9 August 2009

A response to the Moslems in Birmingham

Video below

Foreword: People, please look at them getting down on their knees before coming for you, falsely believing God is on their side by praying to him, just like Amir Khan does. Look at the plastic World Champion Amir Khan though, he got knocked out in 30 seconds by Prescott.

I wonder whether Prescott is a Christian?

The EDL Luton division was the only division out of all of the divisions that was allowed into Birmingham on the day, thats why you outnumbered those present and started attacking old men, beating them, stealing their Union Jack flag and then burning it.

Look at the Templar blood red, Cross of Christ that the Luton division carried fearlessly, into your domain.

The police even brought in army barriers to protect you from them, and that is only one EDL division.

I wonder how many more EDL divisions will now be built?

reading: Casuals United

From all the videos and pictures, you will see that the only ones who made it unpeaceful on the day were the government funded, Moslem filled, UAF army, and their religious brothers praying and then wanting to go to war.

Amongst the UAF army there was a Moslem woman speaker, screaming 'OUR' streets, echoing what MPACUK have stated about Britian as a whole. They are 'OUR' streets, meaning Islamic owned now, the first Islamic City of the growing Islamic State upon British shores.

Video: Government funded Moslem UAF woman speaker

Video: Moslem Labour MP predicts a Moslem Prime minister

Further reading: Another piece of Islamic land in Britain

Wake up people!!!

A picture of the present and the future for our British way of life.

Let's see if those Moslems on this video, gloating about beating up old men, and smashing a brick into a woman's face, would dare enter Luton and disrupt the peaceful protest against the extremists like Anjem Choudry and Sayful Islam that is planned for Luton on the 30th August.

Video: Luton protest

Templar territory!


Anonymous said...

Looks like non-Muslim blacks were among those attacking the demonstrators. All the "we're not racist" stuff is pointless. Blacks cause as much or more problems than muslims do and they hate white people just as much. None of them showed up to support your cause, they actually attacked you people.

Anonymous said...

Black people can be muslim too. You don't have to be any colour to be muslim.

Thanks LH, off to read in depth your article. I need to get the word out that the Muslims at this Protest did in fact stir up and attack others. The media is putting it ALL down to non-muslims.....from a couple of pictures I have seen on the web that is indeed not the case.

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1942410 Robert Spencer's speech the other day. Times are changing in the USA too, and not for the better.

G*d help us all.


Anonymous said...

From Anonymous II:

"The Cross Muslims Hate"

"This is a St George's cross. The one taken on the Crusades to push the muslims out of the christian and jewish holy land. We need to resurect this flag and begin the 21st century crusade to destroy islam, once and for all."

From the sidebar at:

Rijker said...

The Terrorist UAF -

The ringleaders and funders, including Clawhammer Cameron -

Considering the violence, lies, slogans and claims of the liblabcon-funded islamo-marxist alliance against decent patriots, you might want to point this out to the muslims and their misguided uaf 'slaves' -

While on the subject of calling patriots "nazis" and "fascists" -

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10-Aug-2009 09:32:00

I've read on various forums that the UAF had spread a rumour around that the BNP had tried to set fire to a mosque shortly before the demonstration although this can't be substantiated.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Birmingham and i have to agree with the first comment. The one thing that struck me on Saturday (i'm a girl so i was able to watch without fear of getting my head kicked in) was that the Black young men (who were definitely not Muslim) were behaving just as bad and as racist as the Muslims were. They should be no mistaking that Black people WILL side with the Muslims if it comes down to it.

Joanne said...

Let them bow their heads to Satan, he will be the only one listening to them.

Jesus will save His own out of this when they ask for forgiveness and turn to Him.

