21 October 2008

An open letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions

Dear Sir Ken Macdonald QC

I feel compelled to write this letter to you with the hope that you get to read it due to the fact that the decision to charge or release me over my arrest on ‘suspicion of stirring up racial hatred’ rests solely in your hands now.

I have been on Police bail all year with this matter hanging over me, and my last bail date when I was due to find out what was going to happen to me has passed with me not hearing a word from the Police or my Solicitor about your decision so I am sitting in limbo land with my foreseeable future whatever way it goes in your hands.

I know that you are stepping down in 10 days time but this dropped on your desk under your watch, so it is your responsibility to make the decision and not pass the buck.

I think as a British citizen I have a right to know what the British State wishes to do with me after the 8 months you have had me under arrest and on Police bail, and the months leading up to my arrest where the Police had been investigating me.

Also whilst the British State plays about behind the scenes working out what to do with me it is breaching my ‘human rights’ in many different ways, especially considering every part of the National infrastructure of the Country has been breached.

The British homeland is no longer safe for the common man like me and that is one of the reasons why I am now under arrest for my blog and the subsequent breaching of my human rights.

From what my legal team has told me, the investigating officer has put forward that there is no case to answer with regards to this charge that I have been arrested for yet I still sit on Police bail not knowing what is going to happen to me because you are the one who has the final say on these types of criminal charges.

I was told that as the head of the Crown Prosecution Service it is your responsibility to decide whether or not it is in the Public interest to charge the person and put them on trial.

In my personal opinion I believe that this matter is of such importance that it is in the Public interest to charge me and put me on trial based upon the information my blog contains.

I am either right or I am wrong in what I am saying through my blog based upon my own personal experiences and the truth about a large section of society within 21st Century Britain. In reality it does not get any more serious when you sit back and think what I am writing about considering it is about the life and future of the Nation, so please do the honourable thing for me and my homeland and let 12 members of the Public decide whether I am guilty or not of any crime.

Passing the buck onto your next in line is a cop out and I do not believe that those who put you in office chose you because of your weak personality, neither Her Majesty the Queen giving you a Knighthood, so I ask you personally to decide on my fate before you leave office.

I would also ask that for the sake of the Nation you charge me and put me on trial so that I can defend my view point in a British court of law which is one of our fundamental institutions that dictates the rule of law that underpins our democratic society.

If I am found guilty of any crime then I would accept the punishment handed down to me gladly.

If I am not put on trial then it will only be a matter of time before someone else is.

I am a voice speaking about ‘a’ perception of 21st Century life within the British Isles, if I am wrong in what I say then I should be in a psychiatric unit because it is all fantasy but even you know based on the evidence that what I write about is far from fantasy, and if I am right in what I am saying then the British State and the citizens of these Isles should seriously think about the present and the future life of the British Isles.

How can that not be in the Public interest?

I look forward to hearing from my legal team concerning your decision, and I do hope that I am not going to be re-bailed and left to your next in line.

Your sincerely,

P. Ray


Anonymous said...

They will never prosecute,and I am sure that you realise it.

Milk it for all it is worth while you can, before they drop it.

It is the best free publicity that you will ever get.

Anonymous said...

Macdonald's Wikipedia entry is revealing. (Be prepared to look at older versions in case it is 'vandalised' again.) Remember also his Orwellian boast that the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 would "criminalise a state of mind". That's *your* state of mind, Lionheart. You and I may not always agree on how to respond to Islam but you do a great job of exposing what it is doing in Britain. Keep it up - and let us hope that the new DPP, Keir Starmer QC, is more suitable to his position.


Lionheart said...

Agreed Gospeller,

People dont like to change their perceptions even though it is based upon the truth.

I have had no alternative but to present the truth on my blog and confront both sides with it.

They know its the truth because what i speak about is fundamental truth at the core of their belief systems and this is proved by they way they conduct their selves in our dirty Kufar (infidel) presence.

Look at all the links to Bury Park Luton, Al Qaeda and International Islamic terrorism.

The only ones who do not know the truth are the dirty Kufars (infidels), me and you in other words, but we know the truth, it is those who are uneducated to the truth that need to see and realise what is happening, not just to my community, not just to our country but also the whole of the Western world in which we live.

Let them put me on trial so i can present my case.

In reality what a stupid charge when the future life of our Nation is at stake.

In their own words the Moslems say it and there are enough videos on my blog to show people if they care to look before passing judgment on something they know nothing about.

