23 April 2009

Happy St George's day 2009

The true Christian spirit of St George lives on!

Not the secular politicaly correct version of today that is being enforced upon the English people.


Anonymous said...

happy St. George's Day


Steve Harkonnen said...

Being a Scot I am proud of the English on St. George's.

Britain is barely hanging on to her culture as it is, thanks to a pandering government comprised of wimps and wankers.

Anonymous said...

As I'm from the US, I have to ask what possesses the UK press to publish such rubbish?

Debate Replay: Is St George's Pride Lost? via Sky News: 1:20pm UK, Thursday April 23, 2009
St George's Day is here again but compared with St Patrick's Day there's little evidence of celebration. We asked you - Has England lost its national pride?Are the English no longer nationalistic? After years of colonialism have Englishmen and women lost interest in their own shores?

Or have the right-wing connotations of St George's flag left people embarrassed to express love for their nation?

Marcus Stafford, director of the England Society and Tim Hopcroft from the Royal Society of St George discussed these questions in our lunchtime debate.

Tom Woodson said...

As a Christian I was disappointed to see so many people choosing to "celebrate" the 23rd by getting drunk in the town centre. Do you agree with me ?

What are your feelings about Luton Carnival ? Will you be attending ?I wonder what your views are about the presence of other ethnic groups in this country.


Lionheart said...


When I think about you walking around the town disappointed, I think of those who were about to throw stones on the woman, when Jesus said; "He who is without sin cast the first one"

Did you go and share the message of hope, love and eternal life to them?


Why not if you felt so sad and disappointed? Is that not your responsibility as a Christian?

You obviously do not know anything about Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival, an amazing chapter of Christianity upon the British Isles that is still effecting the World today.

The English people live in a society where they are allowed to drink if they so wish, without having their hands chopped off of thrown in prison.

This is not an Islamic State yet, and even Jesus turned water into wine, so you should not stand in condemnation of all of those people you saw out celebrating in town when you went for a nosey yesterday.

Your other questions come from your prejudicial view of me, and anyone else who disagrees with the militant wing of the Islamic religion and its actions within Britain. We are all racists, fascists and bigots in your eyes. That is why you are the greatest allie of the militants, you place them under your protective Liberal Left wing, and think you can beat people like me up on their behalf.

1.) The local community and people from far and wide come to the carnival so why should it bother me?

I do not personally go because it’s not my thing.

2.) I am a Christian so living side by side of other ethnic people does not bother me, I base my perspective on life upon the teachings and examples within the Bible, on top of my own personal experiences. What bothers me is when one specific group (Moslems) out of that ethnic diversity wants to take over my country because it is their religious mandate to do so, and who threaten my life personally, and who are killing my friends in the process of their war.

What am I supposed to do?

This is all a bit too far out of your reality though Thomas, so go back to your comfy cosy life, championing the cause of the British peoples enemy against the British people themselves.

Your forefathers sitting in the trenches of the Second World War, looking forward into the future, would think very highly of you I am sure.

God is my judge not you Thomas.

Anonymous said...

I would be grateful if you could please find it in your heart to sign this online petition.


Mark said...

I'm just listening to Enoch Powell's "Rivers Of Blood" speech.This speech ruined him.But he was right.May not have had "Rivers Of Blood" yet but one day it may happen.As many White British people as possible should listen to this.I live in Luton(UK).The Muslims here think they can do whatever they want.Our Council let them do what they want.The Police let them do what they want.When White people want to protest against Muslims the Police and Council do not allow it.I hope I live to see the day when we take back OUR country.And because of my opinions I'm called a Racist.Asians hate their own kind,Jews and Whites but they're not Racist.Strange that.
PS:I know this should be about St. Geeorge's Day.

Gregory said...

Good job buddy. Keep up the good fight. I hate islam and I know that a REAL fight is coming.....just hope I'm not too old or feeble to participate. I believe that EVERY muslim male should be deported from the world of good people. Begone Satan. (you to muhammad).

Anonymous said...

Police arrested two Khan clan door "Bouncers" in nearby Dunstable recently.
They brutally beat up some lads who were outside fighting amongst themselves.
They waded in after the fight was near over.
I wonder will the cops take it to Court?
They have been suspended from their door-licence.

Lionheart said...

Thanks for the info anonymous.

The Head bouncer in Dunstable is "Dave Short" who is a traitor to the English community. Beating up and helping these Khan associates beat up a few local lads, has just had a heart attack.

I wrote about him when i first set up this blog.

Not only that he is as think as thieves with public enemy No.1 Dave Shar, the Bury Park intermediary.

There is a new order coming!

Dunstable is a Christian community, founded by Monks and used by King Henry.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is!
There are still the marks of musket balls in the old Priory doors, from the English civil war, between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists.
Englands history had been shaped with blood sweat and toil.
The newcomers who measure their self-worth by the big cars they drive and the money they stash without concern from where it comes, will not survive the next Civil War.
It will be a war of survival, and the dumbed down Brits will be forced awake at the last call.
Remember to consider carefully the upcoming European Elections.
It is worth casting a vote to scupper this vast Socialist Beaurocracy and it's globalist, anti-National ideals.
The time will come when Nations shall have to look after their own, in the face of world-events.

Anonymous said...

ST george, its a flag england has just discovered lol, how many England flags can you see at Wembley in 1966 er mmm none.

Anonymous said...

The flag of St. George is the flag of England.
Just as the Welsh have theirs and so too the Scots.
The St. George flag has a long history, but it's use was discouraged by those who saw that it was best to promote only the Union Jack, the flag of all the British Isles, loyal to Her Majesty.
You are obviously not one of Her Loyal Subjects, or you would know these facts.
There are so many dullards unaware of British history.
They would do well to learn more.
St. George has a significance toseveral Nations, but an especial association with England.
Many take our kindness and sympathy for weakness.
A mistake indeed.