23 March 2009

Promo Video: Luton demo March 28th

Please help spread the word that the British people are meeting in Luton this coming Saturday to march in support of our armed services and demonstrate against the British wing of Al Qaeda who came out and protested at the Royal Anglian regiments homecoming on March 10th.

Please watch the video and if you agree with it then help by placing it on your blog or website if you have either, and spread it around your email address book.

If people want to help counter the Jihad within Great Britain, here's the opportunity.

Take a look at Sweden: Dale Hurd - CBN


Joanne said...

The minority pulls the strings of the majority, and to date, the majority has let them. I think the British anger rises for fellow countrymen, more than for themselves, as was seen when the British were outraged when the Muslims spewed their vile at the British soldiers. It is the 'you can smack me' mentality, but 'if you touch my mother, I will bash your brains in' line of thinking.

Anonymous said...


I wish I could be with you in the flesh, but at least I will be with you with all my heart and soul.

I send my thanks and praises to the good people of Luton and wish to tell them that I, and many others like me throughout the free (just about..) world wish them success in their Defiance against forces seeking to harm them, Gt. Britain and all the really democratic countries.

Rule Britannia...Rule your waves..
and most important let this be the return to ruling YOUR land.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be present too. But, I live across the pond. But I will be there in spirit. And glad to see the British People are protest against the muslims. You will send a strong message to the muslims in the UK. That you too have a voice and you're fed up with the crap the muslims have been pulling. Yes, the UK people have shown restraint, patience and didn't really respond to the muslims past protest. Because you didn't want to give them the attention and platform the muslims so desperately seek. But, the time has come for the UK and the rest of the world to stop being patient and begin to counter-protest the muslims.

Muslims must realize that their antics will no longer be tolerate. And if they don't like what's occurring, then they need to move away and go live in pakistan or some other muslim nation. This is a good time and turning point. To show the muslims we are not playing a game. And that we will fight for our sovereignity which is ours in the first place. And that no one will come to our lands as a visitor and then be welcomed to live with us and try to change our way of life to please them. That will never happen. And if we must literally fight them...we will. And muslims know if it came down to that. They would be descimated in which they muslims would leave our lands so quick.

Anonymous said...

Is it definitely on?. I'm from Luton and heard that it was cancelled.

Lionheart said...

Yes, its definitely on..

Anonymous said...

To Anonymouse who heard that the demo was 'cancelled.'

This is a typical tactic used by hostile groups (Extreme Leftwing fascists and their Islamic Jihadi allies) in many countries under threat by militant Islam, whenever there is notification of a demonstration, or lecture, to be held against Arab terrorism and
imperialistic Islam.

This happened in London just before a Peace demonstration organized by pro-Israel & pro-Peace citizens (Christians and Jews). Luckily, the ruse was discovered in time, and notices were sent out that the rally was on as planned. It was a very well-attended,peacful "Peace for all in the Middle East" demonstration without the cries by palestinian terror supporters for blood, destruction and genocide of anyone who isn't pro-palestinian, pro-Hamas terrorism and pro-Islam.

All the same, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Luton demo will be well attended and will herald a change in the dhimmi mentality which has taken over the western world. But even if the numbers don't quite come up to expectation at this demo, it will pave the way for more and more better attended demos in the future.

Good Luck,
Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Please everyone show up tomorrow for the Protest and tell as many people as you can to come too. Unfortunately, I live in America and can't attend. But, I did notify all the new agencies, especially the Cable New Agencies...Usually Fox News (Cable) will take an interest and do some type of reporting on it if there's a lot of people turn out. I will watch Fox carefully to see if it made our news in America and report back how that new cast went. It also might inspire Americans to do the samething. Something in which both nations can coordinate a particular time and date and do it at the sametime. To show we are all unified in this matter and how much it concerns us. Currently, in America the economy and the crazy plans Obama wants to do is consuming most Americans. So, we cannot forget about the other huge problem which is islam. Or else won't matter what our economies are like if islam has there way.

And remember it's islams/muslims to see us hurt economically as bad as having destruction and a high body count. So, wouldn't this be a good time for terrorist to hit which might sink our economies into the abyss.

Also on the thread above this one I wrote a little something about a UK Paraliament member named Hannan. Sorry forgot his first name. And how he was on a major new show in America. See that thread for more info. And some of the UK ppl might be interested in seeing the program which is available on Fox news cable website. You might have to go to the achrives but the show aired on March 26, 2009.