8 August 2000

Original poem written from a Templar heart 2009

The crusaders were once strong,now all but gone
Refused to stand up for their beliefs
Backed down in all the grief
But im still here sword out of sheath

Night time falls,lock your doors
Listen for my footsteps
Chants of war
Hate is all thats thought

Bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep
All afraid to come out the terror i reap
I seek to destroy,those who destroyed first
As i pledged my evil curse

Upon your houses wil fall and tumble
Upon your bones will break and crumble
Upon your sons vengeance will be done

They say violence aint the way
But its the way that I pray
To extinguish the flames that burn through my veins

Cold ,stormy night
Standing in the rain
Waiting for my enemy
Let them feel my pain

My thirst or blood grows stronger
The pain cant take no longer
For foreign blood I hunger

Searching for the answers
To the questions I was sent
Islamification of this nation
Is evil,must repent

Daylight's here must hide my face
Night time falls
My time...My place
Taste the blood,its on the chase

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