16 October 2008

My Arrest

Psalm 91

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Thank you Joanne for this, I accept it as the truth.

Lionheart, I don't know if you've noticed this in the Bible, but it is most fitting in your case.

Psalm 37:32-34

32The wicked lie in wait for the righteous, seeking their very lives; 33but the Lord will not leave them in their power or let them be condemned when brought to trial. 34Wait for the Lord and keep his way. He will exalt you to possess the land; when the wicked are cut off, you will see it.


Thank you anonymous for leaving this and re-affirming what this blog is fundamentally about.

I have heard facts from a Lutonian in a position to know about the way heroin is being used as a tool against the British People.
It is just like you say it is, only far worse, Lionheart.
There is a most definite link between the selling of heroin on the streets to the religious fraternity, and again you are right, it is "taxed" and that is passed into the funds of Taliban and Al Queda via their recruiters.

It is a bunch of crap, the new government moves to bring in young Muslims, to self-police the so called "radicalisation."
This bunch of twits got it so wrong about the economy, and soon we will see how wrong they have got it about heroin holy-war.


Anonymous said...

I see that Liveleak has removed the video.

Why is that ?

Lionheart said...

it seems liveleak have removed it and googlevideo wont let me uload it.

Its not that bad, all it does is puts my arrest into perspective.

Not even a full perspective either.

Ill upload it as soon as i can.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if any site will let you keep it on.

I would suppose that it is something to do with being the subject of an ongoing police investigation, although I don't really know enough about the law so I am just guessing.

Lionheart said...

No it wasnt that bad, it was only bad because it put things into perspective and showed how pathetic the charged levelled at me is compared to Islamic terrorists openly fermenting Civil War in the Country.

The videos are on my blog that gives a little bit of an insight into the extremists.

I pointed out that my blog is no where near on the same scale as what these are saying and doing yet i am under arrest and they are walking freely openly fermenting Civil War.

I obviously do not want to go through a trial and possible prison, but i am willing too, and if i do then i want to point things out to people first.

My blog is nothing compared to what the enemies of Britain are doing, and its my country too.

The investigating officer has said no charge to answer, so that means no prosecution, but it is up to the DPP to decide so the video points things out and places the question solely at his front door.

Its at his frontdoor anyway but i have just added my perspective for everyone else to see.

This has been going on for over 2 years now and i have been on police bail all year so i just want it over one way or another.

Trial or my Freedom.

Anonymous said...

They won't attempt prosecution. They know they won't get a conviction.

All they are doing is trying to shut you up by intimidation.
It's the oldest trick in the Fascist Handbookbook - the Sword of Damocles.

As long as you don't incite violence there is nothing whatsoever they can do.

It is good that you have continued to Blog - it indicates that you won't be intimidated and that you have conviction in what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Surely,there must be some barristers and men with money who can see you speak nothing but the truth and you are a true patriot,and a beacon of light in these dark times? Where are they?

Lionheart said...

Thats what i point out, that not once have i ever incited or condoned violence, when on the other hand you have moslems threatening a 9/11 style attack in Britain, and passing statements that are tanamount to a declaration of War, yet they are free and i am under arrest.

The video just points this out.

Urban 11: They are living in fear of the British State, all the race laws, they worry about themselves and money rather than anyone else or their country.

Anonymous said...


I think that Anon of 07:43 on 08-Oct-2008 on this thread is accurate.

The present Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken Macdonald QC, boasted that the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 was intended to "criminalise a state of mind". George Orwell understood people like him. Lumping religous hatred with racial hatred was insidious because you can choose your faith but not your race. Questions for Ken Macdonald: Which religion is speaking the most hate in Britain today? How many people has your Crown Persecution (sic) Service acted against from that faith, compared to other faiths?

Thankfully the civil rights specialist Keir Starmer is taking over as DPP at the end of this month.


Lionheart said...

I hope you like the video its up now Gospeller, if we cannot talk about this evil in our society, and the British State leaves it to continue then what hope is there.

Lionheart said...

Google video have cut it in half, leaving out the best bit.

Anonymous said...

Since when is reporting the truth a crime...this preplexes me. LH, I been reading your blog for quite a while now. And I never seen you incite anything remotely close to hatred or stating to harm someone. You have simply reported the facts of what's going on in the UK, Luton, and what the muslims want to do. It's irresponsible for your government to go after you.

