12 April 2008

I have decided that it is now time to stop blogging, I have always said that I am not a blogger, this site was only set up in the first place as a way of writing down as a record, what had happened to me personally at the hands of those who I had helped, to write about the threats against my life from the drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems from Luton, and to communicate what is happening on the ground in Luton & Dunstable with regards to the Islamic community there that is at War with British society – The facts on this blog speak clearly for themselves.

Everyone else in my community might be happy with the army of Islam from Bury Park Luton swarming into the community and pumping a whole generation of people with their Heroin & Crack cocaine by turning the other way, but I personally am not, these are my friends who I have grown up with who are either raging drug addicts now, living like zombies for their next hit of Heroin, or dead, gone from this Earth forever, with future generations growing up now at risk – If the problem is not tackled then what is the consequence?

Based on one example that I have highlighted on this blog, with regards to a known convicted Pakistani Moslem Heroin dealer who was operating 100 yards away from a school, the police are not able or willing to do anything about the problem of Pakistani Moslem drug gangs from Luton plying their trade in the community.

The gangs of Pakistani Moslems from Luton who are connected to Al Qaeda do not care about what they are doing to our society and my community with their Heroin & Crack cocaine; this is all a form of the Jihad against the infidel (street Jihad).

As a Christian it is my responsibility to let the light that is within me, shine into the darkness, so this is what I have done by standing up and speaking out in every way that I can, this blog being just one of those ways, with many facts detailing the scale and scope of the problem throughout its pages.

It is just a shame there are traitors out there who have literally stabbed me in the back.

It was only through a divine encounter when I was in the Holy Land over Christmas 2006/2007 that this blog was made possible. My path crossed with a computer expert whilst staying in Jerusalem, and he helped me by setting this blog up and then showing me how to run it, before that time I had never heard of blogs and I had never really written anything since school 15 years ago. Since then I have been able write my thoughts and experiences down for others to read. Thank you OJ – God bless you

Its going to be hard not posting on here because anyone who blogs knows how addictive it is when there is news to write about and you have people following what you are writing, but for me I have sacrificed enough to write this blog and it is now time to do something different – I am not a blogger

There are enough daily reports in the news now about Islam, Moslem’s and terrorists for people to see the threat that is now living in our midst feeding from our land and threatening the very future of our Nation, even though this present Government blatantly lies about the nature of the threat that we face. And there are enough good blogs and websites out there with people reporting on this same threat to our Way of Life, which is the biggest threat to the peace and stability of our Judeo/Christian civilization since the Second World War.

It is our children and grandchildren who are born and yet to be born who are going to face the consequences of this generations action and inaction, and when the darkness hits them they will say; what did you do? What will be your reply?

The government say;”Islam is a religion of peace and it’s a very small minority who are the terrorists” – If you take a read through some of the pages of this blog, and watch some of the video’s, I think you will see that those words are a blatant lie, spoken to dupe the gullible masses into a false sense of security while this treacherous government is still in power.

RUSI the most prestigious military think tank in the World has told the Government that they must make the ‘Defence of the Relam’ the No.1 priority of government. This should tell you how serious the problem is that we face, yet the report has been rejected with the political line from our present leaders being that Islamic terrorism is anti-Islamic activity.

Burying their heads in the sand hoping that everything will just blow away in the wind, the things is though is that the problem will not blow away in the wind, the problem is just getting bigger by the day with the armies of Islam from around the World descending on the UK as immigrants, and our leaders not removing them from our society because of their human rights.

We are left at the mercy of people who hate us, hate our way of life and who believe it is their religious duty to kill us and take over rule of our land for their religion – Don’t believe it? Do some research!

It has taken me about 15 months to be arrested by British police on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through written material through this blog.

