19 December 2001

4. The messenger

A messenger delivers a message.

Some people might find what I am about to write hard to believe but I am not writing it to try and make people believe I am writing it because it is the truth about certain things that have happened to me which forms part of my perspective on life that I am able to share with others to give an understanding about what we now face.

Non-Christians will not be able to believe it because they have no concept of living life under the Shadow of Almighty God, they may be able to understand it but with no belief in the Almighty there is a key component missing with which to be able accept it as it is written from my perspective.

But truth is the truth as long as it can be verified with facts.

Non-believers put Gods hand at work upon the Earth and in people’s lives down to coincidence because of that missing component called belief by faith. If you do not have the gift of faith to believe in the ‘I Am’ of creation then you will never see the truth of His existence and the real meaning and purpose of your life.

If you ask for the gift of faith He will give it, but that asking takes faith in itself because you are opening yourself up and stepping out into the unknown by asking for a new reality to come into your life. This shows that the gift from God is already there you just have not exercised it before.

Those who believe in the Almighty can look at their own lives and experiences to see the ‘truth’ that’s why they cannot doubt His existence, and it is not the god of Islam they believe in, these are two completely separate forces, it is the Lord God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac (the covenant child) and Jacob, the one who sent His Son into the World to die for mankind upon a cross, the one who has shown us the way that leads to eternal Salvation.

I never believed in God, I was brought up with no concept or reality of His existence, it never entered my mind or my life until one day I had a conversion experience that change my life forever.

No one can tell me my experience didn’t happen, it is my truth and my reality that has changed my life forever and shown me the real meaning and purpose to this life and placed me on a journey that ultimately leads into eternity where there is a place prepared for me in my Fathers Kingdom.

Just because you do not believe does not mean it is not real.

Human life on Earth is not even a blink of an eye in eternity, you are born into, and then you die in this mortal world so what is the point of it all if there is nothing else in the creation of everything that can be seen or is unseen (the spiritual realm)? If there is a Creator then could He not have put a plan in place for mankind so that those immortal souls who have accepted the truth of His Love in this mortal World could live again? This mortal world is your opportunity to accept that Love through His plan of Salvation for your immortal soul. He sent His Son Jesus Christ into this World and 2000 years later that message of eternal life that He carried by His teachings and example is still being preached and believed by many people all around the World today.

There must be something in it don’t you think?

You can accept the Living Gods plan of Salvation for your life by faith or you can reject it the choice is yours to make that no other person alive can make for you. It’s an inner soul question between the inner you and the Almighty who knows all things. Some will never accept it and others will this is just the truth of the situation when God looks down upon mankind, the question is; which one are you?

Your eternal death awaits like the countdown of a clock, when the clock strikes and the times comes for you to be taken from this Earthly World and you leave everyone behind forever where will you end up?

I never believed in any of this or thought about any of this before God revealed Himself to me, and then when He did I could not deny it, which is what now forms the core of my belief system and how I now perceive and interact with the World around me.

If your eyes have not been opened to the truth then you will never see, that is just a logical perception of the statement. If you want to see the truth then all you have to do is ask by faith and then the One waiting for you to ask will open your eyes to see, its very simple but people are still unwilling to even ask something so simple which answers an earlier question.

What I write about on this blog concerns all of us, people of different beliefs and people of none. My aim for this blog has not been to convert people to my religious belief but to share my truth and perception about this part of human reality that endangers all of us and the World in which we live. In this context my core Christian belief obviously comes through because it is who I am, and in reality it is the only reason why I am writing to this blog now and you are reading it.

I have many people of all persuasions who read my blog because they comment here, and as a Christian God has taught me that we are all equal before Him because we are all His creation that He loves so I do not discriminate against the colour of anyone’s skin or their beliefs other than those of religious Moslems. We all must find our own way to the truth. Some will and some won’t. The only time I discriminate and defend my position is when someone’s beliefs and way of life pose a direct threat to my safety, security and human existence, and that of those around me (my neighbours) which the religion of Islam and its Moslem followers do.

