9 December 2008

Laying down my pen

I am stopping writing to this blog for good now, I know people have criticized me before for saying I’m stopping and then carrying on but obviously it was not the right time for me to stop when I wanted too, that’s why I have carried on.

In signing off I want to leave my thoughts and reasons about different things so I will be posting as and when I have finished each part until it is complete.

For my actions in wanting to defend myself, my community and my country from Al Qaeda terrorists and their War to destroy our Civilisation I have Pakistani Moslems who are enemies of the British people wanting to stab me up or shoot me, and I have the British State wanting to put me in prison if they can, on behalf of Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom.

Stuck between and rock and a hard place.

What hope have we in winning this War if ‘everything’ including our own Government is stacked against us? We are all just sleepwalking our children and grandchildren’s futures into defeat in our own land.

Those who want to win this ‘War on Terror’ for the sake of all of our futures should take notice of what is happening in Britain because we are a launch pad for Islamic terror within this part of the World, and we already have our very own Islamic Kingdom being established upon our soil that threatens the peace and security of the entire Western Judeo/Christian World.

The British people and the Queens Kingdom are being pushed into a corner by the Islamic religion and its supporters.

Many wont be able to see it yet but don’t worry you will when the time arrives, you better just hope that it’s not too late when you do.

In all of this I thank God that my life is in His hands, which means Al Qaeda and their supporters in Luton have already been defeated on the ground here otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting where I am writing this now. They are a small community living with a devilish ideology that drives them and surrounded on all sides, yet they act as if they now own the place because they control the ground and have Al Qaeda terrorists amongst them who have already planned and plotted mass murder on our streets and helped Al Qaeda declare War on 7/7. And the ‘Power of the State’ that is in the hands of Islam’s guardians within Britain still rests ultimately in the hands of our blessed Queen, Queen Elizabeth II and her family, she and they, are the Crown still, and I hope will continue to be, the ultimate authority in this land so I hope and pray that she looks down favourably upon one of her loyal peasant Christian subjects who has stood his ground alone apart from under the gaze of the Almighty, where some of the enemies of her Nation and people reside.

God Himself looks down upon these proceedings as all Christians know, and that includes the Queens Bishops, the stalwarts of the faith in this land.

The banner for Christianity must be raised in the land, it is the truth and doorway that leads men/women to eternal salvation and is the bedrock of our Nation. All other beliefs are heresy, as all believers know.

There is only one way to eternal salvation that comes through our mortal death and that is through the Son Jesus Christ and although we are called to love those from every walk of life and belief, we know that Christianity is Gods way for mankind that should never be relegated to a lower position in society where it currently resides in our Christian land.

But in today’s politically correct world, to say Christianity is the only way makes you an enemy of the State and of today’s dream utopia of a British multicultural society where all beliefs are supposed to be equal.

As a Christian, what does God say about that?

All these false and foreign gods in the land taking precedence over the Lord God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because of our human leaders.

Isn’t it about time those in high places started defending their positions before God if they want Great Britain to stay a Christian Nation and not become an Islamic State?

This is the battle for the ‘Heart & Soul’ of Great Britain.

The future for the United Kingdom will either be Christian or Islamic there is no middle ground, not even for the atheists!

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The Enemy
2. Media blackout
3. Fitna the Movie
4. The messenger

To continue...


Findalis said...

It is a shame that in a few years all mention of Christ and Christmas will be illegal in the UK.

And it is a shame that your voice has been silenced.

I will pray for you, for justice to be done for you. And if you are to be placed into prison, I'll pray that the Lord stand besides you, as he stood beside Daniel in the lion's den.

For in God all things are possible.

God keep you safe and sound, keep you from harm.

A Merry Christmas!

And may God Bless!

Joanne said...

I just love to listen to the young males in a choir; they have such lovely voices.

I really have very little to offer the British people other than to advise them to turn away from their sinful ways and turn back to God's commandments and statutes.

Merry Christmas and God Bless Lionheart.

Keep us posted when you can on any new developments with the burden placed upon you.

urbanadder22 said...

It is your personal decision, of course. Your situation as to enemies, both Pakistanis and UK government, is also unique. We would miss you terribly were you actually fade from the anti-Moslem-Conquest scene.

If all of us were leave the battlefield, it would truly be a calamity. Of course, we all are not under such imminent threat as you have been and still are. We salute you as a lion-hearted warrior. May you persevere for many years.

