8 January 2011

EDL & The collective denial syndrome

Website: EDL Noncegate affair

The integrity of the counter-jihad movement in the West

It seems that any criticism rightly or wrongly of perceived injustices or downright serious criminal activities and their subsequent support and cover up is met with stone cold silence by the online media commentators of the Western counter-jihad movement. Either this or vocal opposition that you would dare to have an opinion and share it in a public forum that is contrary to what they want people to hear, which then singles you out to be the one in the wrong and then demeaned in the eyes of their readers.

This can only be described as a form of collective denial syndrome.

Its like Basil Fawlty “whatever you do, don’t mention the war”.

Many online media commentators within the CJ movement are often complaining about how the mainstream media never portray certain issues in the correct light, or are always covering up the issues they themselves are addressing, which inevitably leads to the MSM media as being labeled as biased etc

After watching things myself as an observer with his own personal interest of the CJ movement around the World, and at home with the EDL leadership, I can only come to the conclusion that many of the online commentators I have followed have absolutely no integrity, and would prefer to cover up the truth or stay silent which makes them no better than the MSM that they are so quick to condemn, and are culpable for any criminal acts they have stayed silent over. Their silence and continued support makes them no better than the criminals themselves because they are endorsing their actions by their knowing silence and continued public support.

Maybe it’s my naivety about this subject, but why should anyone in power or in control over decision making within government ever listen to the views of those within the CJ movement when they lie, cover up, and stay silent over very serious issues because it contradicts their own personal agenda.

Those in power and in control of decision making are not stupid; they have a good grasp of the facts, not the facts that are a part of the collective denial syndrome, the actual facts which inevitably determines their opinions and their actions.

Whether people like it or not there is a whole body of evidence in the public domain detailing the extreme right wing neo-nazi influence controlling the English Defence League. This take-over of the EDL happened very early on in the life of the EDL, and over time the facts have emerged, contrary to what EDL supporters have wanted to believe, so they have taken the collective denial syndrome approach even in the face of over whelming evidence.

Just because “Tommy Robinson” or “Roberta Moore” tell you something doesn’t mean it is a fact or true. You have to align what they say with the evidence presented and see whether or not it holds up as the truth.

To any serious follower of the EDL movement either supporter of the cause or enemy of the cause, you will know that what they say as a presented reality and how things actually are in reality are two completely different things.

This then leads onto the question; how can anyone ever believe what they say and publicly support them?
Again, the collective denial syndrome.

This is not an anti-EDL post, this is a leadership issue over the control and direction of the EDL and has been there for some time now, concerning many within the EDL movement, past and present. The EDL movement is bigger than 2 or 3 people, it is made up of a large number of committed English/British patriots all over the country, only those 2 or 3 supported by others, have a strangle hold over the leadership so no matter what their misdemeanors are, the whole movement have to put up with it. Then the online CJ media commentators complete silence and continued support of those who have committed acts not befitting leadership that they know about means a continued endorsement of that leadership in the public eye. Thus, why should anyone in power or positions of influence ever take the EDL seriously? Other than the fact that they cost the tax payer millions and are a threat to civil order in Britain.

Smashing up your own country, lying at every opportunity, and covering up and protecting your paedophile friends is definitely not a credible organisation in my eyes, which is completely detrimental to the original aims and intentions of the movement as a whole, and makes the hard work of all those loyal committed people involved with the EDL for the right reasons, be for nothing.

Look at Snowy for instance who spent time in prison for his roof top protest who has now been expelled from the EDL, just because “Tommy” had the power to do so because him and his leadership control the online presence. Snowy’s case has its own story, but did you hear any CJ commentators stand up for him after what he did for the English cause within Britain? SILENCE

Collective denial syndrome.

As I have said, I am not anti the EDL cause, how could I be when contrary to public opinion based upon lies, I was the architect of the movement from its inception in Luton. The EDL cause is bigger than those who have a strangle hold over the leadership of the movement on the street. No matter what happens to “Tommy”, “Roberta”, “Kevin” or anyone else, the membership will still be in place and the movement will still move forward under a new leadership. Even if the EDL is banned the movement will still continue because it is a popular social movement now, comprised of a people united in a common belief and vision, only at present under this current leadership it has become an un-popular social movement to most people outside of the EDL and their collective denial commentators and you only have to look on youtube or google to see another opinion of the EDL from the outside.

This recent EDL Noncegate affair in my personal opinion is one step too far for anyone concerning this current EDL leadership, although there are still those attacking and criticsing me for daring to share an opinion on the matter, and everyone else is still affected by the collective denial syndrome.

“whatever you do, don’t mention the war”.

If this does not wake people up to reality from their denial and force them to start acting with some form of human decency and integrity, by way of publicly criticising and distancing themselves from those involved in lying to the EDL membership, and supporting and covering up for their EDL leadership friend who pleaded guilty to downloading sexually explicit images of children, then nothing will.

Continued silence means complicity in the whole affair, and means continued support in the public EDL eye of those who are guilty over the whole affair.

Of course there is the usual backtracking and lies by those involved, but it is too late, the damage has already been done because they lied to the EDL membership and covered up a very very serious criminal offence against the most innocent and vulnerable in society – Our children.

The EDL membership just do not want to believe this really happened, their friend downloading child porn, and the leadership have not helped by blaming everyone else, even the British Security Services, rather than actually admit their EDL leader owned up to his own actions, with the EDL leadership then attempting to cover it up for him.

The online counter-jihad media commentators around the world can continue to ignore this very serious event within the life of the English Defence League because it conflicts with their own personal agendas, but there are some who will not, and until justice is served for all those who know this is a step too far for anyone including “Tommy Robinson”, there will be people who will continue to raise awareness to this ongoing story and any more that unfold with this current EDL leadership.

Do not say you were not warned, when you could have acted and done what was right and spoken out but chose not to and continued in your collective denial. An open letter has been presented here on this blog asking Rabbi Nachum Shifren to make his position clear due to the fact that he is this leadership’s most high profile supporter so we would like to see his public position on the EDL Noncegate affair, and silence is not an option for him now.

Lionheart of England

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