Moslems will not be satisifed until the British non-Moslem population are Dhimmis.

I am justified before God to speak the truth in defence of my position because it is a position that He Himself placed me in. I am one of Earths fools who has been given knowledge and insight because of my Christian calling and sought to share that with others, and by Gods divine will He has placed this blog in my hand which has given me the platform to speak my perception based upon what He has told me to anyone around the World who ends up here reading it.

Now Bedfordshire police’s ‘hate crime unit’ want to put me in prison for it, and a load of Pakistani Moslems aligned to Al Qaeda in Luton want to kill me for it.

I was in prison a couple of months after only just finishing school at the age of 16 so spending the last 2 years writing on an almost daily basis, and on this paticular subject matter was never ever in my mind when growing up. Then one day everything changed and I started writing and you are now reading, so there must be something behind it don’t you think?

What is behind it is the Living God who called me, reached down and touched me, spoke to me and converted me with the knowledge of the truth which was that He is real and that our Judeo/Christian Civilisation is in grave peril.

The End time harvest.

When you know He is real your whole perception on life changes, and dependent on what divine calling and office He places upon your life, determines the way in which you are to serve Him here on Earth.

As you then stumble through this life you grown in the knowledge of the truth about the true spiritual dynamic to life exactly as a new born baby grows into an adult and then perceives the World in which they live based upon their lenghty life experiences.

When God called me He told me certain things, things that were so far out of my reality, and the reality of those around me that those around me thought I was crazy to be thinking and saying such things but I could not deny the truth that was given to me and 10 years on what I spoke about then is now a reality that they cannot deny, although they still live in denial because of what accepting the truth into their reality would mean.

I went into the Church converted from my old way of thinking early in 1999 and among other things I said was that “War is coming” and I mentioned the name Osama Bin Laden because of what God told me.

Who was I to now anything about Osama Bin Laden or even the name?

My words were rejected and then in 2001 9/11 happened which brought what God had told me into perspective for me. Then in 2005 7/7 happened, with the area where I live taking a central role in Al Qaeda’s open declaration of War against the people of Great Britain. Then Operation Crevice happened which was the biggest anti-terror operation in British history at that point, with the bomb maker of the plot being a local Pakistan Moslem taxi driver. And the Al Qaeda Emir of the 7/7 bombings and the Operation Crevice plot was another Pakisani Moslem from Bury Park Luton.

All these links to Al Qaedas War against the West eminating from in and around the area of Luton.

How did I know in 1999 that War was coming to our streets?

Then in 2008 the Ministry of Defence stated that Al Qaeda have an enclave in Luton.

And those who live in the area who know anything about the local drug scene with Heroin know that it is being pumped out into our communities by the Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park Luton. Heroin is being used as a weapon of warfare against our communities, it is funding Jihad here and abroad, it is funding Jihad against coalition troops in Afghanistan and it is causing death and destruction to our communities now, and will continue into the future.

I said War was coming in 1999, now almost 10 years on the “Ministry of Defence” that is charged with the National Security of the British homeland has singled out Luton as an Al Qaeda base in the UK and we have enough factual evidence in the public domain to support that claim.

What do you think having an Al Qaeda base in the UK means? And what do you think it means for those of us living near it?

Al Qaeda and their ideological Moslem followers have declared War against us and not the other way around, remember that!

When I was 23 I watched a video of a preacher from America who God had told to raise up the End time Generals for His Kingdom, so I caught the calling and went to the Bible College. This preacher met the risen Lord and was taken up into to heaven when he was 8 years old and shown what awaits those who have accepted the truth in this life. He became a Pentecostal historian and chronicled all of the Generals of the Pentecostal movement, traveling the World and meeting relatives and friends of the great Apostles of this aspect of Christ’s Church. He is an accomplished author with many great works out there that include the teachings of great man and womeon of faith like Smith Wigglesworth, John G Lake and Mary Woodworth-Etter amongst them. The Church he led was several thousand strong with several hundred Bible school students and many graduated students in the mission’s field. I did not have the right visa when I arrived so they sent me back to England to get the right one. I didn’t end up getting it in time so missed starting the College.

