9 September 2009

Moslem threats against my life

Update: Bilal's Threats to Kill EDL members

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Brussels journal writer

Foreword: There have been direct threats against my life made by an administrator on the forum Islamic Revolution, who is also a representative of the militant group Islam4uk which is run by Anjem Choudry and Sayful Islam.

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Islamic Revolution threats

Before I respond to these threats on here, I would just like to point out to people reading this who do not already know, I was issued with an Osman warning by British detectives last month after they received intelligence relating to a direct threat against my safety.

I asked them “by who” and they said they did not know because it was another force dealing with it. I said “its Moslems”, “oooohhhh you cant say that” they said to me, “well who is it” I said, “we don’t know”,” well its obviously the Moslems” “oooohhhh you cant say that” they said.

So they issue me with a warning about a threat against my life but would not tell me from where the threat it is coming from, so as to be able to watch my back and protect myself properly.

Is that anyway the police should be treating innocent members of the public who have had direct threats made against their life?

How would you feel if it was you?

This is modern policing in the 21st Century if you are under threat from Moslems who do not like the opinions you hold.

Due to political correctness and not wanting to offend Moslems, they can threaten your life, and the police will not tell you. Well they will tell you there is a threat; they are just to scared to say the word ‘Moslem’.

Today it is me and tomorrow it is you - If you decide to voice your opinions about Moslems and Islam within Britain.

That is the reality we now face.

I was under arrest for 18 months with a full and thorough investigation of my blog writings by the Crown Prosecution Service. The Department of Public Prosecutions deemed that my blog was within the guidelines of the law. Which means I have some very valid and legally justifiable points written on the pages of my blog, and that it is in no way racist.

After 2 ½ years of constant writing, if I was a racist or stirring up hatred then I am pretty sure that it would have shown through and I would have stood in the dock charged with offences that break British law, and I would quite possibly be sitting in a prison cell now.

Considering I was arrested for ‘hurting’ Moslems feelings through my words, I think that it is only fair and just in our democratic society that those Moslems who hurt my feelings and threaten my life are arrested by the same police and then held to account by that same British law of which I myself was held to account for 18 months.

For this reason I would ask all readers of this blog here in Britain and around the world to send a letter of complaint to Bedfordshire police asking them to take action against the person who has issued this threat against my safety.

It cannot be one rule for us and another for Moslems in this country, or are things really that bad now that, that is the case?

This is a test of modern British justice and it will be interesting to see the final outcome.

The instigator of the threats standing in the dock in other words, or sadly what we in Britain have become accustomed to when it concerns Moslems, and no action taken against him because he is a Moslem.

So they can threaten and terrorise people and the law will not act, and those in America wonder why nobody wants to show their faces on film.

As outsiders, look how far England has fallen.

Please send your request for a full investigation of the threats against me life and a complaint concerning the differences of justice meted out by the police, to Ian Holden of the Bedfordshire police hate crime unit.

Beds police hate crime unit

Islamic Revolution:
The threats

There is a fraud out there that is going around forums and blogs posting in the same name as I use as my nom-de-plume ‘Lionheartuk’. This person is obviously not man enough himself to put his own name to his words so is stirring things up with Moslems and using my name so that I take the flack.

I have my suspicions and I would ask all Patriots and ideological anti-Jihad fighters around the world to help me track down this person through the location of his i.p address so that I know who it is stirring things up for me and endangering my life. I have a list of culprits so just an area of the country they are posting from will narrow down that list.

The lowest of the low!

I never post on forums or blogs other than those where I know the owner due to safety reasons. Whenever you visit a site or make comments your i.p address which is your exact location is logged with the owner of the site. So any comments left anywhere in ‘Lionheart’ or ‘Lionheartuk’ over the last month are not me.

Do you really think I would be stupid enough to leave comments on a forum called Islamic Revolution?

The Moslems on there obviously think I am, and one of the administrators just could not hide his glee thinking it was me, with him sharing what is on their hearts towards me, the actions they have taken against me, the actions other Moslems should take (stirring up hatred), and what he hopes for me.