Now, whenever the muslims have a protest. How come the police aren't arresting people who hold up those huge posters which is inciting violence? They are apparently commiting a crime under your 1998 law. I believe the police are scared to make an arrest knowing these muslims will begin to riot and cause violence. That still doesn't codone the police inaction. It's their job to enforce ALL the laws and not some of the laws.

Believe me if they arrested a few of the poster holders which says...behead the non-muslims. There might be a riot. But, it's worth the message which would have been made. It will tell the muslims. That violation of these laws will not be tolerate. And then the muslims sooner or later will understand everytime they have a protest and act like they do or violate the law. People will be arrested based on what you were baselessly arrested for. In a sense the police will be leveling the playing field (pitch)....Sorry I'm an american and we use different words.

The police need to be fair and balance. If not, then the muslims will always know they can get away with stuff in which others wouldn't. I suggest as many Brits write their PM's and complain about this. If enough people complain, they will have to do something at some point. Even threat to not re-elect them if need be.

America is far from being perfect. But, when we have laws. They are inacted fairly amongst ALL. If not then whats the point in having such laws. Another thing in America is we have in our constitution which says a person is entitled to a quick and speedy trial. So what happen to you LH in America. You could invoke your constitutional right to a speedy trial. Which now tells the prosecutor they must go to trial within a reasonable time span which is like 90 days tops. Many people elect to use this when they know the prosecution has no evidence to get a conviction. And most of the time the prosecution drops the charges with prejudice which means they cannot bring forth and charge you later on for that particular or initial charge. It doesnt stop the prosecution from charging you on an entire NEW case but then new things would have to occur.

Maybe you have a similar law like that in the UK ....ask you attorney. And also, due to such an injuctice being presented against you. You might want to find out if a lawyer who has passion against these injustice will do the work for you pro bono (for free).

It's such a mess in the UK. And seems your laws are protecting the muslims moreso than the true Brits. What doesnt your govrnment understand....you people don't want these muslims in your country. And rightfully so. Why allow people who refuse to assimilate to your culture and unwilling to contribute to your society into your nation. These people just become a burden and not helping. It's ridulious in how this is permitted to happen. To me this is a crime of its worse kind...It's treason to me. Giving your sovereignty to another group and willingly nonetheless. The people in govt. need to be prosecuted for treason. It's that simple. My heart goes out to you LH and all the real Brits who love their nation. And I just wish we in America could do more for you. If war ever errupts there you can be assured Americans will be there. Shit would be surprised if some tried to join your military to help out. That's provided we didn't get involved in the war for a long time. But doubt that would happen.

War is coming again to Europe and it will be islam vs. non-muslims. And currently 25% of the european population is muslim. And those muslims are loyal to islam first and foremost over their adaptive country. Now, how can govt officals not see this is setting up the stage for dissaster. Going to be a messy war....but we shall prevail I have no doubts on that. Ironically, this war can be averted simply by controlling immigration. Not, letting people immediately go on welfare and people immigrating there must meet higher requirements just to get in. And they must work and not be able to get welfare for at least 7 years even if they lost their jobs prior to those 7 yrs. See things like that make it much more "un-attractive" to even want to migate there. And the ones who do get in to the European countries and watched closely. Until they prove they are worthy to live there and loyal to the adaptive or hosting country. Hence make it extremely difficult for people to immigrate there. And you set these tough protocols up depending on where a person is coming from. More difficult for a pakistan muslim to come to the UK. Whereas, the restrictions for a christian american are lesser.

Yes the international community might be upset over this. But, these are the messures a nation must take to ensure it's sovereignty or at least impede the flux of people coming there untill a more permanent solution can be figured out.

In America we do that today. For a person from Pakistan even India wants to come to america. The person needs a usa citizen to sponsor them and assume responsibility for them. The person has to have a certain amount of money in a bank in their home country and then the money is frozen. This ensures they will go back hopefully so they don't lose their money. ANd the dollar amount is like $50,000. And a host of other requirements. Now if a person from a friendly nation of ours wants to come over. The above protocols don't apply. We also do not allow anyone with a felon conviction or even an extensive criminal arrest history but no convictions come to america. So a extensive background check is conducted too. Essentially, immigration policies need to tough up to control it. As well as, have limits in how many ppl can immigrate to ur nation per yr.