Several months later a situation happened that shattered the Church and destroyed the ministry.

Just before I started this blog God told me to go back to this ministry and talk to them. When I arrived the ministry had gone from what it was, to a very small local Church with only a couple of students.

I sat and spoke with one of the Pastors and their assistant and I told them what God placed in me to speak. I told them there is going to be a Nuclear attack on America. At the time I didn’t know this was what God wanted me to go back to say, I just knew He wanted me to go back and speak to them and when I did He gave me the words to speak.

This was obviously a bit far out for them because this information and thought was obviously not in their reality, not to my knowledge anyway, but as true Godly leaders they received what I said with an open mind and heart. They knew you should never reject someone professing to speak the Word of the Lord, you should always test it, and let God reveal it.

The Pastor said that if I have a prophetic gift then I should write everything down, and after prayer that was the end of our meeting.

I had never written anything down of any consequence in my life, and I don’t think I wrote anything of consequence whilst I was at school either, so for me to just sit down and start writing was definitely not something I was going to be able to do, or really wanted to do.

A little while after this God opened the door for me to go back to Israel over Christmas 2006. Whilst staying in a Hostel in Jerusalem I became friends with a Jewish guy who was also staying there. It turned out that he was a computer expert and knew everything about blogs, which I knew absolutely nothing about, or even what they were. He encouraged me to start writing about everything that had happened to me back in England and what was happening in my community. So he set my blog up for me, showed me how to use it and then I started using this blog to start writing too and have been writing to it ever since.

The Pastor in America told me to start writing, I had no inclination to start writing other than 1 article I wrote that was edited and published on Israpundit, God then sends me to Israel and places this blog in my hands.

Saying to the Pastor in America that there was going to be a Nuclear attack was probably way out there at that time to conceive happening. Way out there to the general public anyway, but not way out there to those whose job it is to know the threats that we face. Now though 2 years on, the coming President Obama has been told by his security advisers to expect a Nuclear attack on American soil by 2013.

Imagine what the intelligence services know that we don’t?

In the UK the former Head of MI5 has stated that its only a matter of time until a radiological or chemical device is used against us living in the West. In England we have already had Al Qaeda terrorists amongst us planning just such an attack, so the reality based upon the facts is not if it will happen but when and where. There are already plans in place to move large parts of the population of London into the home counties if such an attack does happen so this isn’t a fantasy although many believe it is, this is reality and a reality that OUR future faces.

CIA MI6 Mossad and all other International intelligence agencies know the seriousness of the threat that we all now face due to the Islamic Worlds war against our Judeo/Christian Civilisation because it is their duty to know the threats posed to our Nations and to the wider International community. National Security in the 21st Century. We are skating on the thinnest piece of ice now when you look and the scene on the World stage. What makes matters even worse today than at any other time in history is that we are living in the Nuclear age with the mass proliferation of the technology that goes with it. These intelligence agencies know the ‘severity’ of the threat that is being played out on the World stage which is kept from the general public, the proliferation of WMD’s and technology, the mass movement of international Islamic terrorists around the globe, the Islamic movements who are involved in a Holy War against us, the planned attacks in place, and the long term strategic goals of our enemies.

What we are fed into our minds to create our perceptions of the threat our World now faces is small sanitized politically correct pieces of information for mass public consumption. Geo-politics with us currently on the losing side and quite possibly on the losing side at the end once the dust settles the way things are currently going. But even then those small sanitized pieces of information we are fed show the seriousness of the threat that our World is now facing like with the Islamic State of Iran for example or the recent Mumbai Islamic terrorist atrocity.

Iran advancing to the Nuclear threshold with its leaders publicly declaring their Islamic ambition which is the annihilation of the Jewish State, and Islamic Pakistan backing militants attacking India which might possibly push two Nuclear Nations into another full blown War.

Why should India sit back and do nothing when there is State sanctioned Islamic terror being forced upon them by their neighbour? And why should Israel too?