Anonymous said...

This Christian Soldier is standing behind you!

Anonymous said...

In order for the Godless cult of Marxism to thrive the three pillars of Western Civilisation must be destroyed.
1) Christianity
2) Family values
3) Patriotism.
Keep supporting those three values and we will triumph.
Thanks for all your efforts,please pop by the good blogs and leave your comments, & please think about joining the BNP, our ONLY political solution.
Merry Christmas,
God Bless,

Dean said...

May God hold you in the palm of His Mighty Hand Lionheart.

We are with you in spirit sir.

Isaiah 40:31 "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings of eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

God bless you and keep you strong.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, it's sad to see that you are giving up blogging but you are right that we are sleepwalking into defeat in our own land.

The British people have been brainwashed and their senses dulled not only by excessive political correctness but but the ever-reaching hand of the state that has given us comfort and security but has robbed us of expense of moral responsibility.

There are millions of us good folk out there who will stand and fight the good fight but we are alone and leaderless. Our resolve and will to fight is steadily weakening with the poisonous lies and misinformation of our enemies.

We will only awaken from this nightmare only when it is far too late.

Anonymous said...

Well, unless you have some plan to out the third world invader, I think stopping your Blog is not a sensible move.

As time goes on there will be more and more 'incidents' involving the South Asian colonisers, and more to comment upon and write about.

I do not know whether you have other plans and other media outlets, but small as this blog may be, it is nonetheless significant.

In fact, the treachery of the left-liberal politicians continues to erode our basic anglo-saxon freedoms and cultural heritage as they kiss the muslim arse for a few inner city votes.

You should contiue to maintain this Blog, even if it is only a once-a-week update, because not to do so would be seen as a capitulation to those who you oppose.

Do not give up a battle when you have not lost.

Anonymous said...

Sorry didn't preview last message

The British people have been brainwashed and their senses dulled not only by excessive political correctness but by the ever-reaching hand of the state that has given us comfort and security but has robbed us of moral responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you are leaving the blogosphere, you will be greatly missed. I just now found out about you and your courageous effort. This is my first visit to your blog. Here, I thought there weren't any Brits fighting against the Islamization and Dhmmitude of my ancestral homeland. But, here you are fighting valiantly against the Islamic horde, and the PC idiots! Hooray, there's hope yet for my cousins across the pond!
It seems the UK has changed the meaning of free speech to mean, free as long as it doesn't offend anyone. Free as long as you don't question or criticize another's religion, opinons or beliefs! They've twisted the meaning of Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. The International Human Rights Code has it as an individual right, to practice your religion, not a group. It has the freedom of speech in the liberalist of terms, It is not speech that may be offensive to someone or group. It is more of a libelous or slanderous statement against an individual person. That causes their reputation injury. Rational criticism of anything is totally within the realm of free speech. Islamists have tried to label criticism of free speech as racist or hate speech. Since, Islamists are from all races (I remember a day when the Irish and Scots etc were considered from different races)this term is also terribly wrong and used to wrongly label and diminish people's criticism.
I hope you can keep everything up on the blog so I can read it all later. I realize your not going to continue writing, but leave the blog up please!

C ya

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Lion heart - This Nation needs to rise up back to its Christain roots and we especially need Christian MEN to rise up in this nation - Strong righteous men of God who are fully submitted and walking the walk.I will pray for you x

a lion hearted woman

Anonymous said...

I no longer believe in christianity, but i have found some of your blogs to be good reading material.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lionheart, for all you've done for us. I've counted it a privilege to read your stuff here.

Just this week I sat with a friend whose site has been taken down for offending some Mohammedan bigwig. That's a year of our work censored by the higher-ups. We sank some scotch over it.

Well, we have backups of quite a bit of it and we'll be posting it around again. You know the style, a new handle, in comments here & there, translated into Spanish by a student we know...

I think the chief reward of battle is to know that we chose to join the fight. Me and John will rejoin the battle because men like you have proved that it's right.

Now let it be said: please keep writing somewhere - you know you're getting the gift for it mate.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for all your reports. We will never forget that, while pirates are free making hate speeches at Western Culture, it is you who are being persecuted.

You are in my prayers, God bless you.


Anonymous said...

