21 April 2011

Who really founded the English Defence League?

This is just a brief overview with a few facts to clarify who was the founding father and spiritual leader of the English Defence League National street protest movement before being targeted for removal when my back was turned and I was out of the Country because of my involvement in getting the movement off of the ground at the start. It should never have come to this, but due to the fact that it was hijacked in the beginning stages after its birth and the truth behind its formation has attempted to be blotted out from history by those who hijacked the vision and movement for their own personal and political gain at the start, as a matter for the record and for future discourse I feel that it is necessary to leave this post with a few facts, on this blog for people’s future historical reference. (Along with everything else that has been written on this blog over the past 4 years).

The English Defence League has made a little blip in the modern social history of the British Isles at a time of great cultural turmoil so it is only right that this one aspect of the truth that I am a part of be told on this blog.

This is not the full story; this is just the story of the foundation of the English Defence League. The story behind the planting of the seed that became the tree that people now see, only the tree is rotten at its core (leadership) and many see that now which is why it has achieved nothing of note over 2 years other than a few TV appearances for “Tommy” to state the case for the movement, made those at the top who control the movement wealthy off of the backs of patriots and a patriotic cause, and cost the tax payer millions to police the drunken racist rabble.

The one good thing that has come from it is that in amongst the sheep who make up the English Defence League, there are Lions. Good and decent, true and faithful English/British patriots who have stepped up to defend the Realm and have shown that by taking to the streets in protest. We all have different parts to play, and as one great man said: “One man’s weakness is another man’s strength”, but we come together as one.

The attempt to blot out from history the part I myself played in forming the EDL at the beginning has been pretty successful that’s why most people reading this will wonder “how could this be true”, because the general consensus even in the media is that “Tommy Robinson” is the founder and leader of the English Defence League, so how could anyone else lay claim to being the founder?

I won’t dispute that Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” is the leader because I offered him the leadership position at the beginning and he accepted. Even though I could look upon placing him as leader as a mistake now, it’s far from a mistake (Romans 8:28-30) because now my knowledge about the streets of Luton & Dunstable which is what started me off in the anti-Jihad movement is complete, with the knowledge of why Al Qaeda declared war upon Great Britain from there on the morning of 7/7 2005. This will be covered in my street politics post.

For me, so much has happened towards me and my family over the 2 years since the EDL’s formation from these wolves in sheeps clothing that hijacked the vision and movement in the beginning, even disgustingly enough, from people who profess to be English patriots from Luton (who are not English at all, they are Irish), which has been the area most talked about and the whole basis for this blog over the last 4 years. At least now after 4 years the full truth has been revealed to me so my blog and the actions against me and my English family have not been in vain “for Queen & Country”. History will remember all of this because what is coming is inevitable and God has already spoken; remember that Steven, Kevin and the rest of your crew! God has always known and we will be on the winning side that is a fact.

It is only right and just that I share my side of the story and point out the lies and fallacy being spread by the local Luton Irish plastic gangsters “Tommy”, Kevin & Co. For me I do not really care about laying claim to anything because to boast is not in my nature, but in reality I can lay claim and I do lay claim, not to boast but because it is the truth, and that is all this is about, the truth, and it shows Irish “Tommy” to be the liar that he is. He has never once had the humility to mention me or the part I played in forming the EDL at the start, because to do so would expose him as the liar that he is, and remove his grandiose claim to being the founder of the EDL and in turn remove his cult leader status from amongst his followers. Even Alan Lake the one who was brought in by my contacts at the beginning has propagated the lie, because his words were “you have to get rid of him” about me behind my back, which can be proven by emailing Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna blog because she is the one who told me what the little Hitler had said and done when my back was turned.

All “Tommy” and his hooligan brown nose groupies have done is spread the word that the English Defence League has nothing to do with me, that I never played any part in its formation, called me an infiltrator, completely smeared my name and reputation across their EDL media platform, and unsuccessfully attempted to intimidate me into silence. This includes threatening my family, and smearing family members of mine. All this towards me, an English patriot who will not buckle and bow under any circumstances at the hands of a few Luton Irish Catholic plastic gangsters and their hooligan brown nose groupies who control the EDL. Not for the good of the Country, but for the good of themselves.

Intimidation and violence towards their opponents is common place and can no longer be hidden after Irish “Tommy’s” Blackburn disgrace. How he is still walking the streets is testament to Alan Smith and his accusations being true.

2 years on, that belief spread about me holds weight in the eyes of the EDL cult and it’s following of sheep, but you can never deny the truth, even if it is only a handful of people who know the truth. I don’t mind though because the English Defence League as it stands is an embarrassment to England, and the St George’s Cross that they hold up, which is a shame because of its dangerous potential in the hands of true leaders.

