25 January 2011

Russian Islamic terror attack

Re-posted from November 2007

All the usual moslem suspects promoting and supporting violent Islamic militancy in Russia who are linked to base camp UK (Luton & Dunstable) which is now also a launch-pad in the West for the 21st Century global jihad.

MI5 have this week (2007) publicly stated that Al Qaeda are grooming British Moslem children for Jihad and terrorist operations against our country within mainland Britain. As you can see in the picture above there is a young child around the age of 6 or 7 who is in the presence of Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and other Jihad leaders who are all preaching 'Holy War' against Russia within a Mosque in Great Britain - This is natural to Moslem children.

In the same MI5 press briefing this week, Jonathan Evans, who is head of MI5 condemned Russia and China for their spying activities that he said is at Cold War levels, he said that foreign agents are causing the British intelligence services to concentrate on their activities within Britain when their time could be better spent dealing with home grown and International Islamic Terror threats.

I agree with Jonathan Evans that if foreign agents are gathering information on sensitive British targets then that is wholly un-acceptable and is nothing less than an act of War.

What the short video's that you are about to view show, is that if the British intelligence services and the British government are not going to act to prevent Islamic Terrorism from being exported from this tiny Island then these 'Nations' have a right to do whatever they deem is necessary to prevent that Islamic Terrorism from being exported from here and landing upon their distant foreign shores and threatening their innocent civilian populations.

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