20 December 2010

EDL merchandise & financial donor list leaked onto internet

Update: 22/12/10 School caretaker harrased for being on list

Is it any wonder the EDL's membership list of financial donor's has been leaked onto the internet, endangering the lives of everyone on the list, including their families, when their business hosting company is in India and is linked to the Islamic Nation of Turkey?

It's not a case of "You couldnt make this stuff up" You dont have too...

The EDL is targetting militant moslems who want to die killing infidel's to please allah and recieve their reward of 72 virgins and free passage into paradise for a host of their family.

Now those exact moslem militants have access to the names and addresses of their direct infidel enemies within Britain, meaning the lives of innocent women and children are now in danger, because the current EDL leadership who are not even English, cared more about the money from the merchandise wing than the security of those buying from their website and donating money towards what started out as an English patriotic cause.

Full article: EDL leaked list

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