Findalis said:
«It is a shame that in a few years all mention of Christ and Christmas will be illegal in the UK.»

All perpetrated by lackeys.


Lionheart said...

I appreciate everyones comments.

I am only stopping now because i have to answer police bail at the beginning of January to see whether or not they are going to put me on trial in the process of wanting to put me in prison for offending Moslems in Britain.

If i go on trial then this is what i will need to concentrate on.

I have been on bail all year, running backwards and forwards to answer bail and putting my life in danger in the process, and have kept this blog going throughout.

What more can be said other than what is written?

Its like going round in circles sometimes.

The Ministry of Defence have stated that al Qaeda are in Luton which is the area where i live, so words are not going to defeat them when they are planning and plotting bombing campaigns, and pumping my community with their heroin.

It has begun and this blog is a testimony too that.

I am still here, just changing tact, and once the police situation is out of the way i will know where to go from there.

Either we are going to win this war or we are going to lose it, and we each must decide what sacrifices we are willing to make to win.

Are you willing to die for your belief in trying to get others to see the threat that we face?

This is the War of our times yet its only a small minority of us that see it, where as the whole Islamic World knows what their intentions are because its based on their religious books and they have their leaders telling them what their objective is.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart,

Though I respect, and understand, your decision, I sure feel bereft. Your blog is the first thing I surf on turning on my computer. Not having your wise, brave words on my screen, will leave an empty space in my heart.

I pray that you move forward and overcome your present predicament so that you can return to the internet to either continue your crusade or, better still, to bask in your 'triumph.'

May God Bless you and yours, and let this not be farewell but just
'see you all again soon!'

Till then, while I'll be thinking
of you regularily,

Anonymous Lady

Lionheart said...

Thanks for your kind words anonymous Lady...

You definately have not heard the last of me.

God bless

Anonymous said...


I know you have stated your intention, on another blog, to leave the country ASAP, but I wish with all my heart that it need not be so. I understand completely, and congratulate you for having "stuck it out" for so long!

Whatever you do , wherever you go, may God go with you and bless you abundantly! Take care.

Anonymous said...

LH, I can definitely understand that you need to concentration on your pending hearings. Since this will determine what course of action you take. As well as, which path your life actually takes.

To be honest, I believe that this has happened to you for a reason. To wake up all the others who are so blinded in what's happening to them and in their country. You could say your a conduinet to send a message out. Which you have done. But, now with the cops and prosecution on your tail. It might just bring a huge spot light onto you and phlight.

I wish you nothing but the best my friend from across the pond. I sincerely know you will overcome this and it will make you a much stronger person in the end. Many people are watching over you. And always remember that NO ONE can take away how u feel or what you believe in. But, I know you're aware of this already.

Be well, and I regardless of you no longer writing on this blog indefinitely...I will still come to your blog everyday. Because, like you said...we haven't heard the last of you. And I and many others know you will pick up that pen again. Hang in there buddy. It always looks gloomy before the purse sunshine comes out. I with no doubt believe that you will prevail in this matter. And then you can use this experience to educate others in what our great nations are up against. It's like having two enemies....one is Islam and the other is the Political Machine in our governments. What's truly shameful, is that our govts. and politicians are suppose to be on our side and to protect us. Yet they're protect our enemy (islam). Something must be done about this and I'm confident we all will see victory.

LH, you asked if we are willing to die for our cause. Believe it or not I think many of us...myself included are willing to die for the freedoms and liberties we enjoy. And for the ones taken away from us. Since, I have two young children, I am still willing to put my life on the line. So, they can enjoy what so many others died for. Up till recent years we took our freedoms and liberties for granted. And now we are asked to do what is necessary to retain them. I'm confident there's a lot of people out there like me, you, and your loyal readers. Who are willing to do whatever to ensure our way of life remains as we inherited it. Hang in there and I wish you always the best in any endeavor you pursue. God Bless you and your Family. Sincerely, Hellzbellz

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Lionheart you must keep writing and fighting the battle. Many of us use your articles to warn other's.

You should become a disciple, of God and go round every church in Britain and speak to every person you can. I know you will be supported and protected in every city in our land.

Lets have the Lionheart tour. We will back you up.

Anonymous said...

Whatever path you decide to take you can rest assured you have stood your ground for what you believe and spoken out of the decline of our country.

