6 September 2009

Birmingham Moslems told to confront peaceful protest against extremists

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Foreword: The English Defence League liaised with West Midlands police to conduct a peaceful protest against Islamic extremism within Birmingham City centre. Instead they ended up having to fight for their lives after being confronted by several hundred Moslems with bats and bricks.

It has now emerged that the reason for this was that Moslems in Birmingham were urged by their leaders to take to the streets against the planned peaceful EDL protest.

Lets see if the mainstream media now paint the real picture over the events of Saturday and not the lies they usually print apportioning blame on the English community.

Quote: Birmingham’s top Muslim leader urged his followers to “vent their feelings” against anti-Islamic protesters during a weekend rally that ended in violence and dozens of arrests, The Times can reveal.

Muslims were encouraged by the Birmingham Central Mosque to counter-demonstrate during Saturday’s protest in the city, which was organised by the right-wing English Defence League (EDL). It is understood that Muslims were encouraged to confront the protest against the advice given by the West Midlands Police to community leaders to stop their followers from attending.

This proves that the Islamic community of Birmingham cannot be trusted.

Full article:
Moslems urged to confront protest


Thank you Anonymous Lady for sending me this comment.

Very interesting article about a very stimulating event with great pictures of the demonstration, especially(for me) the photo of some English Defence League protesters holding up the flag of Israel...not to burn it or trample on it as we have seen at anti-Israel demonstrations by Islamists and their collaborators the so-called'anti-fascists' (who, in fact are the real Fascists those intolerant Leftwing Extremists & Islamic Jihadists now taking over the West)but to show for a change, solidarity with Israel for its own existential problems
with its neo-Nazi Islamic Imperialist neighbours

Has the normally good-natured,slow to anger English (proverbial) 'worm' turned at last to face its enemies and give them a taste of their own medicine?

But one can also ask: Did the police arrest only English Defence League protesters, or also some of the so-called 'anti-fascists' and Moslems who were rioting and have been terrorizing ordinary non-Moslem Brits for years...even clashing violently with police during their regular, very aggressive,very anti-British,
anti-Christian, anti-Western democracy and last but not least, anti-Israel demonstrations?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the question...!

I just hope that the League grows and grows until it has the numbers and strength to influence government policies on the grim Militant Islamic-Extremism Question threatening not only the UK & Israel but the entire free 'infidel' world.

Let's hope so. Amen.

Anonymous Lady

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