Here is my rebuttal of the threats made by Bilal.

Well well well... if it isn't Paul Ray himself.

This shows the stupidity of the forum administrator who obviously thinks I am as stupid as him, and that it is me posting.

This filthy kaafir is the spokesman/ex-spokesman of the "English Defence League" (he was recently crying about his divorce with Chris Renton).

I find the term filthy kaafir completely derogatory and completely racist from a religious stand point due to what it actually means. This is one point to be held up against the new religious and racist laws in any future court case.

I pulled out of any active involvement or participation of the EDL protests in Birmingham for my own reasons.
I still work closely with Tommy Robinson and support him, and those around him 100%

You do realise we've been spreading your photo around.

Just send people a link to my blog, its far easier than sending photos around that have traces on them for the intelligence services who can trace exactly where each photo was sent. So right now, every militant Moslem in Britain who has my photo that you sent will be flagged by the intelligence services.

Good work Bilal and you did it free of charge.

You do realise we know you live in Luton and used to have a shop in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

You don’t say?

It is written all over my blog so anyone with half a brain and 5 minutes spare would be able to find those facts out, but thank you for letting me know where I live and where my shop was.

You do realise your days are literally numbered.

What do you mean?

Is that a direct threat against my safety.

You do realise this is not a threat, it's a promise.

Re-assuring me that the above was not just a threat but a promise.

Signed and sealed threat against my life from Bilal, for British detectives to investigate. I wonder what threats and ideas they are going to find once they start searching through your email accounts (deleting them wont help either).

A lot worse then on here that I am sure of.

You do realise I now have your IP address logged.

Not my i.p but I wouldn’t mind knowing what part of the country it originates from me old mucka.

You do realise that whenever you've shown your dirty pig-skin faces to us, (be it Birmingham when Shaun became Muslim, Green street and now Birmingham again) you've been thrashed left, right and centre.

A racist comment about the colour of my skin.

If I was to say anything like this about people like Bilal with brown skin on my blog then I would be hauled before a court as a racist, so why should it be any different for him.

Cannot be one rule for those with brown skin and another for those with white skin can it?

I thought the British way was all about fair play and justice?

You made it clear on TalkSport that you want war with Islaam itself. In a country full of neo-"terrorists", you are the perfect target.

I never once said I wanted war with Islam, I was pointing out the objective of Islam in Britain which is at war with the non-believers based upon its teachings. My position throughout has been one of defence and not offence.

And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allâh) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allâh Alone [in the whole of the world]. [Al-Anfal 8:39]

He even writes a scripture from his book that proves my point.

Has anyone ever told you what a poof you sound like, by the way?

Yeah they have by the way, people like you who do not have anything constructive to say so they resort to childish insults that they think will have an effect. I am comfortable in my sexuality in as much as I know who I am, unlike you Moslems who are all homophobes and are that scared of homosexuality that you want to throw all gays from buildings, and string them from lampposts to justify your own manhood.

That’s what will happen to homosexuals in Britain when living under sharia law, unless we stop its growth in our land. So all homosexuals reading this, please know that the English Defence League is standing up for your rights within Britain.

Wouldn’t surprise me if you’re a closet Bilal that’s why you have thrown that out there to deflect it from yourself and those homosexual thoughts you have, I’m sure you will find out soon enough if you serve any jail time over your threats, and they pad you up with a nice big lifer *smiles*. Just don’t bend over in the showers to pick up your soap, some lifers like fresh meat and I am sure they will like you.

I heard you on TalkSport. I couldn't stop laughing for 2 reasons:

I am glad you took the time to listen.

1) You sounded like a homosexual pansy and a toff (which, of course, you are).

What I am what I sound are two completely different things.

Toff ha,ha im not sure whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.

2) You couldn't string your points together. You sounded like a whining child who had no substance as to why "he" was whining.

I think I did well enough to have the woman Salma Yaqoob come out defending you all.

Your Koran gives me enough substance for my ‘whining’ Bilal.