You have taken a brave stand and those whose voices are influential have not listened to your message. Everybody reading this blog are all with you, albeit from a distance, hopefully some of us will heed your stand and carry on with the task.

Maybe this might give you heart..the Christian group I belong to, lovely, quiet, true believers, are now speaking out of the rise of islam. They are beginning to show concern and are now speaking the message of the Bible in louder voices. Whether it is too late, I don't know, but they now realise that we have a fight on our hands and can no longer sit back complacently.

God be with you and to everybody..Onward Christian Soldiers....it's the only way.

Gary Fouse said...

If you want to get your blood boiling, read the below article. Then check out the blog, "Lionheart" to see the double standard that exists in Britain when it comes to free speech.

"RANTING Anjem Choudary launched an astonishing anti-British tirade as terror experts warned yesterday of a Mumbai-style massacre in Britain.

The hate preacher called for apartheid in the UK just days after backing the killers in India. And his supporters threatened to unleash 'blood on the streets'.

Experts said the chance of a terror attack here has increased since last week’s gun rampage in Mumbai left nearly 200 dead.

Choudary, 41, spoke at a packed public meeting called “Not So Great Britain”.

It was held at a council-owned arts centre in Southall, Middlesex, by Islam4UK.com – a website he founded with banned hate preacher Omar Bakri Mohammad.


He branded Britain “filthy”, accused children of being “prostitutes” and demanded non-Muslims wear signs like the Nazis forced on the Jews in WWII.

Crazed Choudary said: “In Britain there are 230 rapes every day, that’s 10 per hour. Supermarkets are selling poles for little children so they can become prostitutes when they grow up. There’s no comparison between our way of life and theirs.

“In an Islamic state, non-Muslims will have to wear a sign to show what they are – it should say Kaffir. We won’t discriminate on height, race or appearance but we will discriminate on faith.” Earlier, Bakri spoke via videophone from Lebanon.

Meanwhile, one of Choudary’s henchmen at Islam4UK, which has close links to banned group al-Muhajiroun, warned: “You will know when the Muslims have ignited an insurrection when there is blood on the streets of London and New York like there is blood on the streets of Fallujah and Mumbai.”

MP Patrick Mercer, the chairman of the Commons counter-terrorism committee, warned: “What can happen in Mumbai can just as well happen in Manchester or Birmingham.

“This style of attack is something we would find very difficult to deal with.”

* Last week 99 per cent of Daily Star readers called for Choudary to be booted out of Britain and police pledged to crack down on his rants."
By Tom Savage and Josh Layton, Daily Star, November 28, 2008

The above article in the Daily Star (UK) just about sums it up. While madmen like Anjem Choudary go off on their rants, praise the atrocity in Mumbai, and threaten murder, those in Britain who speak out, like the blogger Lionhheart, are threatened with prison for "stirring up hatred", a newly enacted law that seems to exclude seditious Muslims who preach openly about Islam taking over the UK and beheading anyone who has a problem with Islam.

As this is being written, Lionheart, whose real name is Paul Ray, is in hiding outside of Britain. He faces arrest if and when he returns to the UK-that is if the police get to him before Choudary's fanatical followers in Islam4UK. And what is his crime? On his blog, "Lionheart", he warns of the impending takeover of Britain by fanatical Muslims who want to install Shariah as the legal authority in the land. It matters not that Choudary and his crazy followers promise that blood will run through the streets of British cities. It only matters to the cowardly British authorities that Lionheart warns them about what is coming.

It seems reason and common sense have been turned upside down in the UK.

Good luck, Lionheart. We are with you.

gary fouse
Calif USA

Anonymous said...

never give up...
good luck with your kangaroo trial...
blog when you can...

Anonymous said...

Silent Night

Silent night, holy night!
All is calm, All is bright
Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child
Holy Infant so Tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight!
Glories stream from heaven afar;
Heavenly hosts sing Al-le-lu-ia!
Christ the Saviour is born!
Christ the Saviour is born!

Silent night, holy night!
Wondrous star, lend thy light!
With the angels let us sing
Alleluia to our King!
Christ the Saviour is here,
Jesus the Saviour is here!

Silent night, Holy night!
Son of God, love\'s pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face,
With the dawn of redeeming grace,
Jesus Lord at thy birth;
Jesus Lord at thy birth.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

«NON Muslim children will be taught Arabic and study the Koran under plans for a new faith school.»



