10 August 2009

Battle won - Free speech

Supported by: International Free Press Society

In England, we have the freedom to criticise the Islamic ideology and those who adhere to its beliefs (Moslems). This blog has been inspected by the law over an 18 month period and has held up as a test case for 'freedom of speech' against religion
within Britain.

The light of 'free speech' still burns upon British shores.

I have a threat against my life now, because of my stance and because critisicm of Islam and Mohammed is punishable by death. This is what many more people around the country are going to face in the future and people need to wake up and realise this fact.

Further reading: Moslem woman given 'Osman Warning'

Video: London Islamic militant

The battle for 'hearts and minds' is now on!

Any donation to the cause would be greatly appreciated as it is extremely hard work living with a credible threat over your life from Islamic militants and continuing in the battle of making the people of Great Britain aware of the threat that now surrounds us all and what that means to our futures.

This blog will now be migrating to another destination.

Video below first posted: 16/10/08

Psalm 91

Comment taken from my comments section

Thank you Joanne for this, I accept it as the truth.

Lionheart, I don't know if you've noticed this in the Bible, but it is most fitting in your case.

Psalm 37:32The wicked lie in wait for the righteous, seeking their very lives; 33but the Lord will not leave them in their power or let them be condemned when brought to trial. 34Wait for the Lord and keep his way. He will exalt you to possess the land; when the wicked are cut off, you will see it.


Anonymous said...

Well done. However I expect goal posts to be moved so next time you will have stepped over the line.

Anonymous said...

the left wing and Moslems call me a racist because of this blog.

the right wing know you are undercover jewish bum-boy that is being paid to cause trouble in the streets of England so they call you racist too.

Lionheart said...

The first laugh of the day from the backward thinking 'trolling' Clown...

Atleast i have the guts to put my name and picture to what i write, unlike this clown.

English through and through with the credentials to prove it as well.

People are consumed nowadays with conspiracy theories. Their minds are warped with the belief that around every corner that they cannot see there is a conspiracy at work.

Disturbed coward i would say!

Faith said...

Anon..9.20...All this "racist" cry is meaningless..the word racist is thrown around with such abandon that it ceases to have any credence any more.

We are a mixture of races in this country, there is not threat to anyone from any other race. In the main we all live as one, in harmony, as it should be.

Our threat comes from those who would seek to destroy this harmony in the name of islam and have no intention of harmonising with the citizens of this country. To be disturbed by this is realistic not racist.

Unknown said...

Anyone who has met you would ridicule the very notion that you are racist. Unfortunately in this country, we are confronted with people who have difficulties when in comes to grasping reality, many of them, it would appear, attain the top positions of state.

The powers that be appear to be so delusional that they call people names without evidence. As a taxpayer I am outraged that money has been spent to harass decent people like you.

Steve Harkonnen said...

It's a good thing you allow posters like "anon" to while away and "assume" you're undercover and throw in little snaps now and then.

Anon needs to wake up and realize this is all about freedom of speech; Muslims are open targets for criticism.

And when I was in London I made damn good use of freedom of speech against Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Second Anonymous (23-Jul-2009 09:20:00) he who seems to think he can insult Lionheart with racist insinuations and other trash, you're just a nasty, mixed-up, moan-a-lot, low-life weirdo, who obviously has a big chip on his shoulder. Grow up.

Just in case you haven't noticed, there is only one race...the human race. Yes, it has different visages, different cultures, different beliefs and different languages...but we are all descended from Adam and Eve.

There are some who have risen up to become truly, worthy epitomes of the human race...guess who? But there are others who are still far from that Godly goal and bring disgrace to the human race...guess who?

Hope it won't take you too long to work it all out...and perhaps set yourself on the way to reaching the level of perfection that...
guess who...has already reached.

Good luck...and may God, in His Infinite Mercy, show you the way.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

The story of Christianity is just plain stupid. If you believe it, you’re a retard. Period. You have no arguments for your position which are not retarded. If there were non-retarded arguments for Christianity, they would have emerged in the last 2000 years. Every argument I’ve seen for Christianity does not only fail to be a good argument, they all fail to be remotely non-retarded. From this, I conclude that there do not exist any non-retarded arguments for Christianity, as, if there were such arguments, Christians would be all over them like white on rice. Yet, Christians persist in putting forth the most idiotic arguments for their religion in the history of arguments, and cannot come up with even a single non-retarded argument for their religion. I conclude that no non-retarded arguments for Christianity exist, and that every Christian has either retardedly accepted a retarded argument, or has been brainwashed into accepting Christianity as a child or come off drink or drugs and needs new friends but their retarded.)

So…, Fuck you, retards. Your religion is retarded, and you’ve had 2000 years to come up with non-retarded arguments and have utterly failed.

ps so you are just like your Muslims friends retards who think God is in a book.
Come the new world order you will all line up for your 666 and wipe your arse with the two books that hold the world in the dark ages.

any Jew Muslim or Christian that is causing trouble between people because off retard books like yourselves should be imprisoned and soon will.

Lionheart said...

Based on the above diatribe.

Who sounds retarded?

Faith said...

Anon 17.23...what is your religion and your perception of God? I ask this out of genuine interest and respect of different religions.

I am assuming you follow a religion as you respect God with the capital "G". I apologise if I assume wrongly.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Well done, Lionheart, and Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Any hints about where the blog is going?

hellzbellz said...

Anny. you need to learn the true meaning of what a racist is. First of all islam or being a muslim is NOT a race. Therefore, anyone against islam, muslims or some religious organization would be known as a BIGOT and not a racist.

In fact there are only five know races amoungst Humans...which is, Whites, Negros, Indians, His-spanics and Asians. Anything else is considered of mix race. And not of a pure race. Too many people confuse racism with bigotry.

AntiJihad Norge said...

Please accept my most heartfelt congratulations on your victory for free speech. I can only vaguely imagine what the last 18 months must have been like.

Your courage and determination will remain a mighty inspiration for all of us who try to warn and awaken our respective peoples againt the dreadful and horrifying threat from islam.

AntiJihad Norway