The English Defence League as it stands now has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me other than I formed it in the beginning, I set it in motion, gave the vision for it, and the political ideology the leadership profess is taken directly from my blog leaving my DNA all over it still to this day. All throughout the life of the EDL, the leadership have uttered my words and vision taken from my writings and videos to their EDL followers. The words originality and inspiration are not in their vocabulary, that’s why they stole and continue to steal other people’s visions and inspirations and claim them as their own. “Tommy” couldn’t even come up with his own anonymous name he had to use someone else’s who had gone before him which kind of just about sums him up, living in other people’s shadows and footsteps. I remember “Tommy” even saying in interview that before the EDL he never knew anything about Islam, yet now he professes to be the founder of a National anti-Islamisation movement? Clown…

Off subject slightly but one of the main reasons there was fall out at the beginning was because I and others, could not morally nor politically support a protest on the streets of Britain on 8/8 due to the fact I have Jewish friends, I support the State of Israel and I am not a neo-nazi. 8/8 is the most symbolic statement in neo-nazi ideology as it stands for Heil Hitler and all Nazis use it, so no right-wing protest group that professes not to be aligned to nazis should be on the streets on that day (In my opinion anyway) due to its significance. I wonder how all of the Jewish supporters now looking at the EDL tree, feel about “Tommy” ignoring the pleas at the beginning and baptising the English Defence League on 8/8? I suppose most of them do not have a clue, they just listen to the bull that comes out of his mouth while he seeks support and funding to line his pockets. Chris Renton aka John Sheridan was even on Stormfront forum under the alias EDL drumming up support for that day.

I still believe in the core reasons of why the EDL was established in the first place, and the core values of the anti-Islamisation street protest movement in Britain and around the world, and I still morally support those people who are protesting on the streets for the right reasons, whatever banner they are protesting under.

What people see as the English Defence League now is a completely basterdised version of what it was intended to be and is in the leadership hands of non-English leaders. It still wears the English Cultural clothes from its original form which gives it credence in the eyes of many people who do not know the truth yet, but inwardly it is controlled by a bunch of Luton Irish criminals, their token Asian who sees himself as the Nations saviour, Kermit, their EDL mini Hitler Alan Lake and their Jewish Nazi Roberta Moore. They are not using the movement for the good of the country and our children’s futures, only themselves, whilst all along standing under the banner of an English Defence and the justified and righteous cause of anti-Islamisation in Britain that patriots who make up the membership of the EDL have flocked too.

The clearest case of wolves in sheep’s clothing that you will ever find because to everyone looking from the outside they do look like a serious and credible anti-Jihad movement, which they could be with all of those committed and dedicated members willing to travel all around the country at their own expense each month, but on the inside the truth is completely different with the leadership continually pulling the wool over people’s eyes by their words and actions, and achieving nothing for the people of England, and our children’s futures..

Further reading: Nothing English about the EDL leadership

Here is the evidence that proves my position as the founding father at the beginning stages of the English Defence League’s formation.

There was a lot of activity online concerning Luton after the disruption of the Poachers home coming by the now banned group Islam4uk. I had been writing about Luton & Dunstable for 3 years before this point which resulted in my arrest. So as soon as events unfolded on the ground in Luton I became actively involved online to raise the profile of what was going on, on street level. There was a protest march planned by an ex-soldier for the 28th March, so I supported it and got Jeff Marsh of the Welsh Defence League, and also March for England who I was in contact with at the time to support it too. The frontpage of the newspaper at the time stated that the march had been taken over by facists, which was a lie; it was being promoted by patriots. At the same time as this frontpage newspaper report it was the funeral of a local police man, and the march had taken precedence over his death in the paper which highlighted how serious the local police were taking it. Due to this, and out of respect to Luton police and the dead policeman’s family, I decided to drop my support and asked Jeff Marsh and March for England if they agreed and they both did, so the support for March 28th was cancelled.

I stated through email and facebook groups that our support for March 28th was cancelled, so we would apply for a legal St George’s day event instead, which is what I did. I warned the police what would happen if the English community were not allowed to celebrate their day while everyone around are allowed to celebrate their own. Continuing the persecution of the English and the contempt the British Establishment has for the English, the St George’s day event was refused and Wayne King now known as "Tommy Robinson", whose real name is Steven Yaxley-Lennon contacted me and we met.

