2 October 2009

The political question on immigration

UPDATE: Geert Wilders allowed into Britain

The political question over mass un-controlled third World immigration into Britain.

If they are that concerned about talking about immigration, then Islam and its current role of transforming our country into an Islamic State is completely taboo.

Instead some are even helping the Islamisation-transformation process right before our eyes, at the very
highest levels of government.

Seems that Lord Tebbit is the only one
speaking sense out of the main political class who are presently residing in the 'Houses of Parliment'.

A Geert Wilders a Dutch parlimanterian and possible future leader of Holland was refused into Britain and then banned, for attempting to show members of the 'House of Lords' his short film about the militant side of the Islamic religion - Fitna

Lord Ahmed, a faithful member of Green Lane mosque Birmingham, threatened to raise an army of 10,000 moslems to protest if they allowed the film to be shown.

The government bowed down in subserviance to Islam and banned the possible future leader of Holland from our country. So this shows the indignation the present government has towards are fellow Europeans over in that part of the World, on-behalf of Islam UK. They also went against the wishes of members of the 'House of Lords' who invited Mr Wilders to show them his short film about the threat that we face.

By the time people wake up will it be too late?

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