What people in the West do not understand is the very grave danger Islam presents to democracy and freedom.

There is absolutely no moral equivalence between Christianity,Judaism and Islam. We must oppose the establishment of Islamic schools in the West. In any campaign against Islamic schools you will no doubt challenged by the assertion that Jews and Catholics have their own schools so why can’t Muslims.

Christianity and Judaism are religions that truly preach peace and love with democracy, freedom and human rights as central to their belief system. Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian ideology invented by an evil criminal, Muhammad.

Read it all

Anonymous said...

«UK Blame Whites for Islamist Terrorism, Says MI5 Report»

Can it be more ridiculous?!
The ignorami are in need of reading

Robin Hood

Anonymous said...

Please, do NOT stop blogging. The anti-western monasters will only be emboldened by this retreat. Lionheart, you have the heart of a lion so ROAR!

Anonymous said...

«Taleban tax
allied supply convoys pay their enemies for safe passage»


«Terrorism adviser to Met is on wanted list
Interpol notice urges arrest of Islam TV chief»


Sharia law has become associated with executions, stonings and hands being cut off.»


«Sharia law has become associated with executions, stonings and hands being cut off.»


Always On Watch said...

Your writing will be missed.

Have a blessed Christ-filled Christmas.

And all the best with your legal matters in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Yeah white people are putting a gun to the muslims heads and telling them to commit terrorism. How stupid for a govt. agency to make that kind of comment. If these fools would just read the quran and hadiths. They would see islam is bent on change the entire world to become islamic. And there's no room for that to be negoiated with the muslims. God help the people who are in denial and allowing muslim appeasement. The muslims will continue to demand and demand. And countries will still appease them believing it will shut the muslims up. Well, appeasement doesnt work and never has. The UK needs to get its shit together before it's too late. Time isn't a luxury the UK has anymore in trying to fix this problem. If I resided in the UK today. I would've moved out of Europe years ago. Especially when I would see some of my basic rights being taken away from me. And those stupid Human Rights Laws don't and never will. For them to remotely work...it has to be balanced and fair, which it isn't.
The Human RIghts Laws are in fact very biased and one side and in favor of the muslims.

And another thing hurting europe is the EU. You can't have two sets of rules and laws governoring a sovereign nation. Either you get rid of the EU altogether. Or allow the EU to be like a federal govt and the memebers are more like states which must adhere to the federal law. But can have state laws which dont supercede the federal law.

Ironic how a person (muslim) can lose a deporting hearing. And then go to the EU who overrules the sovereign nations initially ruling. Then why bother being a sovereign nation. Just best to disband or get out of the EU. If enough countries leave then the EU will just fold on it's own.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you've decided to stop now Lionheart. I follow your site to read about how England is doing but also to hear how your legal case is progressing. If you stop fileing reports thats OK (but disapointing) however please update us on your case. That doesn't take much time. Because we all know the regular media won't relate the news about you for "social cohesion" reasons.

So let us know how things end up on your legal case and beyond that fight the good fight.


Anonymous said...

«If I resided in the UK today. I would've moved out of Europe years ago.»

Islamisation is happening everywhere.

Save your culture.

Anonymous said...

This is a comment I left on a post on an American blog about the Islamicization of Britain:

I was going to express my default opinion about the UK — “It’s already dead. We’re just watching the slow inevitable decline” — but then thought I’m too pessimistic.

I thought I should check out some British blogs before commenting, and just remembered “Lionheart”, who had fled England when faced with possible jail for offensive blog posts about Muslim drug dealers in his hometown.


His last post was December 9:

“I am stopping writing to this blog ... we already have our very own Islamic Kingdom being established upon our soil that threatens the peace and security of the entire Western Judeo/Christian World.”

So I’m not alone in my pessimism.

Positive thinking alone can’t change objective analysis:

Britain’s already dead. We’re just watching the slow inevitable decline.


All of North Africa, and the Holy Land, and Asia Minor, and the Balkans — it was all once solidly Christian territory. With few temporary exceptions, land that succumbs to the Muslim virus stays infested. Any reversals only took place after military sacrifices. These are facts. The same situation applies in Persia, Pakistan etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your departure from the blogosphere. Your words have been inspirational and highly informative.

I'm sure that many of us out here would be grateful if you would keep the blog 'live' as it is a credible source of valuable information.

