5 December 2008

Ummah.com is a front for Al Qaeda in Britain

***Internet Exclusive***

Additional reading: GJ & BR threatened with beheading

Ummah.com is one of the biggest, if not the biggest Moslem online forum in Britain that promotes itself as being a moderate Islamic forum to the wider British community, who also have links with many other Government funded organisations, Islamic and non-Islamic alike.

So while the Government are ploughing millions of pounds of tax payers money into these types of organisations to counteract the militant aspect of the Islamic religion that is now in our midst, these exact same organisations are able to use that money to build their infrastructure, build their Islamic agenda into the public debate, build their base of supporters and then use that power to influence the public debate, mobilise an army of Moslems to support their agenda on our streets to demonstrate against anything they perceive that is contrary to their Islamic religion, or by mass targeted letter writing campaigns to influence institutions and organisations decision making process.

British Government funded Al Qaeda terror being promoted under the guise of counter radicalisation and claimed to be the moderate face of Islam.

There is no moderate Islam, Islam is Islam and it has two faces.

I have been passed information from Glen Jenvey that clearly shows that Ummah.com and Ummah.net are one and the same website and they were both set up by Abu Hamza the spokesman for Al Qaeda’s Jihad within Great Britain. The Jihad which is aimed at the eventual conquest of the British homeland, thus turning our Nation into an Islamic State, and promoting our country to be a launch pad into the America homeland which is the greatest battlefield for Moslems in the 21st Century, ones born in Britain and their International counterparts.

The War is upon our shores if anyone had any doubts!

So it is a fact that the forum Ummah.com was founded on the most extreme militancy contained within the Islamic religion by the leaders of the Holy War in this part of the World, leaders who actively support and promote the Global Jihad. This can be seen on their ‘about us’ page that details their views and the militant organisations they support around the world.

Abu Hamza is currently in Belmarsh prison serving 7 years for his incitement and awaiting extradition to America to face Islamic terror charges there based in part, upon Glen Jenveys intelligence which showed that he had been trying to set up terror training camps in Oregon.

Abu Hamza’s British supporters who can be seen on this video are promoting the Islamic conquest of the British homeland and stating that he is not guilty of any crime and would not be in prison or on trial in an Islamic State: Pharaoh had a dream

Here are the Ummah.com links:

Link: About us
Link: Supporters of Sharia
Link: Abu Hamza SOS publications
Link: Ummah.net SOS archive
Link: Ummah.net is Ummah.com

So Ummah.com and its members who are now one of the biggest online Moslem forums in Britain and are promoting themselves as a moderate reflection of Islam are nothing more than Al Qaeda supporters dressed up as moderates by the Moslem 'liars and deceivers' who are using the art of Taqiya against the infidel, and their Left Wing supporters who endorse them and their ‘religion of peace’.

Further Reading: The myth of Islam the 'religion of peace'

If there is any doubt in that claim then look at this article in the Gaurdian newspaper about the threat of Al Qaeda in British prisons, it notes that Diren Barot who is now serving 30 years for his plan of creating a black day in British history, who was Osama Bin Laden's British General was able to convey a message from inside prison that was then posted on Ummah.com for his supporters to read, with it not being taken down by the forum moderators: Al Qaeda threat to British prisons

Known Al Qaeda operatives using Ummah.com to speak to their supporters!

I stated in my post yesterday ‘Threatened with beheading’ how Moslems are using propaganda to create a false reality in the eyes and minds of the non-believers living around them, and this information about Ummah.com’s denials and their inception and self promotion of the very worst form of Islamic militancy within Britain proves that point.

They will deny these facts until they are blue in the face because that’s what Islam teaches them to do, “so beware”, and if there is any doubt about that point I have just made then watch this film and listen to their denials about every single point captured on video: Undercover Mosque

And the British public believe it!

Western defence services have publicly stated that now in the 21st Century the internet is another battle front in this war with the military wing of the Islamic religion that is led by Al Qaeda and Glen Jenvey has been at the forefront of this online battle within Great Britain. Glen and his counterpart Jonathan Galt were the ones who tracked Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and Abu Izzadeen to name a few, collecting video evidence on their Islamic hatred and war that is aimed at all non-Moslems and our Countries which led to Hamza and Izzadeens successful convictions and Hamza’s impending extradition, and Omar Bakris expulsion from Britain to Lebanon.

Glen’s work can be seen all over the internet, with him featured as an expert on several films covering this subject. Here is a youtube page containing many of his gathered videos that have been released into the public domain: Youtube

Ummah.com have embarked upon a campaign to try and discredit Glen because of his intelligence gathering on them and their members, by creating lies and misinformation. Any one with an ounce of intelligence will realise that in the propaganda War discrediting your opponents is all a part of the art, so that being the case again re-affirms the point that Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’, it is a ‘religion of war’ and this is the media front for public opinion – Ummah.com

Lie and deceive the infidel until you are strong enough to take over.