It took the government about 20 years to arrest and imprison the one eyed hook handed preacher of War and hate, Abu Hamza, and about the same time to deport Omar Bakri whose now banned group Al Majiroun is linked to every single suicide bombing carried out around the World by British born Moslems. It took many years before they arrested Abu Izzadeen who preached the worst kind of hate against anyone who wasn’t a Moslem, and they still have not arrested Anjem Choudry who is actively daily recruiting for the global Jihad and raising funds.

It looks like my blog worked then; I must have gotten someone’s attention if it only took 15 months before an arrest. I just have to wait and see now whether or not they want to put me on trial for my words because they might hurt Moslem feelings. It was pointed out to me that the police are there to protect innocent Moslems after all that is why I was arrested for my written words.

Of course the British police want to protect Moslems feelings from my hateful words don’t they?

What about protecting my community from the Pakistani Moslem drug gangs who are killing my friends?

You cannot say you do not know what I am talking about because the facts are very clear to see, considering I helped you put this same Pakistani Moslem drug dealer in prison in the first place, and then told a DI when he was operating 100 yards away from a school after his release. The written proof is on this blog along with the date.

Did any one investigate my claims considering I must have been reliable if my information helped you imprison him in the first place?

If not why not considering the seriousness of the situation?

A known convicted Heroin & Crack cocaine dealer operating 100 yards away from a school, with school children going into his premises who all now know him who are potentially the next generation of local drug addicts.

What if your son or daughter is now a Heroin or Crack head because of this situation, a situation that the police knew about and did nothing?

As I have stated, I started writing this blog because of threats to my life from the drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems from Luton who are pumping the community with Al Qaeda Heroin. Since writing to this blog and telling everyone about what is happening on the ground here in Luton & Dunstable where I live, there has been two people that I know of who have died due to addiction to Heroin, both of them leaving a grieving family who have lost a son, and children who are now fatherless. There are several in prison due to serious crimes committed in their pursuit for their daily fix, and there are many many more who are like zombies living for the brown powder from their Moslem masters.

Heroin addicts are funding the Pakistani Moslem gangs from Luton’s lavish lifestyles, their business enterprises, and it is funding the global Jihad.

It is better the addicts stay alive because each of them is a cash cow to the Moslem owned Heroin business, but death is inevitable, it is war after all and Heroin is being used as a weapon of warfare against us and our society.

Is two people dead in 7 months, leaving families and orphans proof enough about what the Pakistani Moslems from Luton are inflicting on my community with regards to what I have been saying for 15 months?

How many more have to die before people listen and do something about the problem?

There have also been two rapes of young women by a Pakistani Moslem taxi driver.

The bomb maker of the fertilizer plot who wanted to buy a radioactive bomb from the Russian Mafia was also a taxi driver from my community.

And don’t forget the Luton 7/7 connection.

I could go on and on about the threat on the ground where I am from, but I have already gone on and on throughout this blog, that’s why its time to stop, there is enough proof and facts to absolutely everything I have stated, for those who now end up here and care to look for yourselves, just click on the dates further down on the right hand side and it will bring up more posts.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the past 15 months, and everyone who has left comments in my comment section. What is happening concerns all of us and our futures, even though the government wants us to believe it’s all an illusion.

God bless you



Anonymous said...