Please pray that they put me on trial because i stand by everything written on this blog because its my truth.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Good that you sent this letter to Sir Ken MacDonald, the highest authority (I believe) dealing with cases such as yours.

I hope you hear from him without more ado, and may the news be what we all want to hear.

Innocent of all charges....!

Waiting impatiently to hear his reponse to your letter,

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

I really hope you sent a few copies to any media outlets that would be interested (newspapers, radio stations etc.) so this whole travesty will stay in the faces of everyone involved.
Here in Canada we had a similar case except it involved the Mo toons and it all happened in our thought/hate crime establishment.
The thought police backed down because of bad press but other cases not in the public eye were prosicuted and convicted.
I hope you keep your eye open and defend through your blog other people in Briton who will inevitably be in your shoes sometime in the future. The Crusade continues.

Geoff said...

A Greater Manchester man who claimed to have recruited hundreds of British Muslims to fight for al Qaida is to face court after allegedly hurling racial abuse at police officers.

Hassan Butt, who has since renounced his views on terrorism, was charged following an incident involving his brother in Bury.

Police were called to a pharmacy in Parr Lane, Unsworth, just after 10.30am on Tuesday following reports that a car had blocked in other drivers and a man was refusing to move it.

The motorist, Omer Butt, 32, is said to have driven the car at a female officer who was signalling for him to stop. It is understood the vehicle hit the officer on the leg and caused her minor injuries.

Hassan Butt, 28, then arrived at the scene and allegedly used racial and abusive language.

"Omer Butt was subsequently charged with assaulting a police officer and Hassan Butt has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence. Both men have been bailed and are due to appear before magistrates in Bury on October 31."

Hassan Butt has spoken widely through the media about his past involvement with terrorist activity but now says he has changed his views. In an interview with BBC Newsnight in April he said: "I started realising it's not as black and white - how could I justify killing these people because these people are living among us?"

Last year, dentist Omer Butt was found guilty of serious professional misconduct by the General Dental Council after he refused to treat a Muslim patient unless she wore a headscarf.


Anonymous said...

Paul, as you appear to be on first name terms with the DPP, perhaps you could ask him to investigate ALBERT BURGESS'S claim that various people in Heath's government committed treason when the took us into the Common Market,knowing full well the loss of sovereignty that would surely follow.

Lionheart said...

Dont know about first name terms Urban11, the name and office holder is on the internet.

The future will look back on history.

Anonymous said...

Hey LH, just wondering. In the UK do you have a law in which you're entitled to a quick and speedy trial. In america we have it in our constitution. And usually this law is used for the defense so not to give the prosecution adequate time to prepare and other strategies. Also, in our country, prosecutors cannot just hold an arrest over a persons head indefinitely which is happening to you.

Was a smart move on you in writing that letter. To put pressure on the prosecution department. Personally, if they had a strong or any kind of case against you. They would've proceeded to the next stage. It's unbelievable how the your government can do this to a citizen. You have a right to know where you stand on this case. So you can move on or begin to prepare for your defence. You should get that letter out to anyone who will receive it. Try the media. And emphasize if this can happen to you. It can happen to any citizen. Maybe the real british people will rally behind you and demand the govt either do something or drop your charges.

I am still in disbelief, that you simply reported the "facts." And you're being persecuted for that. Best of luck to you my friend. And I believe you will prevail in this matter. Just sucks it had to go to these lengths and wasted the tax payers money and other peoples time.

Anonymous said...

England abolished slavery. The first abolishment of slavery in the whole world.

England put an end to Sati (the burning of a Hindu widow with the body of her late husband).

Next: stop shariah!


Robin Hood

Lionheart said...


I have no idea about about being entitled to a speedy trial but the longer it goes on then the stronger my case to hold them to account for breaching my 'human rights' is.

I have not been charged with any crime, nor found guilty of any crime yet i am sitting in the position that i am.

You wouldnt believe it, but every single step of the way from the very beginning of this 2 years ago even up until now i have been treated seriously badly.

The British State and its organs in place for dishing out its tyranny against the British people, view us the citizens with the utmost contempt on every level.

What can we say against the Power of the State, and their organs throughout the land.

3rd World Tyranny professing to be a 1st World democracy.

Anonymous said...

Our Labour government is probably as totalitarian by inclination as Hitler or Stalin (although with different targets), and the only reason it hasn't got away with as much evil as those two is because it is starting from a more civilised constitution and tradition.