Further, for the benefit of the many of us, who, having followed your case, please pass by occasionally and provide us with an update on the progress of your case.

My best wishes to you and yours from me and mine.

Anonymous said...

In my post @ 10-Dec-2008 20:32:00 I was pessimistic myself. I have to apologise for that. I was so self-absorbed in my own problems which was minuscule to what LH is facing.

Yes, I agree with what I had said that folk are being ground down but to think folk are going to give up is wrong. We will continue to fight because it is who are we, what we believe in. Folk like us can not help but do this just as we can not help but breathe.

Brianakira, to describe the situation in the UK to these other countries is incorrect. The countries have had Muslim populations for hundreds of years. In this country we have only had a Muslim population for 50 years.

Our current situation is down the baby boomer generation being in charge, a Marxist internationalist elite who has no respect for institutions nor traditions and seeks to subvert and destroy in order to replace then with a monolithic, multiculturalist state that wants to tell us how and what to think. They have been able to get away with their subversive activities by hiding it in massive unaccountable governmental social engineering programmes and convincing the general population it was altruistic and in the best interests of our society.

Unfortunately for them their time is up. Things like this can only happen when folk have got money in their pockets and their attention is diverted elsewhere. The good times are gone, we are in austere times where every penny is counted and waste is cut out. It is human nature that in these austere times that folk will look after themselves and will not tolerate for instance the Muslims getting preferential treatment.

Yes, it looks bleak at the moment but we have to look at history especially WW2. At the start of the war we suffered defeat after defeat until we were fighting for our lives in the Battle of Britain. With all of Europe conquered and our own army only saved by the Dunkirk spirit we had a choice to take the easy way out and sue for peace or fight on. We had chosen the latter and never surrendered and despite the hell on earth that was the Blitz we fought on to eventual victory. Do we take the easy way out and surrender now?

Some may say that history is all we have but history is not to be looked fondly with rose tinted glasses but as a guide to events in present times, a foundation in which to give a perspective on the current moment which shows us the outcome that looks for certain is not necessarily so.

Fight the good fight and believe what is right.

Anonymous said...

Cicero on MI5 & Brown & Blair & Cameron & Queen Elizabeth & Prince Upchuck:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor—he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation—he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city—he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.”

Anonymous said...

I mentioned the inevitability of military action (not necessarily organized or with the national army) -- this is inevitable because the Muslim virus is a cult of war.

However, more important is spiritual renewal. Without that all efforts will eventually fail. With God all things are possible.

The best thing is to draw Muslims away from their evil cult and convert them to God.

This is where the traitors come in. The UK government, the media, the schools, and the bishops: these are the enemies of God. These are the ones who want to make Christ impotent, who want people of faith to shut up in public, who demand that Islam be respected, who get offended when anyone states FACTS about Islam (e.g. Moham screwing Aisha, a 9 year old girl, when he was 52).

These people are as much The Enemy as Islam is.

Anonymous said...

brianakira @ 17-Dec-2008 08:53:00

We in the UK need to get our finger out. It has to be done the direct way by exposing radical Islam and their fifth columnist bedfellows, the marxist left.

It has also got to be done by indirect methods by winning back local democracy and ensuring that for example in education and policing that politics are kept out of these areas.

What we need is the education and police boards in the hands of the people and elected by the people who will keep an eye and make sure these insitutions do what they are supposed to do, educate and police and not allow these institutions to force their political opinions on the masses. They need to be reminded they are civil servants, not politicians. They also are needed so they can get rid of troublemakers like the eejit who tried to stop the UK TV station C4 from showing Undercover mosque.

Lastly, I don't believe that military action is required at the moment, the laws are in place now to tackle Radical Islam. What is missing is the political will and it is up to the people to ensure that the will is there.

I know it is hard and at times it's like banging your head off a brick wall but the alternative of what you say is unthinkable.

Anonymous said...

Dont give up mate, america is fighting back.



Anonymous said...

The dictators banned the showing of the film «Fitna» in the European Parliament. IT IS AN ATTACK ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
The parliament constantly talks of freedom, democracy and tolerance BUT it is BULLSHIT! DICTATORS!

Anonymous said...

«Hitler wants a united Eid»


Anonymous said...

Sad to see you stopping now. Rest, defeat the Star Chamber trial and then rise again with a new pseudonym. Good to see you are not done yet and you're just changing tac.