And another good thing which america is Considering. Is putting GPS device on a persons ankle so our govt can track a persons whereabouts. And when it's time for them to leave and they don't. The govt can track them down and forcefully make them leave. But, our ACLU is fighting this. I believe this law will come to fruitation when things get worse over here. I can't tell you how many illegal aliens in america are in a prisons which cost on average $40,000 a year to inprison them. How many illegals who have committed crimes or drive drunk and kill someone who is going to college in a few months.

And the muslims don't want us in their lands....Well fine with me but then they shouldnt be permitted to be in our lands either. But, when you tell them this. They arrogantly say no....we can come to ur lands but u cant come to ours. Because we're superior to you. Funny how muslims really believe they're superior to the rest of us. Yet what have muslims contribute or done that has benefitted humanity...nothing, especially over the last 250 years. Which is when humanity made some of it's greatest advancements which benefitted ALL of Humanity. Yet muslims havent done anything.

Wherever muslims migrate to. They bring nothing but degregation, violence, ghettos and poverty. Now, to me all they're doing is bring us down and not contributing anything. Muslims believe it's their right to have things. They are unwilling to work hard to achieve anything. They think it should be given to them. Being arrogant and ignorant is such a deadly mixture...especially when it's instilled in people who are mentally deficient. May God Help Us All and Bless us too.

MagnaCarta said...

If the Police or the DPP prosecute, they have then admitted to open war with the indiginous population. I will go to extemes and climb mountains to expose this Government and its agencies for what they really are.

Paul, your case is a litmus test and if the DPP aren't careful, they could be igniting a flame that could get them and this Government burned serverly.

I'm watching this very carefully and appreciate you keeping us up to date. I fully take on board your video and the fact that Islamistist are even today, still plotting against us openly with nothing being done about it.

God bless you Paul, people like you make my faith stronger and my beliefs at the forefront of my life.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gordon! Inform yourself!

Qur’an 4:11 “Allah commands you as regards your children’s (inheritance); to the male, a portion equal to that of two females…”

Gordon, that’s the civil Shariah UK’s “chiefs” find so cute - Inequality!

Robin Hood

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

if you can get it on youtube, i can download it and re-up if it is removed, as well as spread it...

only thing you will find is if the size of the video file is over 100 meg e.t.c.. it wont work...

let me know mate, i will help get this spread a.s.a.p


Anonymous said...

I have heard facts from a Lutonian in a position to know about the way heroin is being used as a tool against the British People.
It is just like you say it is, only far worse, Lionheart.
There is a most definite link between the selling of heroin on the streets to the religious fraternity, and again you are right, it is "taxed" and that is passed into the funds of Taliban and Al Queda via their recruiters.

It is a bunch of crap, the new government moves to bring in young Muslims, to self-police the so called "radicalisation."
This bunch of twits got it so wrong about the economy, and soon we will see how wrong they have got it about heroin holy-war.

Anonymous said...

History of Jihad

Jihad Against the

Arabs 622 – 634
Persians 634 – 651
Byzantines 634 – 1453
Hindus 638 – 1857
Egyptians 640 – 655
Nubians 650 –
Berbers 650 – 700
Chinese 650 – 751
Turks 651 – 751
Spaniards 711 – 730
Franks 720 – 732
Reconquista 730 – 1492
Italians 812 – 940
Armenians &
Georgians 1071 – 1920
Crusades 1096 – 1291
Mongols 1260 – 1300
Albanians 1332 – 1853
Serbs, Croats
& Albanians 1334 – 1920
Romanians 1350 – 1699
Bulgarians 1350 – 1843
Croats &
Slovenes 1389 – 1843
Poles 1444 – 1699
Russians 1444 – 1918
Greeks 1450 – 1853
Hungarians 1500 – 1683
Austrians 1500 – 1683


Joanne said...

Lionheart, I don't know if you've noticed this in the Bible, but it is most fitting in your case.

Psalm 37:32-34

32The wicked lie in wait for the righteous, seeking their very lives; 33but the Lord will not leave them in their power or let them be condemned when brought to trial. 34Wait for the Lord and keep his way. He will exalt you to possess the land; when the wicked are cut off, you will see it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon of 14:45, 08-Oct 2008 on this thread:

Are YOU happy to wear a GPS tag on your ankle on the alleged grounds that your government can track terrorists? Do you trust your government and politicians that much? You are from the Land of the Free - keep it that way. Make sure that what keeps you better than your enemies is preserved. Target intelligently the communities from which terrorists come, rather than tie up the whole population. One of your great men spoke up for "Government of the people, by the people, for the people." In England we have Government of the people, by the elite, for the elite. The outcome unless things change will be government of the people, by Islam. Be careful.