What a ride, what a ride!
I expect that we have not heard the last of Lionheart.
A young man forced by his situation, to either cower down or stand up and be counted.
As a reward for his bravery and his keen eye for what is happening under the nose of the Britsh Bulldog, you know, that poor old beast that once stood as a proud symbol of our dear and beloved country, our nation, who kinsmen and women.
Now kicked about by every tyrant, John Bull is a shadow of his old self.
What challenge was there, that a Briton would not rise to?
How sad to see the decent British people tormented by so many oppressors and anti British racists.
How disgusting to see the great British Police Service made to grovel to unnatural political restriction and misdirection of the tried and trusted self confident men and women entrusted with our security.
A country over-run by political dunces, dim-witted peacocks, who strut their self opinionated views to the world, while all around them, their hill of dreams is crumbling for all to see.
From this mess of self-delusion, a towering free spirit arose and found by his destiny, that he should speak his words of warning to the world, to the British.
He says that there are others that must carry the torch of knowledge that is the hope of true democracy, the great Beacon of Freedom of Expression, of religious faith.
Yes they are plenty.
It was not to be an easy passage, though.
Those that fear the truth have set their hounds upon him and no doubt he is tired from the chase.
Here is a man, who would not kneel to a tyrant or a belief that his heart told him was misguided and plain wrong.
Never let it be said he was not as brave as the LIon whose mantle he adopted.
We have seen the beginnings of great men before.
As Hitler thumped his drumbeat across Europe, it was Sir Winston Churchill, a man of vision, a man of human failings and weaknesses who found his voice, who turned away from the accepted view that it was better to cower than to challenge.
His own people spurned his warnings until it was too late.
By then the dice was thrown, and where it landed was certain.
As a result of ignoring the warnings of those with long sight, a great Nation near lost itself, but was re-founded on the words of remarkable men.
As the future unfurls it's uncertain banners, it is men like Lionheart and a million more who will heed the memories of their past, and will rise to meet the enemies of Reason at the cliff's edge.
Never let it be said that we are not all Lions at heart.
God be with you Lionheart, Angels guard and comfort you.
Let the haters and the deluded scoff and mock.
Their names will never be remembered.
Rest a while and be strong.

Lucky and Rex said...


Joanne said...

The parable in Matthew 13:24-30 about the tares and the wheat....

"Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn." Matthew 13:30

All in God's time, and the wicked will be gathered by the angels of God.

Lionheart, don't feel downtrodden or distressed - you are like a diamond having another faucet buffed and shined to reflect the light perfectly.

I hope this isn't the last we hear from you, and you are every bit a blogger - full of vim and vinegar.

I think the world has gone raving mad, and I'm peering through a looking glass at the lunacy of it all, and it is all so surreal.

Just remember, being forsaken by this world only moves you closer to your place in the Kingdom to come.

God Bless Lionheart

Joanne said...

"...you are like a diamond having another 'faucet' buffed and shined to reflect the light perfectly."

It should read 'facet', not faucet - I'm afraid my mind must have closed down without giving me any notice....nothing new, of course.

Anonymous said...

You have been influential in more ways than you will ever realise...personally through stumbling upon your blog I am now well on a journey to reclaim my faith and at a much deeper level than ever before.

I can now justify my hatred of the false religion that sweeps my country and the burden of guilt for these emotions is lessening daily.

God bless you on your chosen journey.

truthseaker said...

Well Lionheart as has been said by all the others, you take a rest & you never know. You could well be back with us all shouting the truth about islam from as many roof tops we can reach. May our Lord & Saviour be with you always, may he light shine through you as brightly as it has on this blog.

What you have said, done & shown on this blog. You should be very proud of, you have done what very few are willing to do & that is to stand up for truth, against an evil so nasty so perverse, so vile, so putrid. Just the faintest of whiffs would make the strongest stomach vomit. You have shown those who have come here the truth behind that religion of death, that did not know. Those who may have tried to make fun of you, even thought they have said what they have. You may have been able to plant a seed, a seed that even that person does not know has been placed there. Someone else may be the person to make that seed grow, so be please & stand strong that you have done the work that our Lord has given you.

God Bless you always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for waking me up Paul,

All the best to you and your family.

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

BIG mistake.

Under the circumstances, it is the very worst thing that you can do.

Think it out.


Greg said...

I don't agree or understand why you are stopping now but I respect your decision.
We will continue to carry the torch. Please visit my blog:

and if anyone is on facebook please join the NEW Vote BNP forum
(The other forum has been taken over by far leftists)

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart,

I was and am very upset that you feel you have to shut down your blog. The most admirable blog I've ever come across. Are you being pressured to do so? If so, will it be for ever or just for an indefinite time? Could anything make you change your mind?

