9 December 2001

1. The Enemy

This blog has been a weapon in my hand since starting it, all military agencies around the World know that the internet is as important a weapon in the hands of Al Qaeda and the Jihadis as the AK47 is so why should it be any different for us.

To fight a war you must know your enemy and open other people’s eyes to that same enemy too who is intent on your harm, and the harm of those around you, and Al Qaeda are in Luton which is around the area where I live so this has been my weapon to fight them with (only now I have the British State on my back defending them).

People perceive Great Wars to be like what occurred in the last Century during the First and Second World War, so they judge War in those same terms today, and if it is not a large scale land and sea invasion then it is not War is people’s perception.

We no longer live in the 20th Century, we live in the 21st Century, and War has been declared against our Civilisation by the military wing of the Islamic religion led by today’s Mohamed, Osama Bin Laden.

We cannot view today’s World War the same way we did the First and Second because it is completely different in style. Bin Laden is not the head of any Sovereign Nation like Hitler was so does not have the military capability to fight a conventional 20th Century War against America the Worlds Super Power, but he is the head of a global invisible army who are spread throughout the World and joined sometimes by nothing more than what they think in their minds because of their religious ideology that is based on the core teachings of the Koran, so he does have the capability to fight and defeat the Worlds Super Power with 21st Century warfare.

Guerilla War is the Warfare of the 21st Century, small groups of terrorists blended into our societies potentially with weapons of mass destruction, smaller suicide bombers like the ones on 7/7 who are trained and sitting in the shadows waiting for their orders to attack, terrorists raising funds on a daily basis on our streets for their war against us through drug dealing, chiefly with Al Qaeda heroin from Afghanistan, and all other forms of criminality, and there is the political Jihad being conducted by Moslem intellectuals who are influencing the ‘Establishment’ so as to enforce Islam upon us and our society.

The War machine that is the Islamic religion has all its human components in place on a social level working against our Western societies from within as they seek to destroy our way of life so that Islamic law can replace it. This is the religious mandate of the Islamic religion that all Moslems if they are true Moslems must adhere too.

The suicide bombing terror threat that we now face which is separate from the daily Jihad that is being conducted by the wider Moslem community on a daily basis is the lone trained terrorists and their terror cells that come direct from the Al Qaeda camps of Afghanistan/Pakistan who are blended into our Nations, living their lives as if normal people, but in the back of their minds they know the time comes when they must carry out their orders and attack us. These Moslems are living and working amongst us now, preparing to turn on the hand that has fed them, clothed them, housed them, educated them, healed them and given them sanctuary in our land, and all in the process of achieving their military goals that have been set from on high within their chain of command that leads directly to the devils lair itself where Bin Laden, Zwahiri and Azzam the American sit.

Al Qaeda attacks us and then the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain goes into motion and plays politics on the ground so as to take more control of our Nation.

Al Qaeda’s military planners and strategist know the War they are fighting, they know the Warfare that they have at their disposal and they know what their end goal is which is the destruction of our Western societies so that the Islamic religion can take its place as the dominant force upon the Earth.

The bigger the Islamic beast gets in our land, then the more we have to give into its demands and hand over more of our way of life. Threats, intimidation, violence and terror are all tactics of the religion as laid down by Mohamed himself and are to be used until the day Islam has conquered the land and people.

We have many millions of Moslems in Britain who are religiously commanded to convert our Nation into Islamic rule. You cannot tell me that any religious Moslem does not want to live under Islamic rule because this is what their religion teaches, it is an abomination within their religion to be ruled over by non-Moslems so they must all conduct Jihad on ever level of life until the day arrives in the future when their rule is implemented, thus converting the Nation from non-Islamic rule, the Dar al-harb (house of War), into the Dar al-Islam (house of Islam).

This is the Holy War we now face within our society, with the future life of the Nation hanging in the balance.

