27 February 2011

British Islamic Preachers predict Egypt's take-over

In light of the recent Egyptian revolution, I thought this should be re-posted because it proves that it is Islamic radicals who have taken over Egypt and set North Africa and the Middle East on fire with civil war now unfolding in Libya.

British born Islamic preachers were predicting Egypt's take over by the moslem brotherhood years ago. They even demonstrated in London against the imprisonment of Al Qaeda's Egyptian Field Commander Abu Hamza. Hamza recently advised his Egyptian people on their revolution in his Country from his British prison cell.

They took over Egypt, Libya is next and who knows after, whether or not the Saudis are able to buy off their people. If not the home of Islam and center stage for the 1.5 Billion global Islamic community (Ummah) could be taken over by armed Islamists and religious Theocrats who want war with America and the West because its printed in their holy book..

Scary if that happens, and thats not even thinking about Iran, home of Shia Islam being at War with America and the West at exactly the same time as Sunni Islam. A united Islamic front against the worlds infidel population.

Send Hamza to America and save Garry Mckinnon!

Watch the video below at 1.34 into the clip.

(comment on my Facebook from the author of this book - Babylon's covert war

Thanks Paul...I think everyone knew this was coming. What is surprising is that it happened so quickly. Remember brothers, it's not these Muslims in Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Iran, or Iraq we need to worry about in our own countries. - It's the ones already there - implanted into our cities and towns - they will and have the potential to create the same chaotic mess - these are the ones we need to watch closely!

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