Anonymous said...


What I meant to say was not citizens to wear GPS devices on their ankles. The Govt. wants to place the device on guest workers, or people coming into to america who aren't citizens and here for an extended amount of time. And they want to do this to people who come from certain countries. Essentially, the govt is saying we would like to use these decives on the mexicans and muslims, since they never leave when they're suppose to. But, they can't come out and just say it's for a particular group of people in the public format. I do agree with the other things you mentioned too in how to handle the problem. A good start would be to better guard the southern border. That area needs a lot of improvement and reforming.

Anonymous said...

Why have the BNP not picked up on this? Says a lot about them!

Anonymous said...

Great video. To the point, and tells your story in detail yet without being longwinded.
Truth is, you are bringing the news to Britain from a personal and different angle to the one from the mainstream medias.
Surely, there must be a legal time-limit on how long you are left on bail?
I think you may be in a position soon to claim damages for loss of personal rights and the abiltiy to work and live normally with the nature of the implications of this all hanging over you. I suggest you consult a human-rights lawyer to discuss it.
Your life has been damaged by the actions and inaction of the DPP and this should be resolved. If they do not try you then they have used the law wrongly to gag you and prohibit your basic human freedoms that are enshrined in the International human-rights laws that the UK has signed up to. They cannot do this indefinitely.
Do we think that a radical Muslim would not attempt to get compensation if he was similarly treated and not given a trial or released from similar accusations?
There would be an army of lawyers working for him, and charging their fees to Legal-Aid and the Public-Purse.
You would have nothing to lose in writing to the Lord Chief Justice and the Law Lords. What about asking for a meeting with the Justice Minister?
We are all entitled to speak to Members of Parliament. in the House of Commons, or at their "surgeries." It could not harm you any more than what has already happened.
Your life has been blighted and you have certainly suffered mental and emotional injury from the stress and worry.
This must surely be a case of abuse of the law for political purposes?
Such an action would bring it all to a head, and then you could move on from this crippling situation.
I wish you well in your struggle, as do we all, I am sure.

Lionheart said...

They have had a CBN video playing on their frontpage with me in it for a while now.

No one apart from a few people have picked up on it, many blew the trumpet when news of the arrest came through, but hardly any have stayed the course, its old news now for them, there is new meat out there to feed from.

Its all a learning process, whose who and whats what.

Lionheart said...

If i am charged with the offence watch then.

Kevin said...

Courage. I'll say a prayer for you. Remember: never surrender.

MagnaCarta said...

I think you'll find you have many people standing with you Paul. Many prayers are being said for you, I passed your web site on to people in a christian fellowship here in Kent, people are shocked at the situation you find yourself in. You are in their thoughts and prayers.

I'm one of many who are prepared to stand up and defend your right to freedom of speech, even to the point of challenging the DPP should they take action.

They have had plenty of time to consider your case and this is nothing more than mental torture they are subjecting you to. As someone has already said here, if you we're a Muslim in the same situation, you'd have many rallying to your defence.

I urge people to hassle their MP as I do on an almost weekly basis. My local MP is baffled by what is going on and has recently brought up the Afghanistan Drugs situation and the UK connection in parliamnent:


If you read the above link, it proves just how much of a mess we have got ourselves in getting tangled up in Afghan. It's shocking just to see how much money the UK government are throwing at Afghanistan, most of which is money that might of well been saved up for bon fire night and burn in one huge pile.

In the eyes of the BBC, Government, my MP and local authority I am a real pain in the a*se as I am on their back all the time. I am not afraid to send my views to the MCB, BPA and other such 'racist' organisations hell bent on corrupting and screwing this country. I urge others to do the same.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...


Man wanted in connection with £1.5m heroin find


DETECTIVES in Leicestershire have released images of a man they want to trace in connection with an investigation into a £1.5 million heroin smuggling operation.

Shashi Dhar Sahnan, aged 51is wanted in connection with the importation of significant quantities of high grade heroin into the United Kingdom.