Keep it up mate.



Obob said...

something tells me this is not the end. watch you tail and may God guide on the path of righteousness

Anonymous said...


I wanted to wish you and your family and friends a Very Merry Christmas, as well as, a Happy and Healthy New Year. Though some of the endeavors you're facing currently are difficult to say the least. I sincerely believe you'll overcome them and it will make you a stronger and better man. I wish nothing but the best for you in the new year. Be well and stay safe.

And never forget that your voice is being heard loud and clear. And me, as well as others sincerely appreciate everything you have done.

It's easy for people to talk the talk. Whereas, you talk, but more importantly you took the action you spoke of. That is something you should be extremely proud of. And don't forget NO ONE can never take that away from you. So few people actually take action, they just speak to hear themselves. It's been an honor for me to read what you have to say. And I agree with everything you say.

Be well and stay safe my friend. I admire your courage. And something tells me that when all this is over (court proceedings) you will prevail. Thank you for being a concerned human being who truly cares about what our society is up against in regard to islam. I've learned a lot from your postings. And hopefully, when things calm down, you'll pick up that pen again. And reach out to the world about the evils of islam. God Bless you.

Best regards,

Lionheart said...

Thank you for your kind words Hellzbellz, and those seasons greetings are reciprocal to yourself, those around you and everyone else who reads this comment.

Philippians 3

Pressing Toward the Goal

12 Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. 13 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, 14 I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
15 Therefore let us, as many as are mature, have this mind; and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal even this to you. 16 Nevertheless, to the degree that we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule,[b] let us be of the same mind.

And Obob, as you say, this is not the end it is only the beginning.

There is a War to win or at the very least we must hold back the darkness for as long as it takes so that the Gospel of Salvation can be preached to all men before Christs eventual return into mankind.

Darkness envelops our World once again, yet people cannot see it yet.

Thank God for all those who comment here because it shows i am not alone in my thoughts and perceptions of reality.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Sad to read this posting. I offer you respect for standing up for the british, what's going on in your country is cowardly and detestable.

All the best wishes from a fellow danish blogger - take care, mate!

Anonymous said...

Joanne said:
" really have very little to offer the British people other than to advise them to turn away from their sinful ways"

What sinful ways, Joanne? Tell us our sins, please. List them!

Every time anybody talks about other's sins, they leave it vague. Never specifying. But I want to know what sins.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lionheart, I'm sorry to hear that! You have been a good fighter for freedom. Now I guess you're tired.

You have no immediate, nuclear family to worry about, I guess. Fortunate you.

I suppose we should all give lup..throw in the towel. Content ourselves to slavery, especially, we, women. To bondage, like in the Middle Ages - what an irony, that we only began to get some sort of equal rights in the 1980s.

As for me, sign me

Patricia Henry

Lionheart said...


Stopping writing here on this blog doesnt mean i have thrown in the towel does it?

You have no idea of whats coming up next so keep your patronising statements to yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

So sorry to hear of your up and coming court thingy. I so wish everything goes well, will have everything crossed here for you.
Have you got people going with you who will watch over you and protect you?

I too will miss you, but I know all this, once it passes, you'll be back. There is no keeping you down.

Sometimes I want to throw the towel in and then I read or see something that just sparks me off again lol.

Regarding about your threats in L, if all goes well at the Courts, maybe you should consider moving away from there.

You take care, be careful and stay safe {{{Paul}}}

...and thanks for all your hard work.


Lionheart said...

Thank you Pip, I have the Lords Angels watching over me so i could not want or hope for anything more.

"It is not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of fight in the dog"

God bless you

Anonymous said...

You're a collaborator with the Pharisees just as was Judas Iscariot. Linguistics says it all Lyin'Heart.
Judas hung himself in shame, but you only hang your pen.
A pompous Kike Kissing Twit who reveres the name of the Christ, but pisses over his memory with every utterance. Join the Masons Dipstick and become a Mini Noahide JEW aspirant.

Lionheart said...

I thought id add the above because i think it adds a bit of humour to the comments section...

Thank you Crucifax for your humorous words.

God bless you

Joanne said...

"What sinful ways, Joanne? Tell us our sins, please. List them!

