9 January 2011

EDL Noncegate: “Defenders of Free speech”

Website: EDL Noncegate affair

This is a continuation of the EDL leadership paedophile scandal for any outside observers of what is unfolding so that you can have a better grasp of the situation with which to form and opinion and base a judgment over.

Regardless of what smears and lies the current EDL leaders are saying about me personally, which will become clear in due time, when you actually take the time to listen to my side of events when they are presented, you cannot escape from the facts that have been presented so far about the cover up of Richard Price downloading vile sexually explicit images of children, and then the subsequent cover up from the EDL membership and their supporters by “Tommy Robinson”, “Kevin Caroll” and “Roberta Moore”. ("Tommy" lies)

Just ask Gaia if I should be listened too! And ask what Alan Lake did behind my back to remove me, when the EDL movement was hijacked at the beginning when my back was turned!

This is not against the EDL movement and its original aims and intentions; this is about holding up the current leadership to the high standards everyone expects from a group who are running around the World carrying the Blood Red Templar Cross of Jesus Christ, and professing things in the name of Christianity.

The current EDL leadership’s actions so far have been covered up with lies, half truths, smears, and the blatant persecution of anyone who dares to exercise their God given right to free speech, if it goes against the EDL leadership. This current EDL leadership is then endorsed in the eyes of many followers of the counter-jihad movement around the world by their online commentators like Atlas Shrugs and Gates of Vienna for example.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time

The American military have termed this war against the militant wing of the Islamic religion as “The Long War” that could last 100 years, and the online counter-jihad media presence is an important factor in this strategy to inform the masses of the dangers we now face.

So this current situation with the EDL leadership goes much further and deeper than what is right or what is wrong with this situation, even though that is bad enough in itself, this now goes to the core of the integrity of the online counter-jihad media movement itself.

Now this most recent EDL Noncegate scandal has broken, how can any of the EDL’s most vocal supporters and commentators ever have any ounce of credibility in the eyes of others within this field, if they stay silent over such a serious affair that they are connected too, when they were given the opportunity to come out publicly and make their thoughts and opinions known for the record.

One of the EDL leadership admitting in a court of law, that he downloaded vile child pornography, and who is now on the sex offenders register for the next 5 years, with the EDL leadership then covering up this event with a whole body of lies and stories to fool the masses. That was before of course they turned to their normal tactic when things get a little sticky and became enemies of free speech by silencing any talk of the affair on any of their media platform, and banning members who dared to say anything when they were told not to.

How is that defending free speech?

If none of the EDL leaderships leading supporters from around the world say anything about this recent despicable affair then they are as culpable in the whole cover up in the eyes of others as the EDL leadership themselves. Inadvertently accomplices to paedophilia, just like “Tommy”, “Roberta” and “Kevin” who each defended Richard Price who admitted guilt himself, are. You then bring the hard work of other good and decent people within this field into disrepute, because of your silence, because who wants to be linked to those who are complicit in child abuse?

Its one thing not knowing about the scandal, and then finding out and publicly making your thoughts and opinions known, it’s a completely different thing when you actually know about it and then cover it up or stay silent.

This challenges everyone now, and I will re-iterate, this is not about the good and decent people within the EDL who are there for the right reasons, nor the original aims of the movement. This is about the continuing conduct of the leadership who are running around defaming Christianity and the history of the Knights Templar by their actions.

Is silencing debate by deleting all known knowledge and banning people who dare talk about the issue, an act of defending free speech? Is ignoring something of such importance with much wider implications an act of defending free speech? Is publicly attacking and criticising someone who dares to share their thoughts and opinions over the subject matter a case of defending free speech?

Time will tell…

For those of you reading this who do not know the real inside story of the EDL leadership and how they have gotten away with so much for so long, here is a little lesson for you of how they silence their internal critics, whilst proclaiming we are “Defenders of Free speech” around the world.

They control the online EDL media platform, so the core EDL leadership crew spread complete lies and half truths around the online presence against anyone who threatens their positions, or has a valid opinion that is contrary to their own. The one on the receiving end has no way of defending him/herself in the eyes of the EDL because the crew control the platform, so EDL members only ever read or hear what the leadership wants them too. Thus the character assassination in the eyes of the EDL and their supporters is complete.

They tell their members not to criticise their leadership, or other members in open format, because it doesn’t look good, but then go completely against that by using their media platform to smear others, and issue personal threats, as they seek to destroy reputations, characters and intimidate people.

The other tactic which is now perfectly clear to even the most stupid EDL member is the tactic of becoming enemies of free speech as mentioned above. Remove all comments and ban anyone who dares talk about the issue at hand, in this case not just a little issue, but the conviction of a crack head kiddy fiddler and the EDL leadership under “Tommy Robinson’s” commands, despicable cover up.

Blatantly lying through your teeth is another tactic, and the vast majority of people are so gullible they actually believe what they are told, even those who are viewed as the intellectual side of the counter-jihad movement. The most recent that I personally saw flying around the internet was “Tommy Robinson’s” police tactics video, posted below.

How naïve, gullible and stupid you all are is all I can say, but I do understand why because I was just as naïve, gullible and stupid at one time as you because he is a very good and convincing liar, until the truth dawned on me.

All I can say is watch this space as I know a little more than you know, don’t I “Tommy”? Remember that Hertfordshire police car pulling us over on the Motorway just before Luton? The one who took our details and was wearing the Christian tag around his neck. Lucky he never searched the car aye? Otherwise we would have all been in the cells and I was only catching a lift from you.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time

Also your MiG crew should know loose lips sink ships (grass) that's why I know who has firebomb tendencies amongst you!!! And don't for one moment think that I don't, because I do!!!

Dont worry, your secret is safe with me as I'm not a grass, and my issue isn't with the real "Tommy Robinson" and the rest of the MiG's, unless he or they, want to make an issue with me?

You should think what your doing before you start involving people's innocent family members!!!

And by the way, contrary to how important the EDL leadership think they themselves and the movement are; do you really think the British Security Services or anyone else, needs to plant evidence on them or stitch them up?


Shows how gullible and stupid you are...

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