I for one will miss you very much, notwithstanding the occasional vicious BS from the likes of notanoahidite (& Co.)

If anyone is taken in by his ravings, please be informed that all that so-called Jew-bashing
'data' is lifted from the distorted or downright mendacious ravings and rantings of sick-minds who produce anti-Jewish forgeries and hoaxes by the gallons.

These are the sort of people who brought out the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' which was a forgery put together by the Russian Secret Police in Czarist times.

There are many more such wicked blood libels by the Sons (& Daughters) of Satan, and they'll probably be a lot more. I just hope your fair and decent-minded bloggers have, and will, see through them and dismiss them for the evil garbage they are.

God Bless You,
Anonymous Lady (Israel)

defender said...

Thank you Lionheart. Your work will continue. You have been an example of a true patroit.
The time always comes for brave man to take a rest.
You are an insperation

The Green Arrow said...

OK Lionheart. Good Luck. We have come a long way.

God go with you.

Dinah Lord said...

Oh dear, Lionheart. May the Lord our God be with you.

The reality of your personal situation has provided the wake up call to many of us.

Your fortitude has strengthened us.

Your faith has inspired us.

Thank you.

I sincerely hope you will be back someday.

Always On Watch said...

I am sorry to see this news. Nevertheless, I trust that the Lord will lead you in another direction.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all that you have done so far,it's more than most have.

There arn't that many people that would take the chance of a bullet in the back of ones head from the a.a.m.b. for exposing what was going on in far away shores.

All in all maybe you have done alot more than you or some others realise.

Sometimes though when someone expends so much time and energy, one can forget about ones self and that can only go on for so long before a break is needed.

Hopefully as each day passes more and more will wake up to the real nature of the threat that the west faces.

We have been let down by our own people,people who have been voted into positions where their first concern should be to serve,protect and act always in the best interest of their peers.

We have been let down badly.

Take Care of yourself Paul.


Mother Effingby said...

Paul, thank you for keeping us informed, and for sharing your life with us. It is truly maddening and hard to understand why things are happening, but as Joanne so aptly put it the tares and the grain will be harvested and you will be wearing the crown of victory that awaits all the faithful. Without this separation from the world, Paul, we would need no Saviour, no salvation, just eat, sleep and drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Life is so much more, and though the Spirit restrains evil for a time, our consequences must be meted out, both in this life time and the eternity to come. I will keep you always in my prayers. If you don't keep blogging, at least let us keep in contact with you to see how you are going.
Go with christ, brother.

The Merry Widow said...

Rest, gain strength and get this legal stuff out of the way. THEN come roaring back like a lion!
G*D bless!


Anonymous said...

I see that ducky, the buffoon and leftist supremacist bigot, couldn't stop himself from showing his idiocy.

Shake the dust off your sandals, Lionheart. Dust is all that ducky's comment is worth anyway--if that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service and courage.
Rest, regroup, and and refit.
From Damn Yankee.

AMDG said...

God Bless You. I hope we will read you again sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

How do the police know that you wrote this blog? Tell them you just pretended that you wrote it and just delete it. Then when they give up trying to prove it's you and drop the case, crete a new blog. They are the ones that will have to prove that YOU wrote this blog. Tell the police that you thought they were talking about an old blog that you had, one about the religion of peas, a joke site or something. Seriously unless they have access to your lap top they are only going on he said she said evidence. They have nothing on you apart from a blog which could've been written by someone that knows you and pretended to be you.

Sad to see you go, you are the only ones on the front lines who is really doing something. LGF, Jihadwatch all those wannabes just wish they could be you! You gave the British authorities quite a ride, time to let them down gently by deleting your blog and leaving them no evidence. oh and delete your hard drive.

Evidence ...Someone claiming to be Paul has created a blog and is posting anti crime news on it. Paul admits to having a blog but he thought cops were talking about another blog of his called "help israel" (something like that?) Paul denies this Lionheart blog is his and claims that someone else must've taken his identity. Case closed. No evidence.