Omar Bakris tentacles are still here in our Country with Anjem Choudry now the head of Bakri’s British Islamic terror front, with him being beamed in ‘live and direct’ to speak to his Moslem supporters in Britain when ever they host their Al Qaeda meetings promoting the take over of our Country.

Can it be anymore blatant?

Choudry is the head of the Sharia Courts of Britain, he has claimed Southall as the Capital of the Islamic State upon our shores and is behind the website Islam4uk.com

It is common knowledge to anyone that understands today’s World War against the military wing of the Islamic religion that the internet is just as important to the Jihad (Holy War) against our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation as the AK47, rocket propelled grenade, roadside bomb and Semtex is. It is the propaganda front that bypasses all Government controlled media outlets and reaches the masses at the click of a button from the comfort and security of their own homes and creates realities, perceptions and belief systems on the World around them.

The more Moslems living in Western Nations can be reached with Jihad propaganda based on their religion then the more supporters can be mobilised for the War, either for indoctrination and recruitment to the goals and ambitions of Al Qaeda, information that teaches Islamic terror training and explosives and weapons handling manuals to the wanna be Jihadists living in Western societies, or to join and mobilise members of the wider Islamic community to try and influence political process by taking to the streets in demonstration against anything they perceive to conflict with them and their Islamic belief.

Look at Ummah.com’s organised demonstration against Israel as a prime example of this mobilisation in action that turned into a mini riot in the centre of London where several police officers were eventually injured.

(The video below is for visual purposes only, I fully support Israel's right to self defence and their War with Hamas in Gaza, so please ignore the credits at the end of this film. To see the reason why Israel is now at War then please view this film: Hamas escalation)
This is a taste of things to come and it is made possible by the British tax payer through Government funding being poured into the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, and dispersed without trace to all of the newly established tax funded Islamic organisations that are being used to mobilize and unite Moslems as a ground force that is culturally invading the Nation and converting it from within into an Islamic State.

Disagree with Moslems and Islam and you’re a racist Islamaphobe and there are enough powerful tax funded Islamic controlled organisation out there now who will be more than willing to take up the case and exert their influence within the 'Halls of Power' to have you and your life destroyed for criticising one of them or not employing one of them.

Watch this space because I am sure Ummah.com and all of its members are not going to like my words and there will be enough Moslems amongst them connected to Islamic controlled organisations who will want me arrested for defaming Islam who will gladly take up the case against me the racist bigotted Islamaphobic Englishman.

Ring Bedford Hate Crime Unit tell them to add it to the list, now that we can be arrested for our thoughts and perceptions even though they are right, because they offend the new protected species in Britain because it exposes the truth of what they are about and their intentions towards us.

Video: The death of Britain

Ummah.com that was founded by the worst ever Moslem terrorist to have ever walked our streets is a ‘cultural weapon’ in the hands of the Islamic Kingdom for the Jihad in Great Britain to conquer the Nation and enforce an Islamic State upon the land.

It is not politically correct to criticise such a big group of Moslems in Britain and it carries great peril on all levels, but I hope you agree that someone needs to say something because if we don’t then we might as well roll over in defeat and hand our children and grandchildren’s futures over now.

As Sir Winston Churchill said: “Its better to die free than live as slave”, will your descendents say the same or will they be slaves to Allah and the coming Islamic State of Great Britain because of your inaction?

May God continue to bless the work of Glen Jenvey as he sends fear into the hearts of the Islamists and their supporters in Britain, and those reporters who bring this information at great risk to themselves into the public domain.

Further reading: islambase extremists


Lionheart said...

Reposted for anonymous.

Have you see a muslim demonstration against muslim terror?_____
so ***k islam. The Best mohammed T-shirt art is from Sweden.Watch and read the info at,

Anonymous said...

Everyone else can see it except for the British Government and do gooders. It sickens me.

Anonymous said...

Can I repeat your words of truth and insight?
"This is a taste of things to come and it is made possible by the British tax payer through Government funding being poured into the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, and dispersed without trace to all of the newly established tax funded Islamic organisations that are being used to mobilize and unite Moslems as a ground force that is culturally invading the Nation and converting it from within into an Islamic State."

You have spoken clearly yet the deniers will scoff, until that is, it is they who are the target of the Usurping Islamic Kingdom of Britain, that will declare war against the Church of England and even the Queen and Her descendants.

Anonymous said...