The army of the Islamic religion led by Osama Bin Laden defeated the Soviet Super Power and helped bring about its eventual collapse at the end of the Cold War, so don’t think because you are sitting safe and sound at this moment in time watching the X Factor on a Saturday night that it could never happen to us at some point in the future.

Our leaders are not on our side in fighting this religious force, they are surrendering and appeasing it at every opportunity, with us all being forced into a corner and having to submit to the religion by changing our way of life which is exactly what Islam means ‘Submssion’.

The writing is on the wall and our leaders cannot read it, or choose not to read it through fear of upsetting the Islamic Kingdom, which is a part of the writing in itself. Islam achieving its goals in our society by all and every means necessary, with it taking a protected position within society with everybody and our institutions having to bow down to its ways even if they are contrary to our own way of life. This is the Islamification process as power and rule is transferred into their hands.

If in the future our Western World is destroyed which is highly probable based on the present Liberal Left Wing leadership controlling Western Powers then Bin Laden on behalf of the Islamic religion will have successfully defeated the Earths 2 main Super Powers, and desecrated Christendom through Warfare (Jihad) in the process.

Imagine the whole worlds perception of this one man who sits at the head of a global army dispensed around the World and armed with Nuclear weapons if he achieves this goal?

A modern Mohamed leading the Ummah (global body of Moslems) – The Mahdi

What Nations on Earth are ever going to then want to fight the military wing of the Islamic religion that is led by Bin Laden after he has successfully defeated 2 Super Powers with an army of religious zealots who want to die fighting for their religion? Or what Nation is going to want to upset Islamic Nations around the World who have these zealots at their disposal?

Nobody, they will all then bow down to global Islamic superiority and willingly pay the jiyzah tax because everyone will want peace on Earth with this new ruler so that hell will not be unleashed against them and their people, but peace will only last so long because War is inherent in man and especially within the teachings of the Islamic religion.

Total Global conquest to fulfill the teachings of the Islamic religion is the only logical scenario after the West has been defeated based upon the teachings of Islam itself.

The establishment of the Caliphate and Armageddon.

Today’s global Jihad is the same as every single Jihad in history, its aims and motivations are exactly the same accept the size and scope of today’s Holy War is not limited to where their horses can take them, as Zwahiri stated ‘The whole World is now open to Jihad’. That means Moslems everywhere must fight Jihad against those around them as a religious duty until the end comes, and given the technology and weapons on Earth today the end is definitely visible.


Bin Laden is half way there to destroying our Western Civilisation, he said when he declared War against us that he will bleed us financially dry and destroy our wealth, and as you can see our Civilisation is now in financial turmoil 6 years on. Is the ‘War on Terror’ in Afghanistan and Iraq partly to blame for the collapse of our financial wealth and Institutions? How much money do you think has gone into the ‘War on Terror’ and where do you think the money comes from to fund it?

What effect would several large scale terrorist attacks now have upon our Civilisation now that our monetary system has collapsed with our Nations in financial turmoil? In my opinion it would completely bring us to our knees and create chaos in our societies.

The Islamic World viewed 9/11 as a bloody nose for the West and the next could by the knock out, or at the very least it will change our Civilisation and World beyond recognition.

Would they attack us in this way?

You have got to be utterly stupid or seriously ill informed about the threat that we now face not to think that he would.

Bin Laden has set himself up as the commandering chief of the global military wing of the Islamic religion, he has declared War against the non-believers in America, the West and throughout Christendom which is sanctioned as a religious decree within Islamic teaching, and he has called on Moslems from all around the World to join him in the greatest Jihad in history against the unbelievers “the Global Jihad” to subdue the whole Earth under Islamic rule.

The Mahdi.

It is a religious obligation on all Moslems to wage Jihad against non-believers until Islam is supreme over all orders upon the Earth. This teaching is fundamental to Islam the same as preaching to the lost in all corners of the World is fundamental to Christianity.

