23 April 2008

Happy St Georges day

April 23rd 2008 - St Georges day - The day of the English people.

Queen Elizabeth who sits on the throne of England has today, made the heir to her future throne Prince William the 1000th Royal Knight of the Garter.

Prince Harry has shown the way by fighting alongside troops in Afghanistan.

We are their subjects and people, they are our leaders whose families have sat on the throne and led us, as people, for generations.

The United Kingdom knows its history, its culture and its identity and no Islamic Kingdom or military force is ever going to conquer this land and its people.

Our future King has today "St Georges day" been Knighted before God.

May God bless him, his family and the work of his hands.

God bless you


Sky News

To mark St George's Day, the Queen has made her senior grandson, Prince William, the 1,000th Knight of the Garter in the 660th anniversary of Britain's oldest order of chivalry, which was founded in 1348 by King Edward III.

William will be invested by his grandmother at a private ceremony soon, after which he will be able to wear the well-known blue sash across his left shoulder and the silver star with the red cross of St George on his chest, as monarchs, royalty and many famous Englishmen have done for centuries.

On June 16, at Windsor Castle, he will be invested with a blue velvet garter around the left leg, below the knee, with the motto, in gold letters, "Honi soit qui mal y pense", which translates as "Shame to those who think evil of it".

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1000th Royal Knight

Luton - Gang rob & murder ex-soldier/peacekeeper

Detective Chief Inspector John Giles said the tragic case illustrated how the behaviour of young people who become involved in drink and drugs can spiral out of control

He said: "Stephen was a hardworking, law abiding member of the local community who will be sadly missed by all who knew him but I hope this result will mean his family can now begin to re-build their lives.

"These four people would clearly target innocent members of the public to pay for drugs and alcohol. In this case Stephen was the unsuspecting person to fall in to their trap.

"The amount of violence used towards Stephen was unimaginable and the cycle helmet that Stephen wore that night bares the evidence of this."

"This case shows how easy it is for young people to become involved in crime that is fuelled by drink and drugs and how their behaviour can spiral out of control.

"My message to parents and relatives who suspect a member of their family has become involved in this type of crime is come forward and speak to the police or to your local drug action group.

"We are here to help and can advise you on where to get help for those you love. Please take this action now before another life is lost and your child ends up in front of a jury."

Daily Mail

A former UN peacekeeper was beaten to death by four jobless yobs who robbed him in an underpass for little more than £5.

Stephen Green, 55, was ambushed by the teenagers who were desperate for cash for alcohol and drugs as he cycled home from working a night shift.

They kicked, stamped and battered the former corporal, who served in the British Army for nine years, with a large stick and left him to die.

He was discovered hours later by a passer-by and died in hospital nine days after from a blood clot to the brain as a result of the injuries he suffered.

One of the teenagers involved was later overheard boasting: "Did you see his face, did you see the way I was battering him."

Nicholas Garland, 18, Shane Liddy, 19, Richard McNamara, 19, and Darryll Bennett, 18, all of Luton, Bedfordshire, are now facing life sentences after being convicted of murder.

Luton Crown Court heard they encountered Mr Green on May 4 last year at midnight as he cycled home from a night shift he had finished at plastics works Linpac in Dunstable.

At the underpass that leads under the M1 between Butely Road and Ravenhill Way he was confronted by the four teenagers, who blocked his path and demanded: "What have you got for me?"

Mr Green had no time to hand anything over before he was punched to the ground, kicked repeatedly and struck with a large stick.

Forensic scientist Dorothy Allan told the court she had examined the stick and Mr Green's purple cycle helmet after they were recovered from the scene and found "forceful" contact had been made.

"There was possibly one impact. There could have been more. There is strong evidence the stick had been in forceful contact with the helmet," she told the court.

Prosecutors said the only purpose the yobs had for going to the underpass was to do a "raise" - slang for a robbery to raise cash.

After the battering, an unconscious Mr Green, was left to die on the ground as the youths ran off laughing. They took his rucksack but discarded it shortly afterwards with its meagre contents of £5.65.

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Robbed & Murdered


Mother Effingby said...

This is so tragic. I cried while watching the video. What burns is what the cop said:
He said: "Stephen was a hardworking, law abiding member of the local community who will be sadly missed by all who knew him but I hope this result will mean his family can now begin to re-build their lives."
...as if it will be that easy. A life sentence is never a life sentence in Britain. There is no justice at all for his family. How glib and cruel are your policemen. Do they actually investigate crime anymore, Paul?

Anonymous said...

I know that place well, just beside Hockwell Ring estate.
Unthinkable violence against a quiet chap on his way home.
Hockwell Ring is rife with drugs and guns are ten a penny.
Wake up Luton police, get out of that police cabin and show yourselves on the streets, to reassure the good majority in the area.

