21 February 2001

Phone conversations

As readers of my blog will be aware, I was supposed to attend Greyfriars police station in Bedford on request of DC Ian Holden so that he could interview me on February 19th.

I was left for 6 weeks with this impending arrest hanging over my head.

Given the circumstances there is no way I am going to walk down to the police station and hand myself in to the police so that they can arrest me and possibly imprison me over my blog - Political persecution!

Not just that, I am in America, this telephone conversation was to determine whether or not to go home and face the charges of seek asylum in the U.S

I have stated my position which you can hear in DC IH phone 3

The recordings are between myself and Detective Sergeant Steve Facer and Detective Constable Ian Holden.

Here are my legal rights to have recorded the conversation: Phone recording

DS Steve Facer conversation 1

DS Steve Facer conversation 2

DC Ian Holden conversation 1

DC Ian Holden conversation 2

DC Ian Holden conversation 3


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You must be under so much stress!! You have amazing courage.

Keep reminding the police that you have received actual *death threats* from people probably related to the ciminals already in prison.

Why are they stonewalling all your attempts to get some assurance that your life will be safe, and to try and find out exactly what writings on your website are criminal?

I still visit LGF, but I don't think they should have abandoned you as they did. I can't post there (never got a chance to register), so haven't had a chance to speak up for you.

Always On Watch said...

Us or Them just let me know about this posting, which I'd missed on my limited blog rounds these days.

Anonymous said...

what an outrage that after repeated deadly islamic attacks on our western countries, that our own authorities who are sworn to protect us, now are unwitting servants of those who are determined to kill us !

utter sheer madness.

forrest shalom

p.s. the british officers sound like a couple of fine gentlemen, but i don't see how any sane person can remotely perceive that Lionheart has committed a "crime" simply by reporting the facts on the ground of the islamic jihad.

lionheart: ask the officers: who brought this charge?

Counter-Jihadist said...


I admire your courage in the face of the vast PC, MultiCulti apparatus of the British govt. The fact that you are facing a certainty of arrest for words written in a blog exposing islamic drug dealers is nothing short of surreal and speaks melancholy volumes of the depth of dhimmitude into which once-proud EUrope has fallen. Whatever is in the drinking water in Denmark needs to be infused into the rest of EUrope before it just vanishes into a black hole of submission to the 'asians'.

My advice, fwiw, make a boisterous application for political asylum in the US. The anti-jihad blogosphere will help your case achieve the level of attention it deserves and shed light on the suicidal restrictions of free speech that exist in Britain.

Be brave. God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

The police were polite but they will put you away. The only thing that matters to them is implementing the law, nothing else. Your the job.

Go the US and claim political asylum as the previous comment suggests. Do the talk/radio shows etc...thats the best thing you can do.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked this all ready, but it is an important point. Who is the one that lodged this complaint against you?

PRCalDude said...

Don't. Go. In.

Flanders Fields said...

Is it not correct procedure that the police and prosecution conduct their investigation BEFORE issuing an arrest warrant. Why the pretense that they are investigating when it is clear that their decision has been made?

Were you given an opportunity to participate in the investigation before the warrant was issued? Were you allowed to challenge information which may not have been correct or properly understood during the investigation? Was that opportunity allowed BEFORE a warrant was issued? Were you informed of the specific facts being investigated? Were the facts which made up the grounds for a specific finding of a probable cause for arrest ever explained?

Good luck, Lion Heart. It is obvious that this is a political prosecution rather than a prosecution based on facts. This charge is not against you alone. The charges are intended for the chilling effect which they have against the free speech rights of all people. Your government has joined the jihadists in mutual totalitarian efforts to deny the basic rights of freedom for free individuals within the countries of the West.

All who support you are against such totalitarianism.

It is a government which skips and bypasses proper investigation and the procedures set up to protect individual rights which is wrong. Those who attempt to justify improper government actions by qualifying their support for someone who has been improperly charged - I'm not so sure about. All who are intent on remaining free must make clear that our freedoms belong to us, and not to our governments.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were in the US. How could you be at the station at 9, after calling at 8.30?

Nemesis said...

Don't go to the police station Lionheart! If you don't turn up an arrest warrant will be issued at police discretion, from your Local Court, which then means as soon as you set foot in Britain your warrant will be automatically flagged at the airport and you will be locked up!

The investigating police have decided that you have violated a statute, in this case your blogging has contravened the Racial Hatred clause. Hence the next step is to interview you and obtain your side of the story. This is a formality as the police have already decided you HAVE something to answer for otherwise you would not have been 'invited' to attend the station. What they need to establish now is how much guilt you carry! Once this has been established by interviewing you, you would then be made aware of what they would charge you with and how serious the charge would be. Based on the outcome of the interview and how serious the the charge is then a bail determination would be made and you would either be remanded in custody until the Court date or released on Bail to appear later at Court.

Whatever the outcome of the interview it has already been determined that you are a pre cooked goose! The police may have some sympathy for you but that cannot get in the way of performing their duty. The only time you would be made aware of who has brought the complaint against you would be at Court. That is the only place that the accuser can be made public. By that time, you being at Court, I would suggest that for you it would be too late. Don't go back to Britain! Terry PS I am ex police so I can speak with some authority.

Anonymous said...


I can hear the stress in your voice; and I can imagine your anxiety.
Your blog is a long way from the sorts of websites that attract the full penalty of the law.

I think they are sympathetic towards you; they are just doing what they have to do in they way they have to do it.

They aren't trying to trip you up; I think they're putting themselves out to help you out actually.

I would guess the most likely outcome is that they give an official caution, and a chance to change some content of your site and understand the law on this.

I really honestly don't think they want to throw you in gaol - there is far too much pressure on places! Plus they know it might attract some unfavourable media coverage.

They've received a complaint, and they HAVE to act upon it, because it's monitored: they have no discretion.
More to the point, they just want to get you in to get it over with, and it won't be as bad as you think!

You're best defence is the honest defence: that you are scared; and you are writing your blog because you are scared. They can tell quite clearly that you are scared, and that sort of explanation will make a lot of sense.

To them, you are someone who's just a bit scared, a bit naive, and a bit reckless.
The lesson you should learn from this is, to moderate your language; think critically; and most of all...