Keep up the good work.

Yes I will thanks for the encouragment.

You are reeling in droves of fresh extremist faces ready to engage in Islamist militancy every time your crying gets publicity.

If I was wrong in what I say about Moslems and Islam in Britain then there would be no Moslems willing to turn to Islamic militancy, but here Bilal proves my point. That all it takes is someone sharing their opinion that differs from their own and then bingo the trip switch is broken and the next thing they are Moslem terrorists wanting to take up arms against the British people.

The irony is, you will be the catalyst to your own downfall.

The irony is not lost on you Bilal after these threats you have made on a public forum that you are an administrator of, and on-behalf of Islam4uk which you represent.

You have hung yourself with your own rope, nice work, and I don’t even know you.

England belongs to the Muslims. Get out of our country.

That statement is the exact reason my blog exists. Moslems in Britain actually believe this, as they work daily to convert our Nation into an Islamic State ruled by sharia law.

N.B. To the Muslims:

(IMG:http://www.ldexpress.co.uk/bedsonsunday-news/images/1(1204).jpg) : image

Im glad you sent them that picture Bilal, it shows exactly what you face, so let them come.

I made a direct challenge several years ago to your militants in London but as yet they have not been able to show there worth. Most of you are all wannabees filling your minds with youtube videos of the real thing, who always get caught by the Security Services trying to obtain your lie of 72 virgins.

You forget that you’re living in our backyard, cut off from the rest of the world with your communities across the country encircled on all sides by the British people.

People like you are the ones pushing the English people for a response and should be removed from our society for the sake of ‘peace and security’.

This is who this ugly filthy piece of sub-vermin is. If you see him (most likely around Luton or Dunstable, Bedfordshire); you know what to do.

Your too kind with your description Bilal, but that is how you Moslems view non-Moslems anyway so I wont take offence because I know it is all you have been taught in your local Mosques and Madras’s.

Ive been through Bury Park a couple of times in broad daylight on a single decker bus, it was like doing an id parade and not one of your brothers noticed me. I’ve also been through a couple of times with several American Christian documentary makers filming your community.

Shows just how vulnerable all you militants are!

And I am always walking about, but your brothers alone in their taxis or on the street are not man enough on their own to say anything.

As for the rest of the Muslims reading this; do as we're doing, and spread this photo around to militant Muslims in the UK as we are.

Yes please do, then you will all know who stands in opposition to you within Britain and the Christian beliefs I hold. The Security Services can log all of you on their database then as well.

You live in Christian England, and not Islamic Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, and the English people are uniting under the blood red Cross of Christ.

Also, keep an eye on the news. Allaah knows, you might see a repeat of what happened to Theodoor van Gogh at the hands of our beloved brother Mohammed Bouyeri in Amsterdam on 2 November 2004.

Your hoping aren’t you?

Do you really think one of you on your own is going to achieve what Mr Mohammed achieved in Amsterdam?

Any of you come for me, the news will be reporting on you make no mistake about that, take Bobby Khan as your example and I never even met him.

Don’t be surprised if the news is reporting on you or Anjem Choudry very shortly.

For those who do not know, Theodoor van Gogh was a relative of the late great Vincent Van Goth, who was shot and murdered in the street for making a film about the submission of women in Islam. The murderer shot him, and then stuck a note to his chest with a knife stating Ayan Hirsi Ali was next (I believe). Miss Ali now lives under 24 hour protection in the U.S with death threats against her life for the making of submission.

Theodoors murder has painted a picture within the fabric of modern life that we can all learn something from in relation to the religion Islam in Europe if we take the time to look and understand the event that has been etched on a living canvass.

Murdered for his opinions on Islam.

This post has been edited by Bilal (Islam4UK.com): Aug 16 2009, 11:25 PM

Here is the proof that the writer Bilal is a part of the extremist group Islam4uk that is headed by Anjem Chourdy. He has edited his post now on the forum and removed the link to the group, but not before several people took screen shots that can be viewed here:

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