18 September 2008

The Revolution

Further reading: An open letter to members of the NBPA.


truthseaker said...

I Some time ago, wrote a letter to my local MP. Asking about Sharia law, his answer to me was that under no circumstances would sharia law ever be aloud to become law in this country, He lied!!!!. As long as our leaders keep pronouncing the same old mantra, islam is a religion of peace & that those who commit terror acts are not true muslims. The general population of this country will not wake up to the truth.

The problem is this, most people will believe what they are told by our leaders, as they are to lazy to research the truth & find out for themselves. So these idiots believe that islam is a religion of peace. Even though they can see on the TV news programs that this is total rubbish. They see when a terrorist act is committed, muslims round the world celebrating & should with joy. Handing out candy's, sweets, cakes, presents. This happens in all muslim countries not just one or two, all of them. So going off this FACT, that shows & proves islam is not a religion of peace at all, it is one of terror, violence, hatred, control, oppression.

When are the general population of this country going to open there eyes, it will only be when there is death on the streets & that will only be when it is mass death, not just a couple of deaths, as that is going on now. You sit watching what is going on, watching the news around the world. Watching what muslims are doing, how they are acting. You see the truth & facts the evidence of what they are truly after. Then you think what in gods name is wrong with people, why on earth do they not see what is right in front of there eyes. I pray every day that people will have there eyes opened to the truth of islam, I pray that they will be stopped. But in all honesty, I can not see it happening.

I truly wish that it would happen, but I doubt it & why. Because the people of this country prefer to be blind, they walk about in there lives with the idea that, well it does not affect them & they are ok & the Gov tells everyone that all is fine, so they ignore what is right before them. There are a few that can see the truth, there are a few that know what is really going on. But if anyone knows the word of God, they can see the truth, its all in that book for anyone to read. I really hope that the people of this country wake up & see what is going on, I really hope that they deal with this cancer & also the idiots in Gov that have let this happen. I hope against all hopes, though as I say every time, God help us all.

Anonymous said...

"F*** my old boots!" as we say in Luton.
This is the way forward Lionheart.
God Bless You!
You have let the facts speak for themselves.
You hit the nail on the head with this style of video.
It works much more directly than face to camera self interviews which can turn people off quickly.
After all, Brits are a rum lot and don't like being preached to much.
Keep them lively, good backing track, real facts presented in a telling way.
I doubt whether these Police-Muslim wolves will sue you for libel, (because they cannot smell money,) but if they do, so be it. It will achieve massive publicity for the cause of resisting the slide towards anarchy and chaos that rides on the wake of Sharia in Europe!
For once I have started to feel more sympathy for Sir Ian Blair, seeing what he is up against.
He has been accommodating to Islamic Shariaists on behalf of the Nu Labour rat-pack who put him in the job, now we see the price of bending British principles to allow more influence from the Islamic community.
They can never be 100% loyal to our Queen, or to Britain, because their religion sopecifically denies this option.
Their final and ultimate responsibilty is to the words of their prophet and their fellow Muslims.
Weakening before the wolf-pack is guaranteed to bring them down on your feet, howling and barking until they snap at the Achillies heel and bring down their prey.
The Islamic wolf-pack in the Police Force are bearing their teeth and now the animals are showing their true nature.
Good luck, Sir Ian, stand by your principles.
You have discovered the knack of assemblage and reportage Lionheart and I look forward to more such work, though it is all very time-consuming.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. It should be seen by every British household and all over the (still) free world.

YouTube is one of the best ways in the modern world to get the truth out. Unfortunately, not everyone owns a computer.

Keep up the good work,

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

In America some company at who's using their own money. Are sending People in the Mail..."Obsession, The Movie." The want all Americans to see this movie. There reason is to show how islam is not our friends, even the so called moderates. As well as, the company believe Obama is a threat since he has ties to muslims and islam. What's a shame is Russia, France, Germany, Canada and even the UK citizens all want to see Obama as the next USA President. My only response to that is. Americans don't get involved with others nations picking a leader. And we don't give a shit what other countries citizens what us to pick as our president.

Anonymous said...

It was so called 'Moderates' that ran a car into Glasgow Airport trying to cause death and destruction. These moderates we're Muslim Doctors. As I have probably said before, it's not the mouthy muslim that I'm most afraid, it's the muslim that says nothing. It's the muslim that goes out of their way to preach that Islam is peace, it's the ones that phine radio phones in's and say that we (Muslims) are not all terrorists. These are the muslims I fear. The NHS is full of them!

Thankfully, I think more and more this Government is learning from their big mistakes but are now too late to act as the Islamification of Britain comes back and bites them in the a*se.

Anonymous said...

I am sure their are some wealthy people who could send out DVD's to the public in Britain about what is going on.
There are many perfectly legal films that illustrate the problem.
Dig deep someone, support your country by making the reality available to the public.

Anonymous said...

The NHS and Universities are full of Moslems or politically correct sympathisers. I know that when the time comes, and it will come soon, for the final push to totally islamise (if thats a word)England. This is where it will come from. The so called government of this country and the police are basically collaborating with these invaders, so we cannot look to them. I think as far as the police go, individually the majority of officers realise what is happening and would probably have similar views to us (White English Patriots who are basically proud of our heritage and country).

The problem is then, that we must take action ourselves. This is likely to be our biggest problem. Unlike the moslem community, or even the Irish or Italians etc. there is no sense of common purpose or community spirit amongst us, the so called majority, although it does not feel like it sometimes. The type of action that i support is not violence, nor do we need hoards of skinheads fuelled with booze confirming the stereotypes that the media and the moslems love to portray. However, some form of loyalty to our own kind would be welcome. Perhaps making a point of not patronising moslem buisnesses and if it means paying a bit extra, by having to find a white British taxi firm or corner shop then so be it. Also by taking a leaf out of our French cousins book, and not being afraid to take to the streets and demonstrate when we feel that we are being treated unfairly. My fear is that we will just continue to moan about it amongst ourselves but remain in our armchairs and simply "Tut" as it all happens around us.

Thank god for the likes of Lionheart. I am behind you 100%.