24 September 2008

"The Great Siege"


Anonymous said...

This video and, indeed, all your other ones, should be mandatory viewing in all British public, military, police institutions.
Especially amongst the Leftwing infiltrated ones....!

Indeed, these excellently-produced videos should be seen by everyone who cares in all western democracies. Perhaps through YouTube millions will indeed take note....!

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Brilliant yet again.
The truth speaks out.
Little by little, chip by chip, the enemies of Freedom are destroying the cornerstones of our Society.
Drip by drip, the anti-jihad movement is presenting the truth for all to find. It is forming into a huge collection of alternative information that can never be lost and once revealed to the seeker after Truth, that knowledge will remain in the heart and will not easily be undone by the lies and deceptions of the relgio-political soldiers of Islamic jihad who target our Institutions and our Infrastructures at every level.
The liberal socialist facilitators of the jihad will not hold sway forever, and then they will see the results of their labours crumble before their eyes.
They will be responsible for every casualty of the Civil-war that they are laying the foundations for.
It is common knowledge to many that there are so many others from all creeds and races who see for themselves the threats of Islamic jihad in their own former countries, and here in Britain.
So called "Liberal Muslims" are a figment of the liberal mind.
A self fulfilling delusion to protect their infected vision of a world where they hope to destroy all the traditions of our Nation, from the Royalty, down throughout the Services and into the Industries and Town Halls that are the heart of the civil-population.