9/11 woke the entire Islamic World to this new 21st Century commandering chief and inspired them to believe that destroying America and the West can be achieved.

6 years on and the battle still rages upon the Earth its just there has not been anymore terrorist attacks on American soil yet so everyone has gone back to their life of ignorance.

The War has not ended so how long until America is hit again, and how big will it be the next time, or will the next big one be in Britain and then America?

Our society in Britain has pretty much been taken over by Islam already so a big one here will subdue our present Liberal Left Wing leaders even more, to the point of giving those Moslems here already even more of a free hand to do what they want, in and with our land, then they can work towards their end goal which is the creation of a total Islamic State upon English/British soil. Giving Moslems what they want is all covered up by the Establishment through terms like ‘Political Correctness’, ‘Community Cohesion’ and ‘Multiculturalism’, these are all destroying the British way of life and who are the ones using these terms and laws to their advantage so that they can force their ways upon wider society?

The British State has handed power to the Islamic Kingdom through the race industry that has been created to protect Moslems in every area of British life which comes down seriously heavy upon anyone who disagrees with Islam enforcing itself upon them and their way of life. They have their own laws and legal system within British law that protects them and places them and their kingdom in a category completely separate from any other group in society, making them untouchable, a protected species under English law so they can carry on enforcing their Islamic way of life upon the British way of life with nobody able to say anything without fear of arrest, prosecution or loss of livelihood.

Britain is already the hub for international terror in the West due to what is happening on the ground here. Islamic terrorists are openly and freely able to recruit and raise funds for the global Jihad, and have been doing for many many years, with the authorities doing absolutely nothing about it, unless they really have to which is why the likes of Abu Hamza is in prison now because the Americans forced the British governments hand.

America is fighting the ‘War on Terror’ for the survival of the Nation because Bin Laden does want to destroy it, and the British State her closest allie with a little bit of water separating the two is protecting, nurturing, feeding and helping the Western born armies of the Jihad that are encamped within the land and demonizing and arresting any voices of discontent.

Will it be any wonder when we lose, when this is what is happening now?

In War there can only be one winner, and Osama Bin Laden and his companions obviously believe they can win this War otherwise they would not have set out on the path of War and conquest they are now on. They believe they are carrying out Allahs will and have united Moslems from all over the World to join them based on the teachings of Mohamed their false prophet, and they will fight until the end, whatever the outcome whenever in the future that is, because they believe death in Jihad (Holy War) is the highest achievement in Islam and the only sure way of reaching their paradise, so this is to the end just like with Histler.

So until Bin Laden and Zwahiri are dead, the War to the end against the global army of the Islamic religion that is fighting a ‘global Jihad’ under the banner and leadership of Al Qaeda is very much still on.

We live in the 21st Century so the weapons of warfare are not swords and shields anymore, they are ultimately ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ where you only need a few devices to cause more damage than any large scale military invasion could ever dream of achieving.

This is why Bin Laden believes he can win against the military might of the Earths Super Power, if he didn’t have the weapons to win then he wouldn’t have declared War in the first place.

Again you have got to be utterly stupid not to believe he possesses these weapons considering the mass black market trade in the chemicals and technology needed to produce them, and don’t forget the father of the Islamic Bomb the A Q Khan network in Pakistan, and everybody now knows that all international Islamic terror leads back to Pakistan.

You do not declare War unless you have the capability and are willing to break the boundaries to win, otherwise why declare war in the first place? It is just a matter of timing.

Bin Laden has been fighting Jihad his entire adult life, he would have spent his money, time and resources acquiring WMD’s for his War of total global domination because these are 21st Century weapons of warfare, so he will not have gone to all that effort and not use them. He knows his days could be numbered on the Earth because he has the military might of the Americans hunting him, so what better way to leave the Earth than to go out with a bang and unleash a Nuclear hell against his enemies for those who are left behind, and then let Earths destruction begin.

