those same forces in the religion of Islam.

She speaks of ‘racist intent’ but provides no evidence of intent. She is inciting racism by accusing the EDL of racism when they and you, Lionheart, only speak of Islam and ‘devout Muslims’ and ‘extremist Muslims.’ She should be challenged about the sloppiness of her language. What race is Islam, what race are Muslims? She and her colleagues are afraid to take on and debate with EDL and Lionheart on the grounds of Islam and the dangers of Islam so she shifts the ground to race; she changes the subject to anything else but Islam and Sharia.

One slight suggestion Lionheart. It was good of you to get some coverage on Talk Sport but the interviewer changed a few words of what you said and you did not catch the change. (Yes I did notice this, thats why I placed what I actually said into the video. The interviewer knew exactly what he was saying I just never picked up on it in the heat of the moment.) You said (in part) ‘their religion teaches them to convert our country to an Islamic state.’ I agree with that completely. But the radio man changed that to: ‘You are saying that every devout Muslim is under instructions from their religion to convert people to Islam in this country’. This is not what you said and is not what Islam teaches, as you know. I do not think the interviewer was malicious in this mistake but it does change the meaning and makes you look less knowledgeable than you are; and also leaves the listener thinking that that is what you really said, or at least, meant. No great damage done, but it is just something to watch out for next time.
Thanks. All the best.

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