14 April 2011

The EDL Dictatorship defending Democracy

In any organisation that is established upon our Western democratic values, if the leadership of that organisation is/are acting in a detrimental way to the good of the group, and the aims and intentions of why it was established in the first place, or are bringing the whole organisation into disrepute, then that leadership should be removed immediately and replaced. We see this democratic ethos working on a daily basis in our newspapers due to someone’s conduct in the public sphere and they are removed from their positions. It even stretches into government when MP’s fail in their duty or are shown to be incompetent stretching into criminality which has even resulted in some of them ending up in prison. Any organisation that does not adhere to such democratic principles and values can no longer be classed as a mainstream group and becomes a dictatorship, and under certain conditions could be classed as a cult.

At 08.49 into this video (
Tommy breakdown) you will hear “Tommy” in his own words, state that there is no one else within the EDL who can do what he does. The EDL has a following of 85,000 people on facebook. So in “Tommy’s” own mind, out of that many people, he believes he is the only person who can lead them and the EDL organisation even after his most recent violent outburst.

Is that the thought and response of someone with a dictator complex or a cult leader complex?

The English Defence League leadership of Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson”, Kevin Carroll, Roberta Moore, Guarmit Sing, Chris Knowles and Alan Lake do not adhere to the most basic democratic principles or values of a public organisation and what is expected from one, yet stand on a public platform under the banner of the “English Defence League” in front of their English/British followers and the worlds media professing to be the working class peoples defenders of democracy in the face of today’s threat of religious theocracy (Islamic fundamentalism).

The irony is not lost on them.

One of the ways they are able to get away with this is due to the fact that they control the domain names for the online presence of the EDL movement which is their No.1 platform for communicating (dictating) to their followers. If the domain names were in the hands of an independent third party then not one of those people would still be in place within leadership of the English Defence League. The other is that they lie, cheat and actively intimidate with threats of violence (which does result in acts of violence) anyone who challenges their conduct based upon the most basic democratic principles of fair play and justice that the majority of people in Great Britain are brought up on, are educated in, and expect from anyone in leadership of a public organisation operating in the public sphere.

Not only do these few within leadership protect each other and their positions of power, because if one goes they all go, they have also surrounded themselves with yes men and women. Circling their leadership and control over the English Defence League with a ring of steel consisting of people who are also willing to spread malicious lies, threaten with violence, intimidate, and wage disgusting smear campaigns to assassinate innocent people’s characters in the eyes of others on-behalf of the EDL leadership, if Irish “Tommy” or Kevin, are publicly questioned about the integrity of their leadership or the direction of the movement.

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Not only satisfied with verbal threats of violence and smear campaigns against detractors online, Irish “Tommy” the English Defence League leader, coked out of his brain, recently targeted a dissenter for a public lynching by his EDL mob, right from the EDL leadership platform at a demonstration in Blackburn in front of the worlds media Watch it yourself: Blackburn disgrace

If the English Defence League was an organisation built upon democratic principles and values of which they profess to be defenders and upholders, of then “Tommy” would have been ejected immediately, or forced to stand down as leader of the organisation by the board. This didn’t happen and “Tommy” thinks a simple apology after such a public display of revulsion whilst promoting an English Defence and standing under the banners of innocent dead people covers things over? (Video: Tommy breakdown)

Dictatorship or Cult?

Each person currently within the core leadership of the EDL has his/her own political/personal agenda, and is using the movement to fulfill that aim, contrary to the benefit of the movement. One of the worst examples is Roberta Moore who has stated in interview with the publication Haaretz, that her being Jewish, is using the EDL and not the other way around. Most references of this have been removed from the internet now though. My post titled “Nothing English about the EDL leadership” gives a very brief overview of the different figures controlling the movement. When you talk of the movement, you talk of the committed men and women willing to travel all around the Country every month to different protest sites at the direction of the core leadership.

In my opinion, the English Defence League under this current leadership has all the characteristics of a dictatorship, is being led by a group of foreigners, and has the characteristics of a dangerous cult mixed into one, if that is possible? The followers believe every lie they are told, will not listen to the truth even though it is staring them in the face, and do anything their messiah in the embodiment of Irish “Tommy” dictates to them. You will have to make your own mind up about that. One thing is for certain though, is that after 2 years the EDL movement with its committed followers has achieved absolutely nothing of note for the anti-jihad movement within Britain, except bad publicity in the eyes of the majority (drunken racist violence), not the minority who are already anti-Islamification anyway. And in the process healthily lined the pockets of Irish “Tommy Robinson”, Kevin Carroll and a few others at the expense of true and faithful English/British patriots who are dedicated to the real cause of why the EDL was formed in the first place, and who pay for merchandise to wear their colours on protest day. That is of course before you talk about the money skimmed from donations and any other activities that could be classed as illegal.

There is a long list of examples of why the EDL leadership of “Tommy” and Kev, the Irish family duo are failing the English Defence League, and bringing the whole movement into disrepute by their actions, but they and their core group have been able to cling onto their dictatorial power just like Colonel Gadaffi in Libya, although his time is nearly up.

Another reason why they are able to continue clinging onto that dictatorial power over the English Defence League in the eyes of others is due to the endorsement they continue to receive within the online world of the anti-jihad movement. Most writers and commentators who endorse them and promote them choose to ignore the violent acts against innocent dissenters they have committed, regardless of what those acts have been and who they have been against, which even includes an EDL leader being convicted for downloading child pornography, because it goes against their own agenda of anti-Islam (enemy of my enemy is my friend). This endorsement by leading online anti-jihad figures is another continuing factor that legitimises the EDL leadership of Irish “Tommy”, Kevin and the core group, in the eyes of their followers who are looking to many of these writers and commentators for their opinions on this leadership, so believe what they are told by them.

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If Irish Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” was true to the words that come out of his mouth, like in stating he only makes decisions based upon the good of the movement to make it a mainstream organisation, then he should negate the leadership of the English Defence League immediately after his most recent public shameful outburst.

Failure to do so confirms everything written in the above post.

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