(What you will never ever see screened on your Western TV screens, but a very small sample of what the entire Islamic World gets to view courtesy of Arab TV)

The Nuclear butterfly effect in the age of Nuclear weapons.

There is no reason why he won’t unleash hell whilst still alive as part of his military strategy and then take his plans to the next stage, which I personally believe will happen at some point in the future.

War is War and there is an end goal and a strategy in place to getting there, and as you are reading this there is a War between Al Qaeda and the West (you and me) unfolding. Just because it is not effecting your day to day life yet doesn’t mean its not happening out there in our world, it just hasn’t washed up on your front door yet.

Bin Laden has untold willing and trained Moslem terrorists who want to die killing us who are now living amongst us due to the large Islamic communities we have living in our lands, and it only takes 1 or 2 from amongst them to cause a World changing event.

You think for yourself about how many there are amongst us and how many are willing to carry out such destruction, and when you do remember that they love death like we love life and there is no higher achievement in Islam than dying fighting Jihad against the unbelievers, why do you think they commit suicide in the process of murdering as many of us as possible.

In the UK we have on average, 400,000 Pakistani Moslems traveling backwards and forwards to Pakistan every year with a large number ending up in terror training camps there, then returning back to their Islamic communities in the heart of our Nation to continue their Holy War against America and the West in our land.

Vietnam was a guerilla war fought against Americas military might, and closer to home we had the Northern Ireland conflict where two communities were at war with one another, so open your mind to the imminent threat that we now face due to 21st Century warfare and the War that has been declared against us by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Just remember this time round that it is those Moslems over there that have DECLARED WAR against us upon our shores and not the other way around, so whatever happens in the future it is a response to their War of conquest against us. This is our land, the land our forefathers fought and died for, for us their descendents and I know that no Moslem is going to take this Christian land over no matter how big the bombs are that they throw at us. That doesn’t mean that parts of our Country will not become completely desolate and uninhabitable in the future though due to Nuclear, Biological or Chemical weapons.

War is War in the 21st Century!

At this moment in time it is the Moslems and the ‘Power of the State’ in the hands of the Liberal Left Wing that are the enemies of the British people because the State is on the side of Islam and Moslems and not on the side of the British people, but all it will take is one thing and then the dam that is the British peoples tolerance will burst and then large sections of the indigenous people will rise up against their enemies (just my perception so please don’t arrest me for it). That is unless of course the Liberal Left Wing who controls the State sees the error of their ways and stops the advancement of Islam in the land before it’s too late; they are indigenous heirs of this land too after all.

We are all in this together, and it is all of our children and grandchildren’s future way of lives that are at stake!

What choice do innocent people have who do not want to be ruled over by Moslems and have had enough of them forcing themselves upon theirs and their children’s way of life?

It is just basic logic!

If Moslems want to live under Sharia law and hate our Country and its way of life so much then they should go find a Country like Saudi Arabia and live there, or go back home to Pakistan or Somalia, not actively try to enforce it upon us and our Nation in the West because that is an act of War and treason.

World War III in the age of Nuclear science is upon us, and we all walk into the darkness of our unknown tomorrow, next week and next year together.

All Western Governments and Security agencies are sitting back waiting for the next attack from Al Qaeda wondering where and how big, its just you the uninformed who is not looking or waiting because you do not even believe we face a threat even though your TV screens are filled with today’s horror brought about by the Islamic religion.

Then one day boom and our TVs are filled once again with the horrors of Islamic terror just like in Mumbai, but that’s ok that’s over there you say.

You don’t think that its only a matter of time until blood runs on our streets again?

When it happens remember what is written here and elsewhere because those who are writing about this subject are raising the alarm today, to awaken people to the imminent threat that tomorrow contains.

Who knows what the future contains but God Himself, but one thing is certain, as certain as your death, is that there will only be one winner at the end of today’s War against Osama Bin Laden and his global invisible 21st Century guerilla Moslem army.

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