Anonymous said...

A prime example of what hard drugs can lower the human being into, it is no good going after the street dealers, you must go after the brazen, rich and ruthless heroin importers and their crime gang partners from Europe and East.

Findalis said...

Has the English given some consideration to the Death Penalty? Here in the State these hooligans would be facing Murder charges. And in some states Murder 1 charges.

Celtic Crusader said...

hard to be upbeat in the light of one of our fallen brethern

but in his memory and the memory of all the original, indigenous angles, saxons, jutes and celts who made Britain once a great free nation and freedom loving spirited culture

i offer a Happy St. George's day at this late hour from a celt of the land of St.Patrick.

May God Bless these sceptered once christian islands of St.George, St. Patrick, St. Andrew and St. David - and all those who are the rightful inheritors of these islands history, culture and ancestors.

Lionheart said...

God bless you Celtic Crusader..

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, cc.

Anonymous said...

That is why the Death penalty should still be in effect, let's keep the law of an eye for an eye.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that there is too much political interference in the judicial system especially by the liberal establishment.

The judiciary are responsible for upholding the law, not for causes of crime. That is the job of the government and related bodies.

Up here in Scotland, a pregnent woman , with her two children present, had a knife put to her throat and robbed.

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/edinburgh_and_east/7362448.stm

Scotland, and particularly Glasgow, has had problems with knife crime for more than a century but in the fifties, this was seriously curtailed by Lord John Carmont who handed stiff sentences for knife crime.

The liberals condemn this by pointing out that it did nothing to stamp out knife crime as today it is worse than ever. The point as I mentioned this is fault of society, not the judiciary. The Judiciary, is responsible for punishing behaviour like this, society in the form of government, is responsible to help eradicate the causes of crime.

For interest, this is a news article about Lord Carmont.

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/5063092.stm

Anonymous said...

Luton Herald and Post, 24/04/08.
page 3.
"Anti-Terror officers from the Metropolitan Police swooped on a property in Luton yesterday morning following the arrest of three men in London.
The trio are being questioned on suspicion of " the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism."
The Luton search was continuing as the Herald & Post went to press."

I have noticed a significant input of armed response type vehicles on the Luton streets today.

These laws are now being used to smash terror ops about to commence or close to readiness.
The government wants to increase the holding time of suspects to 42 days, to enable increasingly complex de-encryption of computer files and the like.
Who these three earlier arrests were is not stated, but I wonder if there is a connection with those that were arrested at London airport and held on plotting terror attacks abroad.
Probably arrested on information from Pakistan Intelligence Services.
At last we see a Police Force tackling these serious matters to prevent the kind of attacks that Lionheart has been highlighting on this blog.
I wonder why the Met. Force felt it had to conduct this operation directly?
Is it because the local Force has too many potential sources of leaks to feed back to the terrorists before they can be apprehended?
There is certainly an increased amount of activity and the Police are having to be more pro-active, which, I think, highlights the profound sense of urgency about the likely attacks.
These plots are now more likely than not to involve a suicide bombing plot, with all the unpredictability and mayhem that involves. Congratulations to the Police for acting so swiftly.
Lets hope Bedfordshire Police take up the baton and ditch the crazy PC thinking that puts our security on the back-foot to all our disadvantage.

Celtic Crusader said...


'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'

i think that is actually from the koran so i won't be using that line.

i prefer to simply call for justice- real justice.

like that pakistani richkid scumbag who drove his car -hitting a child and paralysing her -then was speeding again after the incident

the judge gave him a 21 month sentence- sure he'll be out in about 9 months

i was expecting at least 14 years for that appalling crime.

so i call for justice -the justice these once christian lands used to mete out.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Crusader- Actually it comes from the Laws of Hamurabi which was long before the Muslims copied it.

Celtic Crusader said...


learn something new everyday- interesting-
(note i did say...'i think')

it would be nothing new for the muslims to nick stuff for their cult so that sounds about right.


Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth - actually from the Bible. It isn't meant to be taken literally, rather... that the punishment fit the crime!

However, it has often been used against Jews by Jew haters (even by BBC anchors/interviewers!), who think this ancient law proves Jews are 'revengeful', comparing it to the 'forgiving' Christian premise to 'turn the other cheek'(to evil) and even to 'love your enemies' (no matter how cruel and murderous and unjust they are...!).

But, in the long run, people are beginning to realize that fitting the punishment to the crime and not 'loving' those who hate you and seek your destruction, is far more realistic...and far closer to ensuring that justice is done and seen to be done!

Anonymous Lady