17 November 2001

Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) knee deep in *mud*

Im in the process of writing my last post to this blog as a matter of discourse and for the record.

Before I do I wanted to leave this short piece up as I know what is coming.

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Several months ago for absolutely no reason at all Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs blog) openly attacked me calling me a liar whilst having an online debate with someone. I haven't read the whole thing, just a little bit third hand which was enough. I wasn’t even mentioned in her online argument she just used the opportunity to broadside me in the public domain, and attack me (for what?).

I never said anything in response or in defence at the time as I had other things going on. A more detailed account of this personal attack will be in my final post.

What it was based upon was my asking her about interviewing Nick Griffin of the BNP on her blog radio. I am a Christian first and foremost and my main objective in life is sharing the truth of salvation with others whoever they are and from whatever walk of life they come from. It does have eternal consequences after all. As a Christian we know that Christ died for all, with no exceptions, and that includes Nick Griffin or anyone else. His beliefs and actions based upon his life are his before the Lord just like with all of us.

If questioned I would never have denied asking Pamela Geller to have Nick Griffin on her blog radio, why would I when I know I asked her? Not very logical is it, and I’m not a liar as she has stated.

Maybe I’m a fool for thinking it but I think you cannot change somebodies views or allow an audience to hear someone’s views unless you speak to them which is the whole purpose of having a radio programme. Even the BBC think the same that's why Nick Griffin eventually made it onto Question Time. So why wouldn’t I ask her if she would want to interview him considering I had been in contact with her, and she had used me for one of her programmes?

A close friend in America had been able to get Nick Griffin on one of the biggest Christian TV station’s in the US at the same time (2007). Because we Christians try and help whenever we can because it is in our nature regardless of what people say or do because Jesus is our example and we only have to look through the pages of the Holy Bible to see this. He is our judge and not people and their narrow minded opinions.

Our actions are not based upon reputation or money; they are based upon Jesus and His example, when we are walking in His ways.

So in reaching out to Nick Griffin at that moment in my life I was able with another Christian brother, to have Mr Griffin sit under a very powerful Christian ministry and contemplate his eternal salvation and share his personal and political views “good or bad” with a majority non-judgmental audience for them to make up their own minds. This was at the same time I asked Pamela Geller who flatly refused the request.

People’s opinions do not dictate my actions. Serving Jesus by my actions dictates my actions as it is Him who I will eventually answer to, and not you. When we are gone people’s opinions will not matter one I-o-ta.

At that moment in my life 3 years ago I had lost everything, my business, my home, my family life and my life was in danger. I went from living comfortably to sleeping in a car, and then being homeless. Along that journey via my good friend in America who is English and was born in India, one of his friends, a Nationalist and who was a member of the BNP offered me help and took me in. Him and another person helped me for a few months and then another BNP member offered me assistance.

I had no alternative but to accept this help and assistance and looked at it as a provision from the Lord and obviously used the time to find out Nationalistic views and share and debate my social and religious views and used these divine encounters to share my faith as any Christian would.

I am not anti-BNP because I know why people vote BNP and I know that there are many many normal people who do vote BNP because they are desperate and there is nowhere else for them to turn within the political landscape within Britain. There isnt a real British alternative to address the very real issues people are facing over mass migration and Islamisation in communities the length and breadth of the Country.

I am anti the Neo-Nazi fascist side of the BNP but that is not my concern because I am not a member of the BNP and the BNP do not threaten me, although I know they have played a hand in the hijacking of the English Defence League when it was first formed, and the subsequent smear campaign waged against me.

Now look at the internal state of the BNP with high profile sackings, people leaving in their droves, financial irregularities, and a turning back to the 1990's at the ballot box.

1 Chronicles 16:22 "Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm."

The neo-Nazi fascist elements linked to the EDL leadership are widely publicised now by the anti-Fascist websites.

Take from this what you will but the 2 BNP members, who helped me at a dire time in my life when I needed help, were both been booted from the Party. It was nothing to do with me, 2 completely separate incidents but both happened during and after meeting me. You have to ask yourself; what was God saying?

It was whilst staying with one of these people that I asked about Pamela Geller interviewing Nick Griffin. I cannot deny it and I wouldn’t deny it because it happened, so how and why she called me a liar without asking me a question or showing any proof that I was a liar is quite absurd and downright wrong when I had never done or said anything against her.

It’s a twist of fate now that a few months on from that public attack and insult against me on-behalf of Chris Renton & Co, the EDL leadership has been exposed for what it is. Amongst those who have the intelligence to think for themselves, and she is standing on the side lines as one of its biggest cheerleaders. Even all her credible Jewish allies have now come out opposing the EDL because of who it is being run and led by, and she is there standing in the middle of it knee deep in the *mud*. Still in denial and still trying to defend herself being knee deep in it because of how damaging to her public reputation it would be to admit what even her Jewish colleagues are saying. Damaged reputation means a loss of earnings from the anti-Jihad movement.

Bit late now though.

Video: EDL War & The Money

For the record, unlike the EDL leadership I have never voted BNP or for any other political party in my life. I have never been a member of the BNP in my life. I have never in my life elected my local BNP councilor or any other councilor, and I have never stood on the streets with a banner saying I am not BNP when I clearly was.

EDL's Leaders & The BNP

Video: Another "Tommy Robinson" Pinocchio moment

Video: "Tommy Robinson" stage act to fool the British crowd

My final post to this blog will clear up a lot of things. My issue is not against the EDL movement, why would it be when I was the one who actually set it in place and in motion at the beginning. My issue is with its leadership which will be fully covered in my final post.

Nobody can call me a racist because I was under arrest for 18 months on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred, and after 18 months the CPS did not have any grounds to charge me. And nobody can call me a neo-Nazi because a neo-Nazi would not put his life on the line to help the Jewish State against her enemies.

You could ‘probably’ call me an Islamaphobe though.

Lionheart – In service of the King “the Lion of the tribe of Judah”

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