The huge quantity of drugs, which were concealed in packaging surrounding air conditioning units, was seized by HM Revenue and Customs during a joint operation with Leicestershire police in July 2007. Customs officers found the drugs hidden in the struts of pallets upon which the machinery was being transported.

This led to the arrest of 15 men and three women from Leicester, Birmingham and London who have since been released on bail pending further enquiries.

Officers believe Sahnan has connections in the West Midlands, Belfast Northamptonshire and London. However, his current whereabouts is unknown and detectives are appealing for the public's help in locating him.

It is hoped that by releasing his picture someone will recognise him and report his whereabouts to the police.

Detective Inspector David Sandall, who is leading the investigation, said: "We urgently need to trace Sahnan. We know he has family in the Birmingham area and has associates in London, Belfast and Northamptonshire. However, he could be anywhere in Britain, living on your street, shopping in your local grocery store.

"Sahnan wears a hearing aid in his right ear. We are asking people to look very closely at this picture, do you recognise the face? Have you seen him in your area?

"If you know where he is, please do not approach him and call us immediately. We can assure you any information will be treated with the utmost confidence and if people are fearful of giving their names, they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously."

Steve Roper, detection manager for the newly formed UK Border Agency (formerly HM Revenue and Customs) said: "This was a highly organised and sophisticated smuggling plot to bring a large quantity of Class A drugs into the UK.

"The skills of our officers allowed us to detect and seize the drugs despite the inventive methods used to conceal them. We will continue to take strenuous and robust action to stem the flow of these dangerous drugs reaching our streets and work closely with partner law enforcement agencies to bring these criminals to justice. "

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Operation Oscillate team on Leicester (0116) 222 2222. Alternatively, people can contact Crimestoppers which is free and anonymous on 0800 555 111.

Geoff said...

A SADISTIC torture gang including two men from Oldham have been jailed for a total of 32 years.

Zia Hussain, 32, and Munir Ahmed, 31, from Glodwick, helped snatch four young men from Bradford, before sexually abusing and beating them at the gang’s stronghold in Coppice.

They were trusted lieutenants of Bradford mastermind Mazhar Abbas, 34, who was seeking revenge after armed robbers stole his drugs stash.

All three men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to kidnap the four victims and to assaulting them.

Hussain, an unemployed father of seven from Abbey Hills Road, and Ahmed, a park warden from Park Road, were imprisoned for nine and eight years, while Abbas was jailed for 11.

At Bradford Crown Court last Friday, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC called the gang "an extremely sordid and chilling group of men".

The court heard that the motive behind the kidnaps was Abbas’s desire to find out who was behind the robbery two years earlier.

He suspected two childhood friends and four victims were abducted so the truth could be extracted.

The captives were held at a house in Kennedy Street between March 26 and April 3 this year.

One terrified victim was held captive for ten days. Another was first taken to woods for a mock execution, prosecutor Richard Wright said.

Mr Wright said brutal punishment was meted out borne of suspicion and desire for revenge eating away at Abbas over the years.

One victim was sexually abused with a broomstick and forced to perform a sex act on his fellow captive.

His ordeal was filmed and gang members threatened to release the humiliating footage if the police were told.

The gang put electric clamps on one victim’s testicles and beat him with carpet strip. He was stripped naked and hot wax dripped on his body.

When police examined the house they found blood on the settees and spattered on the walls.

Three other men were involved in the plot – Arfan Hedar, 23, who was jailed for two and a half years, Kamran Zamir, 18, locked up for 18 months, and Imran Sharazi, 23, whose case was adjourned, played a much lesser role.

In mitigation for Hussain and Ahmed it was said they acted out of loyalty to Abbas.

Det Supt Chris Thompson, of West Yorkshire Police, said a culture of kidnap and extortion existed among drug dealers who operated outside the law.

"The victims were forcibly snatched off the streets of Bradford, taken to Oldham and subjected to sadistic torture, ritual humiliation and degrading acts over a period of many days," he said.

Take Care!
Drake's Drum.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Well done Drakes Drum. I think we should all post as much stuff with links to Lionheart so he has a huge portfolio, before any future court appearances.

Will the Law of the Land dare to launch what can be be described as a mass cover up of the truth. A mass cover up of information and facts that more and more people now know about.

Would they dare to try and do it.

We should all publish as much true facts about Islamic impact in the UK as possible, we must all band together so that they cant take down one of us on our own.

Too anyone of the Police state stooges looking in if Lionheart goes to court we will turn up in numbers from all across the UK.

