13 April 2011

Nothing English about the EDL leadership

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The Luton Irish community have been at the helm of an English patriotic movement through Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson”, going up and down the Country smashing up towns and cities, terrorising communities, blackmailing local governments, costing the British tax-payer millions from their local police budgets, costing British business millions in lost trade, and they have been stoking the flames for a religious/race war with the militant Islamic youth in Britain by using English/British patriots under the banner “The English Defence League”. In 2 years they have achieved absolutely nothing other than a few TV appearances for “Tommy”, and a big fat bank account for the Irish family duo of Kev Carroll and “Tommy Robinson” skimmed from donations and the merchandise wing that has bought a nice big villa in Spain and a sun bed shop in Luton.

There is absolutely nothing English about the English Defence League. The leadership consists of 2 Irish Catholics from Luton, an Indian Sikh from Birmingham, a Jewish nazi from Brazil and an American Jewish Rabbi from California, who is supported by the Canadian Jewish Defence League.

What is English about that? Is it me or is there something wrong there?

Should it not be the English who dictate what happens in their own Country, especially when the banner is titled: the “English Defence League”?

The English/British underclass are the only ones still attached to the movement supporting the leadership now, except those with a vested interest in using the English/British underclass for their final solution agenda like Alan Lake.

The Canadian Jewish Defence League has already stated their aim of reviving the Churchill policy of direct confrontation, using their influence over the EDL leadership to achieve this aim within Britain. This means a non-British Jewish organisation using the English/British underclass as cannon fodder to start a street war against Islam by proxy upon English soil.

Kermit is the lone Indian Sikh amongst the EDL who uses his religion to bash Islam in the name of the English Defence League. Due to this, the main body of British Sikh’s have come out publicly against him and the EDL, and told him he will be expelled from the religion unless he leaves the EDL due to what he is promoting in their name.

The Brazilian Jewish nazi Roberta Moore who is head of the English Defence League Jewish division is one of the most abhorrent people you will ever come across, who actively and vocally promotes the killing of children in Gaza. I support Israel’s right to self defence from Hamas, but would never cheer them on and encourage the Israeli army through my words to target children’s schools as if killing innocent children was a commendable act. What type of human would do that? And she is head of the English Defence League Jewish division, promoting her ideals under the “English Defence League” banner and in the name of her Jewish ancestry.

It is no wonder the mainstream Jewish organisations in Britain who have been following what is being done in their name, have come out against her and the EDL, just like with the Sikh’s and Kermit. She has done more harm to the Jewish community living in Britain in the eyes of English/British patriots than she could ever imagine. The only ones who still support her are the English/British underclass who cannot think for themselves and have been brainwashed with the lies they are told and still follow the EDL leadership like willing sheep to the slaughter, those who are using the English street protest movement for their own political agenda, and those who do not know the inner truth, they only look at the exterior and see the banners on protest day and say “How wonderful”.

I follow the Expose group that gathers all the information on the EDL, and I can only reason that they must be immune to some of the stuff that they read on a daily basis because the EDL is like a living horror movie (it would be funny if it wasn’t true) with a leadership that advocates genocide, the slaughter of innocent children, a final solution that will see people executed, and a leader so out of his brain on cocaine at a demonstration he forgets where he is and what he is doing and has the EDL mob target a dissenter live on camera in full view of the worlds media. Sadly though, he targeted the wrong person, and it was an innocent ex-squaddie who was on the receiving end of the public EDL lynching. Its shocking stuff and they as non-English are running around the Country using the name “English” leading a few thousand drunken followers who think they are famous, and blinded by this, because their organisation is mentioned on TV.

I fully support the English/British street protest movement and respect all those people who are on the streets for the right reasons, but in no way could ever support this EDL leadership, even though I was the founding father and my influence is all over it. If there was ever a case of wolves in sheep’s clothing then this is clearly it, and it is a surprise that it has not been banned yet due to the leadership, their actions and their conduct.

A couple of Irish Catholics (questionable family politics) supported by a hardcore ideological nazi who is already talking about executing people, a couple of non-British Jews who revel in the slaughter of children along with their token Asian, and supported by a Canadian Jewish organisation attempting to start a street war upon English soil, using a social movement they hijacked at the beginning so as to fulfill their own political agendas.

Endorsed in the anti-Jihad movement psyche by the likes of Gates of Vienna and Atlas Shrugs.

Doesn’t matter how many “God save the Queen” they say, or how many NI Loyalist groups they join, its never going to add up for Lutons Irish Catholic “Tommy Robinson” and Kevin Carroll. It’s just more lies to cover the wool over people’s eyes as they continue their path to ferment civil unrest within Britain based upon their family politics, and make themselves rich at the expense of true patriots and a patriotic cause in the process.

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