The result of allowing uncontrolled immigration and resulting population explosion of those from Islamic countries can now be seen for what it is.
The biggest mistake, or the most wicked deliberate policy, of the Socialist ruling elites of Britain and Europe.
Now with such huge numbers and growing radicalisation, these thousands of "protesters" will quickly grow to tens and eventually hundreds of thousand of Holy War Warriors, intent on toppling Britain's stability as they are already in France and Belgium, where the quisling governments and Unions are already becoming mouthpieces for Islamic war-front advancement across Europe.
We the People have been sold out by a bunch of fools and deliberate traitorous Socialist-Nazis-in-waiting.
Take a look at Socialist/Marxist ex Labour Party loudmouth George Galloway as he now works for Iranian backed TV on the "Press Channel."
Tonight he interviewd the editor of "al Quods" who called all Israelis and Jews a continuum of insults and racialist slurs.
He went on to interview a women from the "International Solidarity Movement" who Lionheart has previously exposed as gun-runners and would be Jew-killers for their Hamas friends.

Hamas planned this war with Israel with help of logistical experts from Saudi, Syria and Iran.
They knew the conditions they created in Israel would be met with a military response and that by hiding amongst civilians, whilst firing their missiles into Israel, the Hamas could guarantee to sacrifice some children and others and then hold up Israel as blood-thirsty genocidists.
It all worked to plan, just nicely, as illustrated by the creepy Galloway and his ISM and Al quods guests, who revelled in calling Israelis "children slayers," and blood-letters."
This was all contrived from the start.
Whether Israel had any choice but to go into the trap. who can say?
Hamas intentions are clear, "to wipe Israel from the map."
Now we have the perfect pretext for the alienation of Israel by America, courtesy of the Democrat President Obama.
One of his closest female politician-acolytes could be heard re-iterating the same defamatory words of the Nazis that used the Jews as scapegoats just 60-odd years ago, what more does the Jihad need, than an American government who sees Israel's independence as a useful sacrifice to achieve it's longed for "peace" in the Middle-East?
"Peace at any price," is another way of saying appeasement, and as Winston Churchill said in the face of the growing certainty of World War Two, it will lead to nothing other than,
"Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat."

Steve Harkonnen said...

All the Brits should say "fuck you very much Tony Blair for being such an Apologist and allowing these Muslim squatters for moving in" and taking full advantage of Britain's social medicine program as well....but meh, they won't listen. Britain is, unfortunately, a lost cause.

Glad to have found your blog again. For me it's been finishing my book, and even starting to blog again, so do stop in and post a word anytime! i just emailed you, so please write back mate.

Anonymous said...

The American you mention, anon, was Green Party candidate for US presidential election, former Georgia Democrat Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney.
Yes I saw her being interviewed as well, and a louder anti-Semitic tirade one could not have expected from Goebbels himself. She would make a fine National Socialist.
It shows how Americans are beginning to believe the anti-Jewish rhetoric and the "Palestinian" cause is just the right excuse for some to show themselves for the Jew-haters they really are.

Anonymous said...

Cross-party fury of MPs at Israel


Read this article and notice most of the loudest opponents of Israel are Labour. Don't forget this when voting in the upcoming European elections and the general election when it comes.

Labour are anti-British and anti-Israel.

Anonymous said...

I have seen your comments on US websites such as 'Jihad Watch' (you welcomed me when I first posted a comment on JW - after I had finally mastered their stupid typepad system !) but this is my first viewing of your own site. Ever thought of putting links to this site in your comments on other sites ? I will be adding you to my bookmarks.

Ivan the Yid from Bradford

Joanne said...

The British police are far too polite. I'd open up the fire hydrants and spray all the rotters down, and to make them even more miserable, I'd add a permanent dye to the water to make them all a lovely pink, just for starters. I'd also spray them with those large canisters of pepper spray and when they all turn tail out of there, I'd put buckshot in their backsides for good measure.

Anonymous said...

You are far too kind, Joanne.
PS what's wrong with flamethrowers?

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thanks for saying what needs to be said.

Anonymous said...


The majority of British voters now believe that religion, rather than race, is the most divisive issue in Britain today . Needless to say, this doesn't involve drunken brawls between Catholics and Anglicans, but instead reflects concern about the growth of the paedophilic murder-cult.

Although there is unease about Islam, this hasn't yet taken a tangible form in the public consciousness. If it had, then everybody apart from the morbidly suicidal would be voting for the BNP.

I think one of the main reasons that this unease has not yet transformed itself into justifiable anxiety and fear, is that people don't realise just how much of a clear and present danger Islam really is, and how little time is left before we are overwhelmed .

The voters need to be educated to understand and express their fears by learning about the full horrors of Islam's implacable supremacism, it's unrelenting hostility to all non-Muslims , and its intrinsically violent, predatory tribal savagery .

