28 September 2008

Islam in Europe

Glen Beck with Gert Wilders

Geert Wilders on Fitna Part 1 of 2
Geert Wilders on Fitna Part 2 of 2


Anonymous said...

LH, if you get the opportunity to watch Glenn Becks show. I highly suggest it. He believes in what you and your readers believe in. He doesn't hold back and calls it as he sees it. Mr Beck started out in radio as a talk show host with no college degree. Though he and others are very bright without attending or graduating college. He worked hard and got notice and today has a prime time cable news show. And he's highly respected amongst his peers and viewers. This just reflects that a person who works hard can achieve. Sure some people have an easier path.

I happen to like Beck and O'Reily too. They seem to be the only ones who disclose the entire store or come close to it. Whereas, other reports or talking heads just say what fits their view point and neglect to inform the viewers of the entire story. Again, that's a serious dis-service to the public and extreme irresponsible reporting to say the least.

I'm confident that in this war we must fight against islam, the economy and immigration to name a few will be won by the good people who are willing to take a stand. Won't be easy since we have many in the public and in government who seem to think we don't have any of these problems. Reminds me of some of the french in WW2 who just gave in and collaborated with the nazi's for self perservation. And then when the war was over they make these wild assertions they were working the nazis from the inside or some other lame ass excuse.

These people are just as bad as our adversaries if not worse. Since to me they are traitors. Times are hard for us now and will more than likely get worse. But, we all must look at the big prize at the end. Our freedom and re-gaining our great nations back to what they were. And what they represent. And I firmly believe that it's people like us who will have to win this all back for the others who just look the other way. God Bless the UK and America and we shall prevail whatever the cost is we have to pay to achieve our endeavor.

Joanne said...

Maybe the British people could do America a favour and post on American blogs about how bad their own socialist government has taken their rights and freedoms away and treated them like scum in their own land. Not only is Obama a socialist/Marxist, but he is a man who holds a Muslim name and was raised as a Muslim for at least the first ten years of his life, yet denies ever being a Muslim. America could easily be heading down the same path as Britain, whether they would like to think that or not. Obama is committed to the act of treason in America, but many Americans are oblivious to his lies and goals.

Anonymous said...

Dear American commenters, such sage words!
America is resilient and large enough to bounce back, even should you be burdened by an Obama Presidency.
Plus you have the right to get rid of him if he jeopardises the Constitution.
Maybe he would be a dose of salts needed to clear out his kind of politics once and for all.
Sometimes people have to experience the bad to appreciate the good.
Hopefully enough Americans will not be drawn to the rocks by the Siren's calls.

Anonymous said...

Europe is crying for help, hopefully the world can see it and take an example from it! Western civilization stands in this war as one entity, fighting against the evil of islam.
God help us to win this war.