28 November 2012

"Tommy" charged with fraud

Luton Today: EDL leaders charged with mortgage fraud

Makes you wonder where all the money donated to the English Defence League cause over the past few years has ended up?

The money was definitely not used constructively that's for sure.

This fraud stems from him trying to hide the proceeds of his cocaine dealing operation, with the drugs he sold being supplied by the Pakistani moslem drug gangs in Luton who he works/worked for.

Everyone on street level from the area knows the truth...its common knowledge on the streets.  Those who do not live in and around Luton, Dunstable and surrounding areas cannot pass a comment on a subject they know nothing about.

Notice how its his brother in-law on the drugs charge and not him.

Quote: Stephen Vowles, 24, of Heron Drive, Luton, with two counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation in relation to a mortgage application, two counts of false accounting, possession of cocaine with intent to supply, being concerned in the supply of class A drugs to another, and money laundering:

This charge all stems from the points in the video below, and word is that he also sold out the young guy who is currently serving a long sentence for cocaine and firearms mentioned at the end of the video.

He also sold out the identities of 53 of his most loyal followers by throwing them into a removals van and driving straight into a police sting operation before being remanded.

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