Take care!

Willow tree

Anonymous said...

Sorry that your hanging the the GLODEN KEY BOARD up LionHeart, i will miss your blogg m8.It was the first thing i read in the mornings before my paper, with a mug of tea and the usual fag.

You"ve had a rough time over the last few years m8, you do really deserve a rest from the front line.

But knowing you on this blogg,i can see your personality shine through in your words and i think you will be back m8.

So take some time off my friend and come back with your autobiography in a paperback because it has to be told what the establishment are turning a blind eye to .

looking forward to your book

All the best LionHeart


Anonymous said...

You have been an inspiration and a wake up call to many of us Paul.

Our thanks and prayers to you.

Your words of truth will be sorely missed.

God Bless and God Speed.

Anonymous said...


Feel free to drop into my show anytime on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/forrest_shalom

ph:1 646 716 7178.

I get downright sick also of this insanely frustrating islamic problem:

what more can be said about it that hasn't already been said over and over again?

its crazy and its sick, but it looks like the world is welcoming the devil (in the guise of islam) with open arms.

if this doesn't prove that something is seriously wrong with mankind's nature then nothing will: to reject righteousness, goodness, and the teachings of the Lamb of God for what? the doctrine of a Murderer, thief, adulterer: MOHAMMED!

is God not just to judge such a world? so be it.

we christians look for the kingdom of God and have a glorious future with our King Jesus:

Those of you that are not yet believers and receivers: why not join us?

with my deepest respect and affection for you Lionheart i remain your christian friend and brother:

forrest shalom

P.S. You have a great gift for writing and communicating: may our Lord guide, bless, and use you for His Glory.

Anonymous said...

There is no free speech left in the UK!

But take heed they have messed up the economy big style. The average Joe does not understand our concerns over the Ummah.
But if you mess up their mortgage repayments they get really pissed. I believe that the current crisis is caused by failed Multiculturalism policy and Keynesian economics.

Things have got to change soon or we will be living in a totalitarian state.

Your writings have been an inspiration to me and I can only offer you my gratitude and support in any upcoming legal battles.

Anonymous said...

thank and good luck, Paul. I am not a violent person, but I would quite happily become one if I ever met ducky

Flanders Fields said...

Lion Heart,

You have earned respect with your character, dedication and work to make life better for your fellow countrymen. You are a man in a world which has lost respect for the right of people to be left alone, unmolested, with their family and with friends of their choosing. I wish you the best.

I want to leave you with a link to someone else who understood the importance of maintaining the liberties of man. If more people understood Spooner's thoughts and yours, this world would be a much better place. Spooner discusses the Right to Trial by Jury and Magna Carta:


Good luck, Lion Heart

Morgan said...

Indeed, good luck to you, Lionheart. You have pressing toward the goal and fighting the good fight. Thank you for everything. God bless you, sir.

Anonymous said...

Well Heart of a LION... We
ll be missing you!!

Anonymous said...

don't worry, i think they have internet access in prison so your blog can continue indefinitely.


Anonymous said...

One of the best things you can do is spread audial propaganda to the youth.

Oi, streetpunk, and Black Metal.

Music that is just as aggressive as that rap-shit pushed by the jewish record companies, except for indigenous Euros. Youth love this stuff, it's pro-European, and while some of it maybe anti-Christian, most of it is not.

Raw pagan black metal in a polka style rythym bewilders and scares negroes used to gorrila grunting in 4/4.

We must fight a culture war. We must provide an alternative to the jewish dance club / drug scene culture.

In a non-Christian society, what Britian has become, Christian law should be taken to the street as gang-warfare, same as what the muslims are doing.

Understand the relativity of the situation. Justice is exclusive of our camp, drug dealing is one of their highest virtues! It disgusts them that we do not prosititue our pre-pubecent daughters, they take it as an insult to their god even! Trampling upon their "rights". Never forget their up is our down, their left is our right.