Every time anybody talks about other's sins, they leave it vague. Never specifying. But I want to know what sins." by Allat

Who are you Allat that you should ask what sins are being committed in Britain? Are you a Christian guided by God's Commandments, laws, and statutes? Are you not aware of sin in your midst?

"If you love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15

Allat, do you love Jesus Christ?

I do know Christ will return and the time will be cut short so not all life will be lost, and those who will be eternally saved will be those who turn back to God and obey his Commandments.

Anonymous said...

True story, I guarantee.
a Lutonian person gets a ride in a taxi, this Christmas.
The Muslim taxi-driver starts talking about "allah."
The passenger says "Who is this allah fellow, anyhow?
Why should I want to worship a false god?"
The taxi driver gets angry and starts spouting off to his passenger.
So the passenger says "OK, stop the cab and let me out then."
The taxi-driver hesitates and then drives on in silence, to the destination and collects his fare. He didn't get a tip, though.

What does this tell us?
That money speaks louder than this taxi-drivers god!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the historical Jesus rather than the mythical one people like you use to justify your fear and hatred would be adshamed of sectarian bigots like yourself using his name.

Lionheart said...


Jesus is coming back to rule with a rod of iron, He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah...

You think He would sit back and watch whilst sitting back upon His throne whilst the rampaging hordes of Moslems seek to turn our world into darkness?

The first time He entered He showed us 'the Way', the second time He enters will be to remove His enemies so that His people can be at peace upon the Earth.

Call it sectarian, call it racism, call it what you want, but from my perspective its a spiritual perception of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you speak so clearly of your resolute belief.
It is certain you have the same courage as those earlier believers who faced destiny with courage.
If you were Muslim and expressed your religious beliefs, the Liberal lemmings would bow to your certainty and speak volumes in your defence, perhaps in the vane hope that they might be spared the wrath of the Muslim God, (whose symbol is the sword,) silly fools!
These same spiritual wretches condemn you and fellow Christians, because it is just so easy, for they know of course, that you live by the ways of peace.

Anonymous said...

Hows about you piss that disgusting Star of David off as far away form St George's Cross as you can. It has no place with your people ya ignorant little twerp.

You appear to seek the favors and the approvals of the Pharisee, just as Judas Iscariot did. What was your price ?. Not much probably.

The Christ could not be purchased by these self abusives, so they had him killed.. You shame his name with your drivel regards the "Islamists" and the "Muslims", who are in our countries to teach us who the enemy is so that stoopid Whiteys will kill Arabs for Greater Israel. Simple isn't really, when you excercise laterally your tiny mind.

The Heretical pair are in gaol now. You're a fraudulent Prig and a WindBag Judas Traitor.

And don't think I'm anonymous. I've had the Mossadim Israeli Art Dealers around the family home while the kids were in the house peddling their Shit, as have my mates. Clearly they think we fear them, but I'm no Judas like you.
Hang your pen and your head in eternal SHAME as a traitor and a collaborator against the right and the good.

Lionheart said...

I thought i would post the above comment because it just gives another view of certain peoples perceptions.

The 'old way' of thinking!!!

"""Hows about you piss that disgusting Star of David off as far away form St George's Cross as you can. It has no place with your people ya ignorant little twerp"""

As an Englishman i stand with Israel, so if any stand with me they stand with Israel too.

No neo-nazis here thank you!

Anonymous said...

OK Pal,

You need to keep on moving forward. The worse they can do is kill you and eat you. They get a belly ache and you land in heaven. Certainly le sottise des idiots has become a Danse Macabre. Life is tough. Then you die. But Jesus makes sense out of the whole wretched mess.

I quote Rocky Balboa, "The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done! Now if you know what you're worth then go out and get what you're worth. But ya gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody! Cowards do that and that ain't you! You're better than that!"

Let you think that I am a paper tiger, I am retired US Army. I hold the Legion of Merit, two Bronze Stars, two Purple Heart, a couple of Meritorious Service Medals and 27 other decorations. I look like a Serpski Field Marshal in my Class A Uniform.

Cowboy Up and get back to it.

You are needed.


Lionheart said...

Thank you for the comment BH6 its encouraging to hear from a man of distinction.

I am down because i have Bedfordshire polices hate crime unit on my back wanting to put me in prison for my words, but i am not out.

There is a war unfolding out there in the real world, and the future is depending on us.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

I will never criticise you for continuing.
The race is not run yet.
It has barely started.

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