3 September 2012

Noria hackers doing a public service

Aftenposten: Dont rule out another July 22nd

An Norwegian investigative journalist was given the hacked email account contents of Anders Breivik email accounts containing over 7,000 emails.

Probably the data the Norwegian police were unwilling to check.

These emails have now been fully investigated with some emails still not understood, with the journalist who was handed the material releasing a book explaining Breivik's email correspondences and how it fits into line with other infomation released in the case. This will give a much better insight and perspective to the real story surrounding 'Operation Breivik'.

Quote: Monday he came with the book "Massemord's private e-mails," which is based on e-mails he received. - May have been affected Stormark believe some of the emails suggest that Breivik may have been influenced by others prior to the implementation of terrorist attacks. - The extent of the contact suggests that there may be psychological involvement, ie people who have motivated Breivik to do what he did 22 July. And only the small chance, that there can be no such thing in this case, that we can experience 22 July again, makes this matter still must be investigated with great conviction, he said at the press conference.

Exactly what I have been saying and what the Norwegian police in charge of the Breivik case have been refusing to admit up until this point in time.

Quote:Unable to check all the author says that in some cases know a lot about the senders of e-mails, while others have been good at hiding their tracks. - How have you researched the authenticity of the e-mails? - I have done using verifiable information confirmed by other sources, for example, witness information or information that the police have gone out with. I have acquired a large amount of material that introduces each chapter, explained Stormark.

VG: Full Noria article

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