Christian "bigotry" (holding them to a "human" standard) should be taken directly into their ghettos, subjecting them to justice, honor, and judgement.

Anonymous said...


Lionheart..sing this Hymn on your journey...I sing it often and with zeal.

Anonymous said...


Lionheart arrested.

Anonymous said...

LH, first and foremost I want to thank you for doing an outstanding job with this blog...which was informative and eye opening to say the least. As for you might having to stand trial for a purpored hate crime. Just remember that you reached out to thousands of people and took a stand against something we all know is evil, vile and disgusting too. Takes a brave person to take "A Stand" on their own.

As for your govt. in pacifying the muslims. That is beyond me. Pacifying a group will never solve a problem. It will only make matters much worse. Pacifying might impede them. But, in the end they will (muslims) believe they are getting stronger which will lead to arrogance. For muslims whatever is given or granted to them, it's never enough. They want the entire thing.

Muslims, have an organized agenda and implimenting it as we speak. They truly believe they are superior to us and our way of living. And yet our governments do nothing about it.

And even some governments are submitting to dhimmi without being aware of this. Or they are to scared to admit they let this crap get so out of hand. So what if the politiians pride is a little hurt. They have a sworn duty to up hold their nations laws and to protect it's people. Not to give in to some speciality group. When muslims cry they're offended. That is just an excuse to justify the means to the end. Muslims, are not peaceful, loving or tolerant...not even with their own people.

The world has to wake up and see the evil islam is presenting to our way of life. I applaud the Danish for taking the lead in this matter. At least they are standing up and making people aware of what's happening around us.

In the end, I'm a firm believer that good always somehow and someway prevails over evil. And though it will be difficult. I believe we will prevail over islams preverted and profound agenda. It might take another 9/11 or 7/7 or Glasglow incident to wake up the people who are pacifying the muslims. But, when this incident or terror occurs again. People will will stand up. Personally, people are fed up with muslims perpetually complaining and whinning about this or that. It's coming soon in which we will have another world war. It will be the free nations against the muslims. And more than likely fought in the middle east and possibly in parts of europe and even areas of america. But, we shall win. My problem is why do we wait so long for matters to get to this level. Some would argue that we're a more tolerant people. But, I don't buy that arguement. If anything, we should learn from history.

Best wishes to you LH and I sincerely enjoyed reading what you had to report. In this readers opinion I don't think it was one sided. You simply reported the facts in an accurate manner. We need more people like LH to take that "Stand" and we need to do it together to be heard. May G-d Bless us all in the defeat of islam spreading.

Anonymous said...


Good luck with your pending return to a Bedfordshire police station in May.

If you are arrested I will be in touch.

Its time to say no to both Islam and this despotic government.

Always On Watch said...

I second Forrest Shalom's suggestion about phoning in to a radio show.

You are welcome at The Gathering Storm Radio Show anytime.

Anonymous said...

you really will be bored now you can't come to this blog with your slanted Muslim anti British racism.
You comment about LH going to jail.
Well let a jury decide that, not your kangaroo court and the backstabbing coward that went to the police to stop this little bit of free speech.
As you know, anyone and everyone from all over the world, has been writing on this blog, from the out and out bigots and Muslim death threats to LH, to the religious left and right, Sikhs , Hindus, Buddhists and many Christians..
The cat is out of the bag, regards the reality of Islam being a religion of peace or not.
That bag was opened by the Islamic scholars and sheiks such as bin Ladin and those that LH reported on, the Hook Hamsa, Bhakri,and the bigot Choudry.
What did they achieve?
The attacks of 9/11,New York, 3000 dead,
Madrid, hundreds dead,
London, 52 dead ,
Bali, and all the thousands of USA soldiers in Iraq and the hundreds of British and allies by the Syrian and Iranian backed so called insurgents, who want Iraq to remain backward and under the thumb of terror.
Of course you will say it is all Bush and Blair's fault.
Yeah we heard it all before.
The cat is out of the bag for all to see.
Africa is plagued not by disease but by Islamist rebels in half a dozen countries.
Burning alive, massacring children , forcing mothers to kill their own babies.
This is not us making it up.
It is all there on the BBC news for all to see.
One day some brave Moslems may try to reform Islam, but until then, you remain the problem,
The only religion that insists on killing to get it's way.
Don't bother referring to Christianity's past. It has moved on.
And now spends half it's time apologising for itself and for Islam.
You cannot change what you have done.
You have shown what is in store for any country where such a belief system gets a hold. Because you are not a race, just a belief system.
Race does not enter the equation.

