12 December 2001

2. Media blackout

The majority of the population’s perception on life is based upon their surroundings and what they see through their TV screens.

In Britain there is an almost total media blackout of the real threat posed by Al Qaeda and the Moslems we now have living amongst us so the vast majority of people have absolutely no clue as to the severity of the threat from within and without that we now face.

A threat that endangers the very survival of our way of life, and more importantly the way of life for the next generations who are to come after us, and that is not a wild statement because as you are reading this Osama Bin Laden, his Al Qaeda network and a large part of the Islamic World are at War to destroy our Civilisation – FACT – Its just you cant see it because your not a Moslem living in the Arab world.

They call it Jihad which is the furtherance of the Islamic religion by all means necessary and that includes Wars of conquest.

If you don’t tell the person the truth based upon the facts then they are never going to know, their perception is void of this aspect of reality so this reality does not enter their reality, thus in their minds it is fantasy, when in fact it is reality because it is based upon fact.

The Government and their propaganda machine which is the Main Stream Media either blatantly cover up the truth about Islam and religious Moslems in our Country and around the World, or there is a total media blackout so that the population stays blissfully unaware of the religious force that is heading their way from the Islamic World, which is Moslems everywhere who form the Ummah, and its intentions towards us.

The facts are out there if you want to look, but most people prefer not to look, instead they prefer to believe there is no threat heading their way and dismiss perceptions like mine as crazy.

Whilst the British population are being brainwashed and fed with entertainment like Coronation street, Eastenders and the X Factor, the Islamic World are being fed the reality of their religion and its role and responsibility upon the Earth. There is no compromise within Islam, to religious Moslems this is all that their lives upon the Earth mean to them, fulfilling their religion, and their Nations societies perceptions are controlled by religious scholars who are teaching the people what to think based upon the Koran.

We are being taught what to think by our Government and the ideology they want for the British peoples perception.

So whilst the majority within Britain live in a fantasy World of a dream utopia of a multi cultural society where everyone is equal and every religion is equal, as if there is no real threat out there in the World, the majority in the Islamic World live in a harsh reality based on their religion, and they know that the time has come to destroy the West if they can, which is their religious obligation that is taken directly from their holy books now that the War has been declared.

You cannot compromise with a religion, what is written cannot be changed or altered, and its mission and mandate upon the Earth must be fulfilled by its followers, that’s it end of story no matter how long it takes!

If you do not have a faith or belief in a Religion then you will NEVER EVER understand because again you are void of the information of that reality with which to perceive.

Whenever there are serious threats to our safety and security brought on by Moslem Jihadis within our Country the Liberal Left Wing stooges who control peoples perceptions come out onto our TV screens stating that ‘It’s only a small minority’, Islam is a religion of Peace’, ‘Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity’, or ‘the words Moslem and terrorists are two words that do not go together’.

And the gullible sheep people believe it.

How stupid must people be? Or its just plain ignorance on behalf of the tax paying public who believe everything is safe because it is in the hands of our Government who we pay to protect us and uphold law and order.

This is of course what we expect from a 21st Century Western Democracy.

Imagine during the Second World War having a 3 – 6 million population of Nazis living in our midst and the government stating the same things to the rest of the population about Nazism and not educating and telling the people the truth about Hitlers plans of World conquest and the extermination of the Jewish people?

We definitely would not have won the War that’s for sure; we would all be living under Nazi rule now.

Can you imagine the truth to that statement?

Thankfully our forefathers fought on our behalf in their generation and preserved the way of life they had become accustomed too which was the Queens Realm in which they lived that has spanned generations upon our soil, and then handed it down to us which is what we lived in a generation ago.

There has been a drastic change in British society and culture since then with much of the Nation being an inhospitable place now for many people, young and old, and the only ones who disagree with that are those who live in places untouched yet from mass immigration from the Islamic World and the rich diverse way of life they bring with them, those who call people like me a racist or Islamaphobe who is spreading hatred, who actually lives near one of these so called rich diverse places.

Look around you at your Country and what’s happening to it and think about what way of life you are going to hand down to your children and grandchildren and when you do remember there is an alien religious force now here who the Nazis do not even compare too when it comes to ideology and their commitment to achieving their goals because their goals are set by their god. This is a force that is actively engaged in taking our country over so that it can be ruled over by their religion because that is what their religion teaches its followers as its goal.