These are just two of the cross roads mankind faces, then you have Osama Bin Laden and his global invisible army spread throughout the World who is at War with America and the West seeking to destroy our Judeo/Christian Civilisation and Way of life.

Don’t believe it? Doesn’t matter there are those out there who do because they see truth and live in the reality of it on a daily basis.

Truth is the cornerstone of reality and even the sanitized pieces of information speak the truth, they all add up to create a picture.

Our World is in a serious predicament, a cataclysmic predicament when you look at all of the pieces of the puzzle joined together and it is only going to take a spark somewhere on the globe that is going to trigger a chain reaction. 9/11 was the start of the unfolding events, and everything on the World stage has been aligning ever since because the Earths Super Power has been drawn into a War on our Earth. What do you think the future consequences are going to be? Are America and her Allies going to accept defeat at the hands of those seeking our complete destruction and the conquest of our lands, or are we going to use all force necessary to win no matter what that force entails?

The World awaits the next stage of today’s global conflict.

The Islamic World led by Osama Bin Laden is pushing for the destruction of all other orders upon the Earth so that the Islamic religion can be enforced from one end of the Earth to the other exactly as Mohamed said it should be. The War has been declared, it is currently unfolding as you are reading this and there will only be one winner at the end, them or us no middle ground.

If you are reading this; who do you want it to be? What way of life do you want for your children and children’s children?

There is a ‘Clash of Civilisations’ with bystander Nation States aligning themselves exactly like what happened during the Cold War, and we in the West are losing, being forced into submission in our own lands by the violence and anger that emanates from the core teachings of the Islamic religion.

The entire Islamic World’s population knows its goal because it is outlined in their religious books. Some are aiming to achieve the goal peacefully, and some violently, but both know their mutual end goal which is the conquest of the West and then the World. Where as the majority of the populations of the West do not even have a clue as to what is unfolding in the real world because they are not being educated to the threat, the information is not being fed to them so that they can have a perception of this reality that they face so they can prepare. It’s not just over their in Iraq and Afghanistan, its here in our own backyard, in neighbourhoods across the Country right where some of us are living now.

Our governments are stating ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, ‘it’s a small minority’, or ‘Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity’.

Lying to the masses about the threat that we face and duping them into a false sense of security whilst the beast grows in our midst.

Defeat and destruction is in the future unless Islam is confronted and defeated. At this moment in time Britain is being taken over by the Islamic religion with our society being destroyed from within and the State helping that destruction under the guise of Political Correctness and their agenda of a multi cultural society upon this tiny island, giving Islam and Moslems a protected position in our society far above any other religious or racial group, even though their religion commands them to conquer our Nation and turn it into an Islamic State.

Can you imagine a multi cultural society in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, or these Countries allowing Christianity to enforce itself upon their populations?

The thought of defeat and destruction in the future is a thought that people do not think about, or even think could happen, they do not even think there is a problem, but I expect those living in the Soviet Union thought exactly the same when they were defeated in Afghanistan and their Nation then collapsed, or the Roman Empire before it became nothing more than a memory in history.

Look back on history and you will see the rise and fall of Nations, and Civilisations littered through its pages so why should today be any different, and what will future historians have to say when chronicling the events of today and their eventual outcome.

That’s if there is a future on Earth as we have known it, because like Gordon Brown said when he congratulated the American President elect Barack Obama, “history will remember this day as long as history books are written.” As a son of a preacher man, growing up in the prayerful presence of a man of God and his associates Mr Brown must have a deep conviction in his soul about the reality of the Almighty and what is written in the Good Book so knows there is an eventual End to the story of creation. Its just a shame that he now presides over a Nation that seeks to remove and destroy that reality from the publics mind. Only he and God know the crisis of conscious he must have in those quiet times. The Living God placed him in his position, and sits back watching the same as with each of us, except for most of us our positions in the scheme of things do not compare to Mr Browns.

What does the future hold for us? The stakes are unquantifiably higher this time than with the Soviet Union because the War front isn’t just over there in Afghanistan, it is here in our own lands where here in the UK there is a population of 3 – 6 million Moslems, with 2 million of them from Pakistan the transit point of almost all Islamic terror being perpetrated in the Western World.