I guess that Bedfordshire police will not be able to prove a damn thing and will have to offer LH a "caution" rather than proceeding.

Exhausted by the hounding he has had and the threats to his person, Lionheart must make the decision to fight this cause or not. He will have plenty of support if he does.
Accepting a caution would be a technical acceptance of guilt and as such lets hope he rejects it and opts for trial to prove the legal facts and hopefully establish again the rights of freedom of expression over politically motivated oppression by the wounded Labour Party socialists. Desperate as they are to get a few multicultural votes to stay in power. Many have commented on there desperation and infighting.
The economy is bottoms up and a good poke in the eye is due to them. I'm sure some of the dozens of UK would-be Islamic bombers are trying to oblige, and eventually will be successful.

Come back here and apologise when they do!
Final word; British high security Jail, Belmarsh has an inmate population of twenty percent Moslems, one in five.
All are at risk of becoming radicalised bombers if they are not already in there for trying.
So at least they have not got Internet connections to spread hatred and racism against the British general public.

God Bless you Lionheart.

defender said...

The Lord moves in mysterious ways Lionheart.
This case brought against you breach quite a few of yours rights.
To begin with,
1; you were an aggrieved person who went to the relevent authorities to report breaches of the law. The matter was not properly dealt with it would appear. As a consequense your situation became a threat to your well being.
2; Having failed to have your complaint heard you started to write about it. That is your right, freedom of speech.

I believe your human rights and rights of indegunious person (UN)
have been abused.
This may be your real mission now. Take this through to the highest courts in the world. You have the right to legal representation.
If some of us bloggers knew the time, date and court you are going to appearing in may attend the court to report on how the case proceeds.
Never give up Paul, attack is a good defense. It might be anyone of us next.

Anonymous said...


"I guess that Bedfordshire police will not be able to prove a damn thing and will have to offer LH a "caution" rather than proceeding."

If that turns out to be the case then the caution should NOT be accepted and should be refused by L.H.

Anonymous said...


"I guess that Bedfordshire police will not be able to prove a damn thing and will have to offer LH a "caution" rather than proceeding."

If that turns out to be the case then the caution should NOT be accepted and should be refused by L.H.

For clarity*

The acceptance of a caution is regarded by English law as an admission of guilt and will be placed on file by the police.

The c.p.s. wouldn't seek a caution.

Just say No Thanks.

Anonymous said...

God Bless You, Lionheart!


Anonymous said...

Catch your second wind, use
the knowledge you've gained
to forge ahead.
God Bless

songdongnigh said...

You shall prevail. The West shall prevail.

gregor said...

Best of luck and thanks to you, mate. You have the gratitude and support of your friends on this side of the pond. We're behind you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and thanks for sharing your story, making a stand and making the effort to educate people what is going on.

All the best for the future


Graham Weeks said...

I am praying for you, Paul!
Be wise as a serpent. May you be vindicated as a harmless dove. If not, will Plod be arresting those of us who link to you?

Findalis said...

The Muslims have won. They have silenced you. Now they will go for the others.

Please continue with your blog. Show those who would destroy the Western way of life that they cannot silence us, they cannot destroy Free Speech, that they will not will this war (and make no mistake about it, this is a war).

Anonymous said...

Have no fear on this Saint Georges Day.
The lazy British Lion is just scratching his ears and kicking up dust for now.