The public also need to be immunised against propaganda from Muslims and their grovelling dhimmis by being made aware of taqiyya (holy deception) - the sacred Muslim practice of lying to further the cause of Islam .

Finally, the voters need to understand why the Labour and Conservative establishment are so paralysed by political correctness, that they are incapable of facing the threat and continue to repeat the BIG LIE about Islam being a religion of peace etc.

A few years ago a Muslim organisation used to run an annual event called Islamic Awareness Week . Well the BNP can do fifty times better BY MAKING EVERY WEEK ISLAMIC AWARENESS WEEK!

We need to educate our fellow Britons so that their 'gut-feeling' about Islam turns into well-informed Islamic Awareness, which will inevitably translate into votes for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

George Galloway is a disgrace to Britain, especially his homeland, Scotland. To many, he has become the modern (Ultra-Far Left) equivalent of the Extremely-Far-Right Sir Oswald Moseley, leader of the Hitler-worshipping Brown Shirts of the 1930's.
Many believe Galloway and his Far-Left ilk(which include MPs like Tony Benn, Jenny Tonge, Claire Short and even Gerald Kaufman a typical example of the trembling Jew-hating Jew) are actually more dangerous to the welfare, security and future of Great Britain than the Moselyites who, at least, did not have hordes of German nazi residents in Britain marching and rioting in their ranks through the streets of England's cities. Moseley, whose hatred for Jews was irrational to say the least,hoped he would be chosen as the British Reichsfuerher if Germany ever conquered Britain.
But do the Galloways,Benns,Shorts, Tonges,Kaufmans, etc. really think that if the Islamists gain control of the British Isles, they will be part of the ruling class? They'd better think again...unless they are prepared to become Moslems & submit to Sha'ria.
Maybe they don't care about that, as long as it is others whose human
rights will be trampled upon..with hands, feet,or heads chopped off for the slightest infringements of
that cruel,primitive law system.
Will Jenny and Claire enjoy being kicked out of parliament, entombed in burkhas, enslaved, humiliated, despised and silenced? If the answer is yes, they are masochists as well as double-crossers of the suffragetes who fought so resolutely for female freedoms and rights! Is returning to the worst periods of the Dark Ages, what THEY really want? Well, if they continue on the path to hell they are goose-stepping along now,that's
what they will get!
But what about most British women who don't find that way of 'life' desirable? How will the feel when they find themselves facing the same fate as those poor,unfortunate
burkha-clad women and young girls,
in Afghanistan,Iran, etc. who are publicly buried alive, stoned to death, hung, shot, etc. perhaps just for having spoken out of turn,
not to mention for being found
'guilty' of such female 'crimes'as
being gang-raped, for which they face the above Sha'ria punishments while their tormentors go scot-free?
The British government and police tolerated Herr Moseley and his bullies until the WW2 broke out. They then collected them and without further ado threw them into prison, where many stayed until after the war.
But Galloway and his mainly non-Anglo-Saxon followers, are having the time of their lives. Perhaps because their main scapegoat, as usual, is those bl***y Jews (not just 'nazti'-Zionists....), they can get away with incitement and riots and other threats to British democratic principles.
To see those scenes of our brave bobbies fleeing from Islamic rioters, sent a shudder down my spine. This is the result of over-tolerance for one's internal foes, a tolerance which can only lead to further emboldment of Jihadi mobs whose fanaticism will eventually cause collosal chaos in Britain.
Perhaps then, people will wake up..but maybe by then, alas,it will be too late.

Cry, my beloved country.

Anonymous Lady

Mila said...

Here is another site just as big as ummah. http://www.revolution.thabaat.net
It used to be revolution.muslim

I feel for the UK. But for the people of the UK, mainly. I've been having this feeling that you should include your Prince Charles into the equation. Many trips to Turkey and meetings with Sheikhs.

You are not alone.
With much love from the USA!

Anonymous said...

interesting work

Anonymous said...

I can inform that the Palestinian supporters who are walking around the Luton Arndale Mall are getting very little money collected.
Most they approach just turn away, some tell them what they think about the Hamas.
If only this disinterest, perhaps based on being fed up with the whinging of the Muslim Umah about it's Palestinian "brothers" could become intelligent rejection, then perhaps these "Charity collecters" would push off.
I have not seen them walking round Bury Park with their collecting tins.
They think that Lutonian shoppers might cough up more cash than their own.

Michael West said...

I fully believe that the British people are starting to wake up to the cancer of Islam that is amongst us. If the Government do not start acting soon, then the British public will take it upon themselves to do it. I am neither a racist or xenophobic, however want my country back to how it was when I was a child. And if the only way to do that is vote BNP..then I will do it.