Based upon the facts things don’t look very good do they? Bleak I would call it. But sshhh you cant say anything about the threat to our daily lives or our futures because that’s racist and Islamaphobic in today’s Politically Correct Britain, the Governments thought police will come knocking to scare the truth from being spoken and will slam you in jail on behalf of their political masters if they can.

Believe me things are going to get bad even though our Governmental leaders are unwilling to face the harsh reality of what we now face and what is going to unfold. I am certain though that there are people in the background, who, when push comes to shove will step forward because this is their ancestors future on the line too, from the Crown down to amongst others, the ex-army man now living rough on the streets because of our new illegal immigrant and terrorist asylum seeker guests who have taken over all of our empty council houses.

Some people read this blog and what is written goes straight over their heads because they cannot see the truth outside their daily existence even though it is staring them in the face, where as others read it and it agrees with their reality, and a nasty scary reality at that, just like when our forefathers faced the Nazi’s before and during the Second World War, only the Nazis were not suicidal maniacs who believed they were on a mission from god and wanted to die in the process of achieving that mission and killing as many of us as they could in the process.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe my perception or not, if you have read this then you was meant to read it, and all I will say is watch the news and read the papers and see for yourself. Add all of the little bits of truth together and then look around you, this will then give you your own perception of what is happening and what the future holds.

I wonder what thoughts went through our forefathers minds before the Second World War, or what conversations were spoken over the dinner table or down the pub about what was unfolding.

Today we have the internet that gives us a window on the World outside of our front doors, and this is one reality that is out there based on my perception, and a reality that is joined too many many more who see this aspect of life in the same way because it is their perception of things too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These latest writings of yours are pure gold.
Far, far from you being the hate-monger and racist stirrer your accusers would have people believe, you are a herald of tidings that, though we may, rather not receive, we must take notice of.
A man of truth does not shy away from hard facts and danger.

There are many, many who realise the dangers you warn of, we can but thank you for your valliant stand against the pressures to silence you.
You did not falter when faced by the enemies of our heritage.
If we do not listen, we will be unprepared for such shocking events that will paralise our Nations in the West.
These events may occur at any time, because our hard-pressed Security people cannot be everywhere at all times.
London transport bombings proved this.
The enemy is continually pushing at the threshold of our insecurities, and our defences are weakening through lack of awareness, and wanton denial.
It is all too easy to forget such events, or at least push them from our minds.
It is a blatant truth, that those perpetrators (may the worms enjoy them )could just as easily have caused massive destruction, if only they had the means provided to them, such as bio or nuclear materials. There are those, maybe even in our own streets, who are striving to give the terrorists those tools they require.

They had the nescessary motivaton, and who knows when such pschopathic religious terrorists may next appear from out of the communities that protect them?
The Liberals mock such statements and love to jibe at the Christians as fundamentalists who could do such acts of terror themselves.
Why, they even make TV films about that very subject.
Reality shows their naieve excuses as the fears they really are, the fears of turn-coats and collaborators.
An army of Chamberlains.
The armies of jihad know this only too well.

When these events come to pass, there will be many who still will not face the truth of what lies behind them, what book of instructions in religious-war will have inspired these events.
The Liberals will still plead for the perpetrators, the Socialists will still apply Marxist theory and rant about the end of Capitalism, and those shadowy figures behind our government will welcome the chance to restrict personal freedom still further, in the name of the fight against terror.
Then we the citizens, will be on our own as we watch Society break apart.
Those of firm beliefs may be strengthened in the dark days to come, but for most, I see only confusion, terror and starvation.
At our most advanced and developed, we in the West are at our most vulnerable, for we have turned our backs on the words of warning of our past great leaders.
The enemy know our weaknesses, but they too are exposed by fatal flaws.
There can be no certain outcome, but those that prevail will be guided by inner-strength of conviction, and natuaral wit and bravery.
In these approaching times, the chaff shall be separated from the wheat, and we shall all be weighed in the balance.
We will need our true friends and comrades then.