4 August 2009

EDL: Talksport radio interview

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Anonymous said...

well done,I thought you got your points across well. I just wish i'd known it was on, I would have phoned in supporting your viewpoint.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

They claim to applaud and practice free speech but when that same free speech carries a truth they dont want expressed the charge is incitement to hatred.

Anonymous said...

Urban11... You can register your support at the Talksport forum www.thestirrer.co.uk.

There's a current thread on there regarding the anti-Muslim demo in Birmingham on 8/8 that Lionheart has distanced himself from.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, every day, in every way, you inspire. May that inspiration become wider spread in the UK, and may you go from strength to strength in your most righteous cause.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul, you are officially the biggest uneducated chav in Great Britain. Your not the most confident speaker are you? We need another leader to front this whole campaign. Start sending in your CVs

Lionheart said...

So I was fronting a campaign was I?

You cannot lead a bunch of 'pirates' can you?

We all know what eventually happens to pirates though dont we.

I live to fight another day, with people who are loyal with one another, and who have respect for one another.

An army with Templar hearts.

The wheat from the chaff.

For God and Country, never shall this Kingdom fall.

Decide where you stand and who you stand with, those of you who are serious!

"Deus Vult"

Anonymous said...

anon,you wanker,at least Paul has the guts to do something about the perilous state of the nation. He spoke the truth,and got his message out.

Anonymous said...

well said Paul, anyone not with you on this is simply a "TRAITOR" and should hang

gatesofvienna said...

Demo London against THE MEGA MOSQUE HQ.

August details here.


Anonymous said...

What a retarded chav.

If this is the best the right-wing have to offer, Al-Qaeda are plain sailing. And so they should be, with this stupid bastard at the other end of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Islamophobia Part 8


Unknown said...

Radical Islam is actually the Islamic Military. The so-called radicals are not a fringe element; they are fully supported by the worldwide Islamic community (Ummah). If they were a fringe element, they would have been defeated long ago. The fight rages on because of strong support from the moderates both covertly and overtly. This means the Islamic Military (wrongly labeled radicals) is intimately connected with moderate Muslims who we have mistakenly labeled as innocent bystanders.

Moderate Muslims are not innocent bystanders. Moderate Muslims provide the base of operations which makes it possible for the Islamic Military to continue their terrorist operations. Hate America, demands to replace constitution with the Koran, and outbursts for Sharia law are preached openly from nearly every Mosque in America under the guise of freedom of speech and religion. Freedom of speech and religion has morphed into a weaponized tool of Islamic psychological warfare which is defeating America's will to protect her national security. Any American who says Islam is less than perfect may become the victim of an unfair lawsuit by a "moderate" Muslim organization.


Unknown said...

How come interviewers never have any knowledge of the subject of Islam?

costin said...

come on! this video is not viewable in Romania? :(

Anonymous said...

Templar hearts? comic-book heros talk

Your a nurd on drugs and so are the nurds who read this rubbish.
If you all hate them that much go pick a real fight like boys in N/F do its easy to give itall on your marches-- with police there to protect you.

Go pick a real fight at night when no-one watches over you you know where the hang out. blood talks not words.

Lionheart said...

Here is a chapter of that comic book hero talk you mention, big man hiding behind the Anonymous status.

Who is the one doing the hiding?



Anonymous said...

Hey, Big Hero (!) Anonymous of the 'comic book hero talk'. How about taking a leaf out of your own comic book and picking a real fight all by yourself against those you wouldn't want to meet alone on a dark night or even on a sunny morning.

Anyway, I don't really understand your complaint. What's wrong in joining a demonstration openly, without covering your face? THEY do it all the time, coming in crowds, wearing balaclava helmets so no one will recognize them, as they hold up intimidating and insulting Islamic-nazi placards, while the police protect THEM,even as they insult every infidel in sight, and the dhimmi police as well. They've even chased a crowd of policemen protecting their
'right' to express their racist, fanatic opinion down Regent Street, screaming curses and throwing objects at them. And it was the police who turned and fled. Neither Lionheart nor any of the patriotic Brits who take part in these lawful protests, do not hid their faces, nor do they insult and threaten the police who actually are not protecting the protestors but the hostile, aggressive fanatics who are making British lives a misery in many parts of the UK. And don't you dare say that that isn't true.

So stop griping, you pathetic nerd.

Anoymous Lady

Joanne said...

Bertie_Bert - I agree with what you said, and I was thinking the same thing.....how come the interviewer is totally ignorant of Islam.

Lionheart - I am glad you answered "Yes", to all devout Muslims being part of Muslim extremism, because that is exactly the truth. They may all have different positions in their role in Islam taking over our lands, and some will be less violent, but their roles are all important. Muslim women continue to be subservient to their male counterparts, tolerate another three wives for their husbands, and kick out as many children as they possibly can to overthrow the western and European nations through sheer numbers alone. Sure most Muslim women don't have bombs strapped to their chests, but their job is as important as the ones who do blow up underground railways and buildings...killing as many infidels as they possibly can. Every last devout and practicing Muslim is a threat to our nations, just as much as those stupid socialist appeasers who should be hung from the rafters after being tried and found guilty for treason - and I mean the whole lot of them.

And by the way, Jesus Christ was not a Muslim. Islam and their Muslim followers weren't even in existence at the time of Jesus Christ on earth. Even Ishmael, Abraham's son through a concubine, wasn't a Muslim. Can you imagine if Christians posted a huge banner that stated, "Muhammed was a Pedophile". I would imagine the so-called freedom of speech Muslims have hi-jacked wouldn't be extended to the Christians in that case - they would be rioting in the streets.

Protesters to Muslim extremists come out onto the streets to protest. What did the interviewer expect you to do - interview each protester to check out their political affiliation and then make a decision whether or not they have the right to protest Muslim extremism? The interviewer was three brain cells short of an atom.

Just look at the monies it is costing the British taxpayer to have Muslims within their borders, just with the cost of security alone, to protect the citizens from the devout Muslim extremists who might or might not decide to blow people up. You have to know your enemy first before you can fight them, so trying to separate a violent Muslim from a non-violent Muslim, in order to determine which may plant bombs is futile and stupid. It is the work of a foolish man - all Muslims are suspect because all work toward the same objective: World Domination - Governed by Sharia Law.