The media are a bunch of traitors and liars. They are referring to the British protesters as racist because they are protesting Islamic extremism, which covers all practicing Muslims. What a crock of crap. Islam isn't a bloody race, and many, many blacks are indeed Muslims. My country is full of blacks straight from Africa who are nearly all Muslim. Muslims are trying to take over Africa as we speak, and they are burning down churches, slaughtering Christians, beheading Christians who will not convert to Islam, raping Christians, and attacking and forcing Christians off and out of their lands. This isn't only Africa; it is happening all over Muslim lands and western lands. They are a cult practicing their hatred against Christians and Jews this very moment.

The police in Britain need to pull their heads out of their asses and protect the people who love and are trying to protect their land from those who wish to overtake her and force everyone to live under Sharia Laws.

Tell me, if the Muslims aren't in Britain to take over her lands, then why do they steal the Union Jack flag, the flag of the British peoples the world over, and burn it. How dare they? They do not respect the British people, their culture, lineage, or heritage; they only respect Islam.

There are some poor quality videos on YouTube. There is a video of an Asian with a coloured vest on labelling the protestors with every name out of their stealth jihad playbook, accusing the protestors of exactly what they are guilty of themselves. Muslims were the ones aligned with Hitler, the Nazi, during the great war and they are the fascists who are trying to suppress free speech and any opposition to Islam, the cult of Satan worship.

The British need to get out in great numbers of which we've seen in Iran; the Iranians have had enough of living under Islamic Laws and rulers and are protesting and fighting for their freedoms under far graver circumstances of which Britain has seen.

God Bless the lot of you.

benchmark said...

Muslims and their useful idiot black slaves:

Joanne said...

People need to realize that those white British traitors who are socialists and are appeasing their Muslims Lords have much in common with the them....their hatred for Christians, Jews, all British Patriots, and Britain itself. Let's face it, who would sell their own country and their Monarchy down the river into the cesspool called the EU, but those who hate her.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It will be those white British traitors own undoing as Muslims deem them useful idiots, and once they serve their usefulness, Muslims will throw them headless into the trash bins.

grant said...

Far greater numbers must turn out if we are ever to turn back the tide of evil.

Carlos said...

Mother Enriched:
" ... none of them demonstrated any humanity or compassion ... "

grant said...

Clawhammer Camerons Caliphate -


The worst is still to come. If Britons are to make a stand it has to be soon. Time is running out!

Anonymous said...

To those posters who are commenting about the blacks siding up to the Muslims, what colour are those traitors in the elite who have allowed this country get into the state it is in? Let me give you a clue, it starts with w.

Don't bring colour into it. Blacks are suffering at the hands of the Muslims as much as whites. Those blacks, as well as the white liberal Dhimmi's, who side with the Muslims are fools who don't realise they are being used.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

just because she said "our streets" dont mean its true.. people say there is a god.. dont mean its true!!

Anonymous said...

Another article form the guardians commentisfree site in which you get a mention as well as 'far right extremists' firebombing mosques


"The immediate background to this mass brawl was the protest against British soldiers by some Muslim extremists on 10 March. That was the spark that various far-right groups were looking for to pump up their rhetoric against Muslims. The National Front turned out a big demonstration in Luton on 13 April, which needed police reinforcements from London to control. Not long afterwards, the Luton mosque was fire-bombed."

Luther Blissett said...

It was the cross which crusaders used to push both Jews and Muslims out of the Holy Land. It was not, as the above revisionist rewrite claims 'Christian and Jewish Holy Land' - the region is Holy to all three abrahamic faiths.

Did it escape you, the medieval persecutions against Jews and Muslims, who were together accused of conspiring to take over 'Christian' lands?

Stop twisting history to suit your anti-Islamic ends. Your fake/pseudo-Jewish support is not welcome amongst British Jews, who realise that your attempts to ban Sharia (tr. 'the way') are futile, for if you were to succeed, then you would have Jewish courts (Beth Din) banned too. When you campaign against Halal, you also campaign against Kashrut (Kosher).

You ARE antisemites but you don't seem to realise this.

We Jews are not fooled! Lech me po!

Luther Blissett said...

Let us see how pro-freedom os speech you truly are. If you publish my comment, then you are, if not, you are a sham.