We will fight back.

Anonymous said...

The Police are not all the enemy.
True there are many high-ups who have been corrupted by the virus of political bias.
Most police personnel would agree with much of the views on this blog, but would not say so even to there workmates.
They are bound by the rules and cannot do much. It is a job after all.
I suppose they have their limits, and if it all gets too much, they move to a quieter area or leave the job.
Many are certainly ignorant of the depth of these problems discussed here.
At least as they read these pages, they are being educated to the truth.
Facts and figures do not lie, though they can be manipulated.
Hence the fear of crime grows, whilst the official figures show an improvement.
A simple example would be proved by anyone who lived in Britain, say 25 years ago.
Stabbings and gun crime were hardly ever known.
Now it is an everyday occurence.
Is this improvement?
In the 1960's there was a "Drug Squad" and they were often tough and could be brutal to get results.
Now Officers are drafted into the work from all other departments, and so there is no continuous stream of action.
It's all piecemeal, and misses the big picture.
Heroin and Cocaine are the real problem, and both involve evil and corrupt people, who are willing to supply the drugs that kill young and old alike.
The addicts are the victims of both these criminals, and the Authorities that turn the other way and pretend there is no problem.
Go to a junkie's house and see the filth and crime that they live amongst.
Go to the dealers patch and see the big cars and flashy trinkets of easy money.
Go to the financiers of these crimes, and see the callous contempt they have for the results of their handywork.
Bring the Army home from the war that can never be won in Afghanistan, and let them sort out the criminals.
Will it happen?
So who's laughing?

Anonymous said...


«Law lords say sharia is «arbitrary and discriminatory»»

Wow, somebody notice it! But, wait, there´s more…

«The law lords ruled this morning ruled that it would be a “flagrant breach” of the European Convention on Human Rights for the government to remove a woman to Lebanon where she would automatically lose custody of her 12-year old son under Lebanon’s sharia family law.»

SO why is sharia allowed in England?!



Anonymous said...

What's up ducks, is the game.
If the gaggle of half-men that are now circulating the corridors of power have their way, soon enough the House of Lords will be put-up or shut-up.
It is convenient, though, for the moment, to appoint their chums to the ermine robes, and eventually suborn this organ of British democracy into a lack-lustre charade to rubber stamp the will of the rising tide of globalist-nazis that are sinking their overfed bums into the leather seats of Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Stand strong European brother.
I hope to wake up one day in Europe free from hypocrisy and muslim terror.
God bless YOU

Unknown said...

Unfortunately the left has paved the way for Islamic rule by ensuring the population has been disarmed.
You clearly understand the problem.
The outlook is bleak and you are deep behind enemy lines

Anonymous said...

The UK is now a pagan nation which is hostile to Christianity. It's not as bad in Canada...yet. With the government and the majority of the media against Christianity in the "west",it's going to get worse. Jesus said watch the signs and you will know when the end times are near. I pray for your release.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, you're under arrest on bail and you haven't even been charged??

All because you wrote stuff???

I had no idea it was such a police state over there. I think your attentions are misplaced, unless Muslims are making your laws.

Anonymous said...

Stop whining you SOB. No one invited Britain when they colonized half the world, killed the local people merrily (esp. the non-white populations of India and Africa) and treated the living as sub-human. I'm not sure they even had the right to protest the ruin of their life and land in any medium as you do. Karma my friend, suck it up! Your "Kingdom" is done, how the mighty have fallen.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon above.
What study of history have you made?
Were the British the biggest killers in Africa?
Just look at what those people do to each other right now. And hardly a Brit in sight.
What where the Arabs and Turks doing to eachother last Century before WW1? And so on.
Briatin did not invent war or conquest.
It was the human way.
Tribal warfre existed all across the world excepting perhaps Australasia.
Britain was just more organised and used military strategy to achieve economic aims.
In the process "half of the world" was dragged into something like modernity.
That's a fact.
Perhaps you would like all Britain's ex-Colonies to return to their pre-Colonal existence, before the train, planes, cars, electric light, running-water, irrigation, buses, medicine, organised government, civil-administration, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
More on the history of Islam on:


Anonymous said...

london is going to be bombed


soon u will all feel the pain

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, the comment immediately above mine... Find out the IP address of whomever posted it. Send that to the police and get that person arrested for threatening terrorism against London.