27 September 2008

Bat Yeor On Islamic Jihad


Anonymous said...

In this interview, she is able to sum up the events unfolding in Europe.
The cabal of intellectuals and politicians within Europe who are guiding us towards an Euro/Arab Union, called "Eurabia."
This sounds far fetched to the average European, because it it like not being able to see the forest for the trees.
We are surrounded by the events and changes that will inevitably bring about the conditions of Islam being the dominant factor in Europe, so much so, that we cannot see it happening. (Unless we choose to.)
It is a "ratchet effect" much like the process of "Europeanisation" of the Nations of the European land -mass.
Nothing too quick, nothing too dramatic, but little by little we are moving down a narrow one way street with no chance of reversing.
Yet still most people would not recognise this.
Not even all the Muslims.

The possibilty of civil-war will be strived against by the politicians, and even "allowed" to happen, so that the iron-fist of repression becomes an accepted use of power.
All resistance will be crushed before the final building blocks can be placed.
The Muslim mind-set is proving so useful to the political planners, their whole system rests on the "one-mind" concept and that is so useful for those that seek to govern.
There are so many rules and dictats that they must conform to, and they are not tainted by the effects of the European Enlightenment, such as free-thinking and individualism.
What we see happening around Britain and Europe, is a deliberate fuzzing of the boundaries of moral-life as a pre-requisite to the clamp-down that will occur when the Nu-Europe will become fixed as an unchallenged system.
Our young children have been allowed to become slaves to material goods and products, useful consumers of that which fills the coffers of the politicians and the super-wealthy, such as we see with the bankers who walk away from collapsed financial institutions with their pockets full and hardly a word of criticism.
Like lambs to the slaughter, the children of western Europe are being allowed to gambol and frolic with no concern for the future except the notions of "global warming," and recycling that the political forces conveniently use as a tool of behaviour-control.
When the time is right, the screw will be turned, and those illusory freedoms and liberality will disappear as if they never existed.
Europe will be ripe for the plcking by the Islamic system, and many fools will conform as they hope that it offers some security and protection.
So will Europe's fate be sealed.
The clues are all around us, if we can but see.
The solutions are harder to find.
Perhaps the entity of Europe itself may provide the network of resistance, if all the factions who oppose this march towards Eurabia actually begin to use the cross-border nature of the new Europe and organise legitimately as political parties that straddle more than one country.
Thus we could imagine that the Scandinavians would co-operate, whilst Eastern Europeans work together and Britain with it's universal language has great possibilities to lead from the front.
There are many years to progress until we reach anything like a point of no return, unless, of course, Islamic jihad shoots the project in the foot or International events disrupt even the plans of the over-confident Eurabianists.

Anonymous said...

This video sums up the current situation very nicely. Fighting against Eurabia will be near impossible, it is already firmly rooted and so many laws and legislation has been drawn up to protect it's growth.

Today we can see Muslims protest freely as they spread their messages of hate & death. The indiginous people can not protest in this way, we'd be arrested before our feet touch the ground. The police are playing a big part in protecting the islamists. MI5 play to the islamists tune arresting small time terrorists as a diversionary measure whlst the real terrorists are left to plot against us. The leaders of these terror organisations are allowed to go free and still plot against us.

NuLabour made it clear in 1997 when Tony Blair's first objective was to consult with the Muslim Council of Great Britain promoising them more powers and influence on British Politics. Thos who voted Labour should hold their heads in shame! The Blair / Brown organisation has laid the foundations of the islamification of this country. The Conservatives would now be in a position to only go with the flow if they rise to power as they can not reverse Labours processes and agreements with the MCB.

Do not trust the mainstream parties and politicians.

Do not trust the Police.

Do not trust a 'moderate muslim' there is no such thing

The solution will be of that brought together by strong people. Unfortunately there are not many left as most seem more interested in Pop Idol, X-Factor and Coronation Street. Most of the male species in this country now act like woman being concerned more about their face creams and poofy hair styles. This country is doomed!

Lionheart said...


The United Kingdom is a land of its own so it will eventually fall into their hands unlike the Continent of Europe that will have no borders.

The Islamists will definately shoot the project in the foot.


Many are the type you speak about but also many are not.

God bless

Anonymous said...

this is a really good video, it addresses the right issues in the right time. i would only add that today it is not only Jews that are under moslem attack, but all non-moslems. so british people shouldn't think that "it's only the Jews, it's not my problem". islam is against all kind of freedom and civilization.