Anonymous said...

Is it that there is far more going on than we can even speculate about?
Is Gordon Brown and his government in control?
Or are they even more a puppet than ourselves?
Did the "monetary genius" Gordon B. deliberately engineer this financial crisis along with his global friends in high places (the owest of the low,) as the next step to the great plan of a "one world" government and Army?
Did this approaching global recession have it's origins with 9/11?
Remember how the Fed Reserve director, Greenspan released the controls on the banking system to prevent a crash occurring after the attack on the twin towers?
Perhaps we are just now experiencing the results of 9/11, the aftershocks, in which case did Bin Laden finally succeed in his goal of upsetting the existing global economy?
And was Bin Laden himself, a manipulated pawn in a far bigger chess game?

So many questions, but we are all but flies in their ointment.

I'll tell you one thing for sure.
The authorities are preparing for trouble.
I noticed today a very large Iveco van, filling up with gas.
It was particularly long.
Much much bigger than existing police vans.
Yes, a little enquiry showed me that in fact 100 of these huge new vans have been specially converted and are en route to their customer.
A little bird said that it is in fact Midlands Police Force.
No big secret, but it poses another question.
Why does the the police force of that area feel the need for much much bigger police vans, with room inside for maybe 10 or even twenty prisoners or arrestees?
Are the powers that be expecting trouble?
Which group of population is predominant in that region of Britain?
Dare we think that the powers that be are preparing for the very civil-war that Lionheart has been warning of for the last two years?
Those vans would have cost at least £20,000 in total, times a hundred, that's 2 million quids, you don't splash that cash without a reason.
Not in a recession you dom't!
I put my money on your horse to win, Lionheart.
But I don't think the motives behind this move are for the benefit of us ordinary Joes.
Have we all noticed the hundreds of new anonymous looking numberplate and occupant recognition cameras going up at roadsides throughout the countryside?
Take a look, fellow Brits.
Big brother is growing ever closer to our living rooms.
And how strange, or how apt, is the fact that it is being done under the watch of the British Labour Party?
The Party of the People, haa, haa ha, split my sides laughing!

So now to other newsy items doing the rounds of the British Press.
We have all noticed how the Lizard King, Peter Mandleson, has been brought back to political power, after several years sharpening his vampire-teeth on behalf of the European Government monetary elite.
So as a pay-off for coming back into UK Parliament as Cabinet Minister, he gets given the ermine robes and dons the title "Lord!!!"
Lord of darkness, they say.
His job description seems to be to save the ass of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party, by digging and dishing the dirt, something he is especially good at.
So what WAS he doing partying with an international banker on the yacht of a Russian metals billionaire? Let alone the "Shadow Chancellor" Osbourne.
For a moment my imagination saw a tale of a bunch of private-school elitists mates, including a Rothschild heir who has made a killing in "futures" speculation! snorting coke, abusing rent-boys and call-girls, and doing their sordid deals floating on the gin-palace yacht of a Russian billionaire (gangster.)
Now doubt all big contributos to our current economic mess.

And lets not for get why Tony Blair had to sack Mandelson in the first and second place.
His dodgy mortgage applications!
What did I hear you say?
"Ninja mortgages," not worth the paper they are written on.
Mandleson was one of the first on that gravy-train.

Does anyone know what's going on?
Answers on a post-card please.

MagnaCarta said...

Paul, I cannot say I am shocked at ths news. You are the enemy of the state for purely speaking the truth. I tell you something now, if they try to prosecute, it will seed civil war in this country.

This Government is our enemy, they are quite clearly taking our freedoms away whilst they allow islamic followers preach their hate openly and plot against us.

You can expect huge support and you will defintely have my personal support.

I'm fed up with this sick country, I'm tired of the rhetoric from the islamic community, I'm sick of this country being dismantled piece by piece.

I hope God curses those responsible for these pending actions against you.

People now have to prepare to fight for freedom in any way they can.

You are not alone!

Is there anyone we can write to in support of you?

hellosnackbar said...

Don't be despondent, if by some tiny chance the DPP decides to prosecute
there will be an uproar, and your case,which is no case will be thrown out and the idiots who brought it will be the subject of ridicule.
Rememer the idiot west midlands police who brought that spurious prosecution against channel4.
The accused are about to receive
massive damages from the WMPF and theDPP.
If the same happens to you; sue the bastards, thus building up your war chest to battle the death cult which masquerades as a religion.
All my very best.