15 December 2010

BBC: Luton & its Islamic and IRA terrorist links

Quote: While in my teens, I worked in a Luton pub where people would openly collect for the "boys back home".

Growing up, I'd heard stories about the
IRA's links to my home town but put it down to just that, but here, under my nose, was evidence. "Don't worry," I was told. "You're fine living here because you don't do it on your own doorstep. They go straight into London and come straight out again."

: A man who is believed to have been a major facilitator for al-Qaeda, who has been under surveillance for years, lived with his family in Luton.

He has been linked to many plots including the foiled fertiliser bomb plot.

He is thought to have sent one of the 7 July bombers for training and may have met the bombers before they carried out their suicide attacks.

If he is the lynchpin many believe him to be, then it is unsurprising that Luton is linked to so many attacks.

Full article:
Is Luton a breeding ground for terrorists?

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