His group of football supporters had already held a demonstration in the town before the meeting I had in the Town hall, and they had planned another one on the May bank holiday. I wasn’t a local football supporter and many other local people who would support the protest were not either, so I said to him that he needs to name his group something that encompasses everyone in the local community. He came up with the name “United People of Luton”, so I put him in contact with the webmaster of United British Alliance the original anti-Islamisation street protest movement and he created a web page for UPL.

I supported the UPL demo before the event along with Dave Smeeton of MfE, we were both in talks with the police at the time and a route was arranged that everyone was happy with. I was there on the day and things turned out totally different from what was arranged, with the demonstration descending into a rampage on the streets and confrontation with the police.

For me, after being involved in the online anti-Jihad movement, the street protest was the natural progression, and I had been in contact with United British Alliance since I started my blog in Israel at the end of 2006, and then March for England who were both pre-cursors to the English Defence League. I got involved on the ground at the beginning to make the anti-Islamisation street movement happen, which is why I was sitting in the Town hall standing up for the English community attempting for a legitimate and legal, St George’s day event, and was why I supported the UPL May protest and was on the ground in the protest during the day (this will be explained another time).

There was then a protest arranged by an agent provocateur under the alias Dave Shaw in London where he didn’t turn up but a couple of dozen patriots from as far away as Newcastle did. No one knew what to do or where to go so I directed the protest to the London Central mosque in Whitechapel because I had been living right close by at the time and knew that the area was no longer culturally English how we have been brought up to know what England is, it is a mini Islamic ghetto, and it plays a significant part in Islam’s plans to take-over London.

The next protest was in London and Birmingham on the same day (July 4th 2009). In Birmingham it was a pre-arranged protest that I put out a promo video message for people to attend, and they did. And London was a spur of the moment counter protest against Choudary in Woodgreen on the same day. I chose to attend London on the day because Choudary was the main focus for the movement to be started in the first place because of the hatred he and those like him are spreading on the streets. Jerry Watson who is a founding member of the EDL was in Birmingham, along with the other founding member there that day, the now infamous Richard Price. In London were members of UBA, MfE, people not affiliated to any group like myself, and a contingent from UPL. The police turned up in London and the Luton lot all jumped in their cars and left the rest of us standing there to be section 60’d. 2 young members of the group were arrested on flimsy charges after being provoked by a couple of mouthy moslem youths, and brought before the courts. As far as I am aware, I was the only one that day who gave a witness statement for both the youths arrested, and was willing to attend court for them. I know both these people and am still in contact with one of them. “Tommy” & Co just jumped in their cars and ran, and offered no support to anyone that was arrested that day?

The protest in Birmingham attracted a lot of people because of the promo video which resulted in Talksport wanting an interview with someone from the English & Welsh Defence League. They contacted Chris Renton to begin which will be explained in a moment, and he directed them to me. If I was an infiltrator, and had nothing to do with the formation of the English Defence League, then why was I put up by founding members as the one to talk to?

That kind of smashes their illusion in an instant.

Video: Talksport interview

I always saw the street protest as being a National movement and my personal objective was to bring the people together and set it in motion, which is what I did.

I then arranged a meeting with one of my contacts involved on a political level and she (Gaia) arranged with others to sit down and talk to work out how everyone could work together. I saw the only way for it to move forward in a significant way was to have support from the intellectual side of the Western anti-jihad movement. So it was myself who had brought the street protestors together, and then the intellectual side because I was in contact with all of them. It was at this point Alan Lake came into the picture with ideas above his stations, via my contact, and because I did not play ball with him because his ideas were not compatible with the vision I saw for the movement. He then put money on the table when I was out of the picture; and bought his way in at my expense. Money talks and you know what walks which is exactly what has happened.

My involvement was never to be leader of the English Defence League street protest movement, my involvement was always to form it, and help influence its direction. This is why when I say my DNA is all over it, I mean the iconography and the ideology, although it’s a completely basterdised version now, rotten to the core with real infiltrators holding the reins of power over English/British patriots who are dumb enough to still be following them.

The very first English Defence League promo video’s were put out to by me which set the stage for the future of the movement. (My account was removed from youtube, so these videos had to be re-added so the dates are different)

Video: EDL – The Calling

Video: EDL – Uniting the English people

My promo videos are the corner stone of the English Defence League street protest movement, and the give the ideology behind the movement in themselves, with EDL leaders even now using my words and inspiration when talking on the stage to their EDL followers.

A few times I have heard “Tommy” claiming my work as his own, even down to the vision I instilled in the movement from the beginning which will be explained another time. One of the most recent ones I have heard was when he was interviewed by George Galloway. He was asked who made you leader of the English Defence League and he replied “I did, I made myself leader”, he then goes on to say “I (he) founded the English Defence League”.