You might not see the future because you are void of the preset facts courtesy of the Government blackout of the threat, but if you peel back the curtain of reality and start looking then you will see, and then you have a choice.

Sit back and do nothing while this religion is actively engaged in taking your Country over, or stand up and do something just like your forefathers did for you.

Whatever the future holds history will remember you because your children are your legacy where your reality and what you went through in life is passed down to them, and the life they are born into is in your hands, the question is; how will history remember you and what way of life will you hand to them?

You can dismiss it in your mind but it’s the truth and time will confirm or deny it but based on the present facts which do you think it will be?

The Islamic propaganda in our midst has no bounds, at every opportunity we are being lied too by Moslems and their Dhimmi British subjects (leaders), our schools that are preparing the minds of the next generation are controlled by these same people who are telling our children that the Islamic religion is a peaceful religion and that they must bow down to it in subservience, and if anyone disagrees then the Politically Correct brigade comes out in force to silence the dissent. We have even had Islam means peace rammed down our throats across London buses, the same London buses that were targeted by Al Qaeda on 7/7, and we are meant to believe Islam means peace.

The ignorant in society believe all the lies they are told because they have no other information to compare this piece of information with, so the majority believe what they are told because for instance adds on London buses wouldn’t lie to them would they?

There has been one serious expose of what is being preached in Mosques throughout our land which was carried out by Channel 4’s Dispatches called Undercover Mosque. This is one of the most important documentaries you will ever watch which gives us a glimpse into what is going on inside British Mosques out of sight and mind from the general public because we are not Moslems. The footage was captured in British Mosques that have been promoted by the Government as voices of moderation in our Country. If this is what the Government perceives to be voices of moderation then WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE.

Watch it for yourself and make your own mind up, and when you have finished watching it remember that not one of those captured on video were arrested for their hatred, treason and war aimed at us, instead it was the documentary makers who were arrested for breaching ‘community cohesion’ by West Midlands police. They were subsequently exonerated and West Midlands Police fined for attempting to bring a charge against them.

West Midlands police is in the heart of what could be called the Islamic Capital of Britain outside of London so you can imagine the police force there being controlled by Moslems. It is the same place where two Christian Missionaries from America were accosted by a Moslem police officer who told them they would be arrested or beaten up if they continued to preach hatred in the Islamic community there.

A sign of the times yet people still cannot see or believe!

Dispatches went back undercover a year after the first video to see if things had changed but they still found the same ideology being preached. Watch it for yourself, except its watered down so as to be politically correct this time, but the hatred being taught towards us is still there: Undercover Mosque the return

So as we are led into the darkness of what tomorrow contains based upon what now surrounds us, just remember the information we are being given by our present leaders about the threat that we now face is almost zero or it is manipulated to state there isn’t a problem or threat. And if anyone dares to educate others about this threat then they become enemies of the State who should be locked up and silenced on behalf of the Islamic community who nobody now wants to upset.

When Osama Bin Laden the commandering chief of the global Islamic army or his subordinates releases a video statement to the Islamic World and the West, if we are lucky we get a 1 minute segment on the news telling us its been released and that’s it, and the Islamic World who are inspired by this man get to watch the whole thing courtesy of Arab TV.

So we sit watching the X Factor and they sit watching what Osama Bin Laden the son of Islam who is fighting the American Super Power has to say.

Big difference over something so critically important don’t you think?

Is it any wonder religious Moslem zealots are chanting throughout the Islamic World, Death to America, Death to Israel and Death to the West when this is what they are being educated to believe can be achieved on behalf of their religion.

So while we in Britain live in ignorance of the true level of the threat that is aimed at us, the entire Islamic World are inspired and encouraged to destroy us courtesy of their leaders and Arab TV who are feeding them the information because its part of their religion.

No wonder people say ‘War, what War’ your mad!

Take a glimpse of these few videos courtesy of Memri to see the type of information the Islamic World is being fed and then understand the differences of perception between us living in the West and those living in the Islamic World and then use your own mind to think for yourself.

Is it any wonder we and our Civilisation are heading for defeat and annihilation at the hands of the Islamic religion when our Civilisation doesn’t even really perceive there to be a threat.

Holy War is Holy War whatever way you want to dress it up or deny it, and it has been with us since the 7th Century when Islam was first birthed upon the Earth so why should today be any different?

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