10 September 2008

Islam in Britains 9/11 Hate Campaign

Glen Jenvey passed the information through to me relating to the front group of Al Qaeda in Britain's 9/11 hate campaign tomorrow.

Where as 9/11 and 7/7 are a time of sorrow and commiseration for many of us living in the West, for Moslems it is a time of joy and a time to gloat over the worst atrocities to have ever hit our shores that killed and wounded many innocent people from amongst us.

They are going to be praising and glorifying in the acts of the 19 highjackers on 9/11 and the 4 bombers on the morning of 7/7.

Terrorism Act 2006
Encouragement of terrorism (section 1): Prohibits the publishing of "a statement that is likely to be understood by some or all of the members of the public to whom it is published as a direct or indirect encouragement or other inducement to them to the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism or Convention offences." Indirect encouragement statements include every statement which glorifies the commission or preparation (whether in the past, in the future or generally) of such acts or offences; and is a statement from which those members of the public could reasonably be expected to infer that what is being glorified is being glorified as conduct that should be emulated by them in existing circumstances."[2]. The maximum penalty is seven years' imprisonment.

That is a part of British law that makes this event illegal in Great Britain, and to view past events like this to see the encouragement for others to commit such acts and the glorification of such acts then click on this video: Anjem Choudry

The British anti-terror police have no resources to monitor these types of offences being committed on British soil because they are chasing active Islamic terrorists around, and these Islamic leaders know this, but as the Law states, these acts are criminal acts so should be prevented from going ahead by the Metropolitan police force whose jurisdiction it is to up hold law and order in the Capital.

If this event takes place then those in attendance are going to be inspired by the speakers words to believe that these types of murderous atrocities committed against us are justified in their Holy War to destroy our Nations so that their Islamic Religion can take its place as law of our land.

It is the responsibility of the police force to uphold law and order and protect the innocent public who pay their taxes from just such law breaking that instigates, encourages and glorifies in Islamic terror and murder that is aimed at us.

This event is nothing more than a time of inspiring, encouraging, and a time of glorifying in Islamic terrorist acts to inspire the Moslem audience present.

The British Government has a responsibility to the people of Britain to stop this event from going ahead, or if they do allow it to go ahead then those present should be arrested after the event based on their words, and if they leave the glorification to Omar Bakri who is going to be beamed in via video link then they should be arrested and charged for conspiracy.

Is it not about time those in power acted on our behalf to stop this hatred in our midst that is aimed at us?

Are those continually involved in this type of hatred towards the West not guilty of treason?

How many minds will be poisoned with their views, is it not better to stop the poisoning from entering the brain because all it takes is one from amongst the audience to be inspired and then end up going on to commit suicide and kill himself and many other innocent people in the name of his religion like on the morning of 7/7.

How do you think Americans feel that we would allow such events to take place in our Country on the remembrance day of the worst terrorist attack to have ever hit their Country?


Allowing Moslems living in Britain to glorify in the events of 9/11, and the people of Britain say nothing and do nothing.

What hope is there when we allow this madness to continue?

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing"

Where does the buck stop to have this event stopped from going ahead on the basis of breaking English law?

You only have to look at the flyer and the speakers listed to see the motivation behind the event.

Further reading: How they celebrate 7/7

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The Faithful Remnant said...

The sick thing is these people believe they are doing God's work. That's not my God, but someday soon they will see him coming, then they shall reap their just rewards for their evil. God bless you brother and thank you for acknowledging my fellow American.

Anonymous said...

These events are regular and always advertised in Bury park shop windows.
I hope the Met Police are monitoring them.
Has the Met found some new backbone?
As they proceed against Ali Desai for misconduct, following his clearance on previous charges?
Also following the removal from the job (albeit on full pay) of Tariq Ghaffur, police chief, who is suing Met for million pounds for "discrimination"
Let's hope so.

Anonymous said...

Reveals the true nature of the thoughts burning in the "true believers" hearts.
Proves that Islam is a militant religion hell-bent on the destruction of Western democracy especially America and her first cousin, the UK.

Anonymous said...

Is that poster for real??

Anonymous said...

Yes it is.

We need more Muslim babies
... then we can take over Britain


Anonymous said...

Muslim polygamy should be declared illegal in the UK (& Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, S.Africa etc) just like any other sort of polygamy is.

Anyone trying to dodge this law should be immediately expelled to countries where polygamy is legal, together with all his wives, their children, his siblings & their spouses, his parents and grandparents nd all his like-minded friends and neighbours.

That would bring the number of Muslims in the UK down by hundreds of thousands within a very short time.

Then another law should be enacted that even with only wife, more than 3 children will mean an end to welfare in every sphere. No more housing, no more handouts (except for tickets home), no more privileges which even the native population are not privy to...and so on and so forth.

And any dhimmi native who reacts unfavourably to such proposals/
actions and suggests Britain
permit Sharia,will be'transported' to those warmer climes with those they have been serving so earnestly to the detriment of their own people....

And a new political party should be founded with Lionheart at its head.

I know, I know...but I can dream can't I ?????

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

The truth is this, Muslims have been getting benefits for more than on wife for many many years.
It is most popular practice with the communities like Bangladeshis, who have the least knowledge of or interest in Britain apart from claiming all the benefits on offer.
The scam is, you get married and "inport" your bride, through a traditional family arrangement.
When you get them in the country they are trapped in the home to be baby breeders and skivvies (fact) and they never learn English and are basically a drain on the National Health Service, and the housing stock.
They have but one purpose, it seems, to increase the religious Islamic community in England, and by the nature of the way they live here, their off-spring are most likely to be drawn towards the groups that hate British way of life, as they are kept apart and indoctrinated with the religious mindset from age 3 or 4.
Many are prone to congenital deformities due to "inbreeding" tradition of first-cousin marriages. (fact)