Video: Galloway v Yaxley

He set a protest up in Luton amongst his football supporter friends after a couple of them were arrested at the Poachers homecoming. I then advised him to name his group something and put him in touch with my other ‘street protestor’ contacts who travelled into Luton on the May bank holiday protest but did not join the rampage, they held the legal and legitimate demonstration they had arranged and then went home. I then attended all the first demos in London to see how the movement was going to work. I then put out the ideology of the National street protest movement through the promo videos which saw people take to the streets long before they heard a whimper from “Tommy’s” mouth i.e EDL – The Calling and EDL – Uniting the English people amongst others. I then did the first ever interview stating the future aims of the movement, and then brought my contacts in from the intellectual side of the anti-jihad movement that I had gained over the few years I had been involved, to make it a credible movement. I then foolishly thought that Steven aka “Tommy” would be the best person to be leader of the EDL because he had headed up the UPL protest, was active on the other protests, and was from Luton and I had been writing about Luton for 3 years, so thought there would be some loyalty and respect there as Luton is central to what everything on this blog has been about.

I was sadly mistaken as time has proven, and the reasons why are now apparent. At core level, the local Irish Republicans do not see things the same as the local English, even though they profess their Englishness. “Tommy” & Co’s motives are completely different to my own, and watching what they have done with the English Defence League, the abuse of good and decent people, including their families, and the money they have made off of the backs of patriots is proof enough.

I cannot see how “Tommy” the local Luton youth football hooligan who knew nothing about the anti-Jihad movement before the birth of the English Defence League, can claim he founded the movement? So to do so clearly exposes him to the pathological liar and charlatan that he is.

All of the above is proof enough of how something is founded, and each of the people mentioned above know my words to be true. I have fallen out with some of them, including MfE, as much my fault as theirs, for which I will publicly apologies in due course.

At the time of the birth of the EDL, Bartholomew was following my story as it unfolded, always with a vindictive evil streak for some reason, even though I have never met the man, and never done him no harm. He put out one of the first statements about the formation of the EDL and he clearly states I was the founding father.

Video: EDL – The facts (original was removed so this is re-posted)

Chris Renton aka John Sheridan the BNP Gold member was one of the founding members, who brought nothing but trouble from the start. As soon as the name “English Defence League” was agreed by myself, after another local man who was very active and vocal at the time and professes a Templar heart, suggested it to me, to be the name of the newly forming movement. Renton went ahead and bought the domain name and set up his Facebook account as “English Defence League”. This is why the Talksport people emailed him about talking to someone and he directed them to me. He was straight away told to stop using the name “English Defence League” because he was promoting himself to be the movement when the movement consisted of many different people. He was also told to get in line behind Wayne aka “Tommy” because he was pushing himself around as if he was the leader of the English Defence League. This obviously offended him and made me a direct enemy which later played itself out very publicly acros the EDL media platform that him and his brother have a controlling influence over even to this day.

This is a copy of an email to Jeff Marsh (Email 1)

This is a copy of an email from Renton after he changed his name (Email 2)

Picture of Chris Renton at the infamous 8/8 demonstration. As they say "A picture speaks a thousand words" (Chris Renton)

As you will see in Renton’s email, he states that I am right when I say Wayne aka "Tommy" should lead this, because I had chosen him to lead it, and during the meeting in London amongst a group of 10 people, is when he assumed the position when asked.

There is obviously more to the story but this is just a brief overview and clearly points out that “Tommy Robinson” is not the founder of the English Defence League, he is the leader who I chose to be leader.

I chose both him and Jeff Marsh to be leaders, and there is proof of this fact in separate photos of me singling them both out and shaking their hands for the police camera at the very beginning in London outside the Weatherspoons pub before going on the Whitechapel protest, weeks before the EDL was even formed.

Why if I did not know what was coming and what I was doing would I pick out the 2 people who later became the leaders of the anti-Islamisation street protest movement before anyone knew anything about the level the English Defence League was going to go to in the future?

Look at the Whitechapel protest, and then look at what that small group became!

I knew the future of the movement because I had the God given vision so saw what was ahead, and those photos sitting on someone’s desk were my way of stating that fact, that time has now clearly proven. With Jeff Marsh though, he was a natural leader so it wasn’t a choice it was just how it was, as if God had chosen Him for his role, and I helped inform him in the beginning before he really knew anything in-depth about the anti-jihad movement.

God has the power to remove someone in an instant though…

A more detailed account will follow.

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