1 October 2009

A voice of the pan-European resistance

Phyllis Chestler (American writer): The Enlightenment

FSM: UK street protests part 1
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FSM: UK street protests part 4

A clear and concise in-depth analysis of what now surrounds the English Defence League, and other anti-Islamification groups, who are protesting against the Jihad unfolding within Britain, and its continuing transformation into Islamic States ruled by Sharia law.

Make your own mind up about the situation if you have time to read all 4 parts.

Below there are 3 statements based on a set of questions posed, along with ebedded supportive links.

The questions:

1) Why was EDL founded? Did any specific event trigger this?

2) Who started EDL with you, and when?

3) Is EDL against Muslims, Islamists, or immigrants?

4) People have accused EDL of racism and - because of an interview with a right-wing Christian group - have implied that EDL is homophobic. Are these accusations true?

5) With views that can be seen by some as "far right", how can you stop people who are genuinely "fascistic" in nature (racist, xenophobic etc) attending such events?

6) EDL and SIOE demonstrations have received physical hostility from counterdemonstrators who simultaneously staged protests. These participants were from the "United Against Fascism" group, as well as angry young Muslims. One commenter on a SIOE blog suggested on Saturday that the level of hostility expressed by counter-protesters at the Harrow SIOE demonstration could have caused the death of the SIOE organizer.

What if such violence as we have already seen on Britain's streets at these EDL and SIOE events does get out of hand and someone - from either side - gets killed? Will this cause EDL to rethink its tactics?


The answers from Paul Ray

1) The EDL was founded as a direct result of the present British government’s total failure to act to prevent British society from being a safe and secure place for us and our children, now and in the future, from Islam and Moslems whose aim is one of converting the country into an Islamic State by all means necessary. Those aims take on all approaches through Jihad, whether peacefully through politics or through the bomb conducted by terrorists.

2) The original EDL was instigated by myself coming together with members of UPL (United People of Luton) and other anti-Jihad activists around the country who had finally had enough of the danger posed to our local communities and the country as a whole. The name was taken, as an English equivalent of the Welsh Defence League that was already in place after someone came to me, knowing my intentions, and posed the question “what about setting up an English Defence League?”

I agreed and things went from there and the group was formed. The original English Defence League was born in Luton by the people of Luton. It was initially formed in direct response to the Moslem anti-war protest by Al Muhajiroun in Luton due to the fact that a section of the local community had finally had enough of the militancy within their town and wanted action taken by the police and local government.

3) The current EDL now has different people doing different things separate from myself, each with their own views and opinions. My personal view and opinion is, is that anyone trying to convert great Britain into an Islamic State, whether peacefully or militantly, is an enemy of the British people, so those are who I am against.

If a Moslem is not actively engaged in trying to convert their host Nation into an Islamic State then they are not Moslem. Islamists are just the military wing of the religion and take all of the flack.

Take a read of Robert Spencer’s Stealth Jihad which talks about the silent subversive war to take our countries over.

Video: The third Jihad

My view is that if there are reformers within the Islamic community in Britain seeking to remove the concept of Jihad and converting nations from the Dar al-Harb into the Dar al-Islam, then they are obviously not who the protests are against and have the support of the EDL.

Those who have a proper understanding of the aims and intent of Islam and how they are seeking to fulfill their religion will know though, that deception is a key tactic to achieve their goals, so it is very hard to differentiate between who is and who isn't an enemy of the British people, especially when the government and media tell the uneducated public that “Islam is a religion of peace” and that Islamic terrorism is “anti-Islamic activity.”

The question of immigrants is a political question and bears no relevance to the EDL protests because immigrants come in many Nationalities and creeds, with members of the EDL descendants of immigrants themselves. Obviously there are many Islamic militants who are arriving and have arrived in Britain through the immigrant route and have claimed and are claiming asylum in the country which then brings the immigrant question into the equation but immigration per say is not what the EDL is about.

4) The leadership of the EDL was interviewed with a highly respected black member amongst their ranks by the said Christian group, so how on earth can anyone brand them racist? That is a tactic used by enemies of the EDL to try and discredit them in the public’s eyes The same well worn tactic of the left, which is the beating of those who oppose their left wing view with the big bad racist beating stick. The EDL is in no way homophobic and will defend the rights of homosexuals to live in peace and security as much as they are defending their own rights to live in peace and security, through peaceful protest.

Video: breaking the racist neo-nazi myth

Islam as a religion is a direct threat to everyone’s peace and security now, and not just here in Britain but also in America. This statement is based upon the teachings of the Koran itself, and what life would be like for non-Moslems living under sharia law, whether straight or gay. The people of England would not stand back idle whilst Moslems are seeking to stone homosexuals to death or string them from lampposts which is what the likes of Anjem Choudary are saying them will do to them. So the EDL protest group stands in defence of homosexuals within Britain. Most people have homosexual friends or know of people who have family members who are homosexual, the same as with people of different skin colour to their own. This is what a civilized society in the 21st Century is all about. Everyone has their own personal opinions and views on all subjects pertaining to life and just because someone who is classed as “homophobic” due to their own opinions does not mean that because they did an interview with someone then they too must be homophobic. Anyone who says and believes such things is clearly “stupid” and has a clear agenda so is using this stupidity to try and discredit the EDL. Those who believe these lies logically must be stupid themselves.

5) I am no longer an active participant of the current movement on the streets, but support the leadership of “Tommy Robinson” 100 percent. I have now set up my own branch of the EDL that comes under its own leadership structure called the St George division. St. George was not English, and he is the Patron Saint of many Nations so anyone standing under that banner can in no way be racist. In life though we all have our own opinions and views but as long as you hold up the ideals of St. George within your life then your view has to be the same as his but just living in the 21st Century. Holding up those ideals brings change in mind and attitude because at the core of it is the teachings of Jesus and the Christian faith. No racists are welcome, and before anyone says it, Islam is not a race it is an ideology that drives people through teaching them what they should think, feel and how they should act towards others. Skin colour bears no relevance to this debate.

6) Moslems will eventually kill someone that is a fact. I presently have several threats against my life, one being from members of Anjem Choudary’s extremist Islam4uk group, that has just reverted back to being the banned militant group Al Muhajiroun that was set up by Omar Bakri. The same person has also made direct threats to kill EDL members. We are now just waiting to see whether or not the police are going to uphold British law and arrest this person for his threats to kill and other laws he has broken.

You ask yourself the question whether or not these people are willing to carry out the threats, and when you do remember that they believe within their religion that Allah will reward them for killing enemies of Islam. This person who has threatened me has told his Moslem audience to draw parallels with my hopeful murder with the slaying of Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam, so this should help answer that question for your readers.

From my position, the English Defence League was only ever set up to be a peaceful protest group on the streets of Britain, exercising our democratic right to demonstrate peacefully against the issues we currently have grievance to demonstrate about. That view for the EDL street protest movement from my vantage point and with any of my active participation will never change no matter what happens. The question then will be whether or not different factions will break away with their own agendas using the EDL name. If someone is killed then the whole dynamics of the current street protest movement will change and then maybe we could do another interview at that point to discuss the new reality we all face within Britain and the future of the EDL street protest movement. Thank you for this interview and giving me the opportunity to answer your questions for your readers. God bless you.

Casuals United spokesperson Mickey Smith's answers

1) It was when the extremist Muslims disrupted the Anglian regiment’s homecoming in Luton, people tried to attack the protesters and two white people were arrested while the Muslims were allowed to continue, this is like our grandfathers returning from WWII to be insulted on our streets by Nazis.

2) The EDL was started as an alliance of the United people of Luton, and football supporters from around the UK using Facebook.

3) It is against Islamic Extremist, not Muslim people per se, those whose declared aim is to make Britain an Islamic state, and who laugh at our soldiers dying on their websites.

4) We are not racist and have many Sikh and Black supporters, we are not homophobic, and point out the anti-gay views of Muslim extremists in our attacks on them (see site link below)

5) We are finding it hard, and two idiots were caught “seig heiling” at our Birmingham demo, they have now been banned, as hooligans some of our members may be, but we are not Nazis.

6) If someone was killed we wouldn’t be happy, but it’s more likely to be one of us, as our members only fight in self defence and the most violence has come from left wing rodents and the Muslims they wind up.

The answers from Stephen Gash, founder and leader of SIOE England, and also Anders Gravers, original founder of SIOE:

1) There were plenty of blogs describing what and how Islam was creeping towards controlling the West and the rest of the world, but nobody seemed to be doing much. SIOE was started to have a simple message and to be a direct action group.

2) SIOE started in March 2007. Anders Gravers was already doing protests and other direct action events in Denmark with SIAD. Nobody else seemed to be doing much, so I phoned him and we decided to do a Stop Islamization of Europe demo in Brussels on 11th September 2007.

3) We do not believe in moderate Muslims. We believe there are Muslims and those who want to leave Islam. Some Muslims are more active than others, but all Muslims want sharia law and Islam to rule the world. Moderate Muslims are those who watch non-Muslims being killed, but still say Allah u Akbar when the killing is happening.

Therefore, we obviously oppose Islamists because Islamists are merely Muslims, and Muslims are Islamists.

We oppose immigration from Muslim countries.

4) SIOE's motto is "Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense!" We were the only group to protest against the Muslim ethnic cleansing of Greenlander Inuits from their homes in Gellerup in northern Denmark. We encourage support, and have support, from, persecuted minority groups in Islamic countries, such as Hindus, Christians in Indonesia, Copts in Egypt etc. Muslims persecute non-Muslims regardless of race, and Muslims of different races carry out the persecution. Muslims are the problem and it is Islam that inspires them. Race has nothing to do with it. However, we oppose racism and exclude racist elements from our organization.

However, the media are obsessed with race.

SIOE has tried to persuade gays and lesbians to attend their events and to explain how they are persecuted and executed, merely for being homosexual, in Islamic countries such as Iran.

SIOE has significant support from gays and lesbians in Denmark. SIOE wrote an article for the gay and lesbian foundation in the UK, which was partly published (edited as an editorial) about the Harrow 11th September demonstration.

5) SIOE does not accept the terms "right wing" and "left wing." The table of political oppression is a round one at which the left and the right would sit shoulder to shoulder, if it were not for Islam sitting between them.

Is stoning a woman to death for being raped left wing or right wing? Women are just dying to know.

6) Anders Gravers and four other SIOE/SIAD supporters, including two women, one in her 70s, were beaten with iron bars by so-called anti-fascists. Anders and another male supporter were stabbed at the same time, only saved by security vests.

SIOE is entirely peaceful in its protests, but refuses to be intimidated by self-styled anti-fascists who are, in fact, the most violent fascist thugs in Europe. We will continue to oppose Islam and sharia by stealth. This means demonstrating and protesting when we can.

Muslims are violent anyway, especially when they are offended. It is impossible for a non-Muslim not to offend a Muslim. Giving in to Muslims just provokes more violence by them. Appeasement of Muslims provokes even more stringent demands.

SIOE does not appease and faces down confrontation.

Stephen Gash
Anders Gravers

Video: Lionheart - Response to Salma Yaqoob

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Promo Video: Luton demo May 24th 2009

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